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The author of it is Oscar Wilde. Five weeks after opening night, Barrett, aged fifty-three, fell ill on stage and died shortly afterwards.

The Duchess of Padua

Mina K. Filed under Essay. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. That's it. That's how it ends. It was dramatic, I'll give Oscar that, but I don't care for how quickly Guido believed Moranzone and abandoned his friend.

Nor do I care for the way Beatrice conducted herself after killing he husband, but I guess it's realistic enough.

8 Oscar Wilde, Duchess of Padua manuscript, 1883

I don't really have much to say since I started reading this when I was sleepy but unable to sleep. But what really bothered me is how they flip flopped between hate and love. But that's how relationships work, I guess. Feb 03, Emily Scott rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Shakespeare fans. Shelves: owned-books. I loved this short story of the Duchess and Guido. I listened to the audiobook and I also have the complete works of Oscar Wilde so I have looked at the writing as well as the audio. This story intrigued me to the beginning right throughout to the end.

I was on the edge of seat waiting to find out what would happen and what turn would come next.

The writing is absolutely amazing getting close to shakespeare. Ask of the sea-bird if it loves the sea, Ask of the roses if they love the rain, Ask of the little lark, that will not sing Till day break, if it loves to see the day: And yet, these are but empty images, Mere shadows of my love, which is a fire So great that all the waters of the main Can not avail to quench it. Guido, though all the morning stars could sing They could not tell the measure of my love. I love you, Guido.

I would read this book over and over again. The way that the Duchess is already married to someone that in In Secret Therese is arranged to marry Tom Feltons character and in the film she has an affair and they both kill him so they can be together. The guilt of killing him tears them apart and they begin to hate each other, and in the end they both poison themselves. This is very similar of how the Duchess and Guido fall in love and cannot be together but the Duchess kills her husband to they can be together. Guido being Guido is extremely hypercritical as his plan was his kill him himself.

The Duchess of Padua

But he says that the relation between them is now 'tainted' and they end up having a massive fight blah blah, it tears them apart just like Therese. And in the end they come together again and claim they're love for each other still exists. But she poisons herself and he stabs himself with her dagger. Which is a very similar end to Romeo and Juliet. Mix those two together and you get the short story of Duchess or Padua. Nov 19, Khuluod rated it did not like it. He went to Padua to do his mission, but he run into a pretty Duchess, which made him step down from his plan.

Although he made concessions to stop loving her and carried on with his own way to revenge, the Duchess killed her husband the Duke who she thought it as a barrier between them. A melodramatic trail going on, Guido was guilt and the Duchess was innocent. She went to dungeon to get out his lover and drink the goblet, poisons poured into it. And yet another Romeo-and-Juliete-like one.

The sensibility and passion of Wilde's stories never ceases to amaze me after the cold-blooded Henry in "Dorian Grey". One Greek tragedy, one man's fatal mistake, a man abandoning and being abandoned. Wilde goes to show how love can be endless even when selfishness is included, even when lovers are vengeful and abandoned and as it always is, when death is included.

The Duchess of Padua

No character is presented absolutely pure, yet, the feeling itself is exactly that! Clic And yet another Romeo-and-Juliete-like one. Cliches escaped and more beautiful art created, I must admit I frowned and rolled my eyes to the scene when love emerges: with no previous contact, no common goal or motive. They couple simply met and shouted the words of affection at each other she, presumably, falling desperately in love just after he had expressed his feelings.

Therefore I give it a low mark, but a much considered one with many, many features and faces, which is perhaps a better reward than a dull, higher one. Dec 31, Elisa rated it liked it Shelves: classics , victorian , plays , british , You know. In spite of all his clever quotes within the script, this play like some of his other work, lacks a really original voice.

As with most of his plays he makes sweeping categorical statements about the genders. Women, according to this play, can easily forgive men of murder, whereas men cann You know. Women, according to this play, can easily forgive men of murder, whereas men cannot so easily forgive women of the same, even if for noble motives. Who knows, research might reveal this to be a statistical reality.

You get a feeling of chivalry from the author though, which is hard not to experience as a little paternalistic. Essentially a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, with revenge and murder taking the place of the familial vendetta. Enjoyable, but, and I hate to say this about Wilde, but the conversations were a bit too wordy for me. Especially the scenes that were just Guido and the Duchess. They just went on and on saying the same thing over and over. All of it, of course, was said very beautifully, but it was just too much.

