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Understanding Insulin and Diabetes

An Overview of the Pancreas

When diabetes appears, pain frequently disappears. Complications are mostly observed in the first 10 years of clinical evolution.

What to know about the pancreas

Obstructive pancreatitis is due to an obstacle tumours, scars in the pancreatic duct. It is rarely a cause of diabetes. Diabetes due to chronic pancreatitis is characterized by the low incidence of ketosis and the high incidence of insulin-induced hypoglycaemia.

Patients are generally thin. Serum insulin levels, either basal or stimulated, are decreased. Glucagon is less affected. Angiopathies and retinopathies are less frequent than in non-insulin-dependent diabetes.

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Stewart and his team are following a different line of research : they are focused on developing drugs that are able to regenerate the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas that are missing in people with diabetes. In , in a collaboration with the Genomics , Bioinformatics , and Drug Discovery programs at Mount Sinai, the Stewart group reported the use of next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing to identify pathways to discovery of additional beta cell regenerative drugs.

Artificial Pancreas: Life-Changing Technology for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Both research areas are developing rapidly. Now what we need is for patients to have more device options, and for the insurance companies to broaden coverage. Beta-cell regeneration is also moving quickly.

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Diabetes and the pancreas: Insulin, complications, and function

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An artificial pancreas pairs glucose sensors with an algorithm that directs a pump to deliver insulin automatically.