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Feb 17, Elise rated it liked it. Like most of the other people, this reminded me strongly of Romeo and Juliet. Oscar Wilde's writing is beautiful as to be expected but I can't say I enjoyed it as much as any other Oscar Wilde play I've read as their love seemed too fickle and, to be completely candid, got on my nerves quite a bit. I am glad I read this play and it is wonderfully written but the characters are very irritating. Jul 13, Claire rated it liked it. Mostly it was disappointing, with occasional brilliance.

Oct 26, Rachel Skye rated it it was amazing Shelves: challenge , grad-school , classics , plays. What a Shakespearian ending but maybe better if that is even possible???? Nov 08, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: in-english , classics , musical-and-theatre , read-in , scripts. The Duchess of Padua is one of Oscar Wilde's plays which I did rather like, even if some of the dialogue was a bit straining and I didn't really care for the lovers one bit.

But it was interesting at least and a pleasant read. Jul 08, Rao Javed rated it really liked it Shelves: plays. A play based on Opera story was a lyrical and musical adventure. It was sad that many people faced the music. The play is written in blank verses. The concept of the story comes out weak but the story ends up fine.

The characters are predictable but its a gear work nevertheless. Sep 07, Haythem Bastawy rated it it was ok. The Duchess of Padua is a play set in Venice and imitates ancient Greek tragedies in style and ending. The play is a disappointment, especially for being the work of a modernist writer like Oscar Wilde, who is renowned for his originality.

Nov 12, Ellana Thornton-Wheybrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebooks-i-own , delphi-classics , lgbtq-author. One of the best Romeo and Juilet retellings I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I loved The Duchess and her speeches about the problems women face. This was a wonderful play, and despite being a huge fan of Wilde, I had never heard of it before.

Oct 01, Anna rated it liked it. Nearly like Romeo and Juliet with elements of Macbeth. Duchess of Padua is in love with Guido and she kills her husband, but Guido is accused of the murder and put in jail waiting for execution. She gets into his cell and drinks poison to help him to escape.

Sep 11, ebru pessoa rated it it was ok. May 03, Reshov rated it really liked it Shelves: drama , oscar-wilde. Tragic, melancholy, gritty. An unusual piece from the maestro. Never fails to disappoint. Ok I guess. Somehow reminded me of Romeo and Juliet but didn't really keep me interested the whole time. Very interesting twist at the end. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Guido promises his loyalty to serve the king and accepts his appointment as one of the men hired to aid the duke. Beatrice is a young beautiful woman. When Guido sees her, he is captivated and enchanted by her beauty. Away from the king, when he goes riding on his horses and hunting with dogs, Guido reveals his love for Beatrice. She too confesses her love, and the two become a couple, but not without Moranzone knowing, for he eavesdrops on their conversation.

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The couple envisions of having a wonderful future together, though there is an obstacle that threatens their love. Alas, in a delirium, he breaks up with Beatrice, hoping that he will go away from Padua and forget about the whole affair. Beatrice is against this, and after Guido leaves her, and after a bitter confrontation with Moranzone, she assumes that the barrier that Guido talks of and is keeping them apart is her husband, and she must get rid of it.

In the middle of the night, Guido comes into the palace to slay Simone. As he contemplates on postponing the deed, Moranzone shows up and tries to criticise his love affair with the duchess. Upset, Guido refuses to kill the duke in his sleep. Disappointed, Moranzone leaves. Beatrice appears wearing a white gown. She tells Guido that she has slain her husband in his sleep. Guido is shocked, and wonders why she would do so. She informs him that she has cleared the barrier that he had spoken off earlier, and now they can be together, and elope away.

He says he can no longer be her lover, as she has tainted their love with blood. Angered and hurt by his words, Beatrice calls onto the guards, and Guido is arrested. He is aligned in court the following day, and sentenced to death by the Lord Justice, by his head being cut off by the Headsman. Feeling guilty and remorse, Beatrice goes to jail to rescue Guido. She meets him asleep and drinks the poison that she finds in the cell. Finding out that Beatrice has taken the poison that he was supposed to take instead of his head being hacked by the Headsman, Guido takes a dagger and kills himself.

As the Lord Justice, Guard, and the Headsman enter the cell to sentence Guido to his death, they find the couple dead. Beatrice has a calm peaceful expression of her face, something that it is taken to mean that she has been forgiven for her atrocities by God. Oscar Wilde has used the analogy of death and love to show the purity of the soul.