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Find out more. The M Word Brian Conaghan. Chinglish Sue Cheung. All Fall Down Sally Nicholls. Red, Cherry Red Jackie Kay. Face to Face with Manatees Brian Skerry. Larklight 2: Starcross Written by Philip Reeve. Read an Extract Compare Prices.

Alternative Physics: Larklight

Larklight 2: Starcross Synopsis Art and his family are invited on a holiday to the Asteroid Belt, in a remote part of space near Mars. For more info please visit: www. Forced to flee, Art and his annoying sister Myrtle are chased across the galaxy, from the fiery rivers of Mars to the distant rings of Saturn.

But the First Ones have trouble on their hands. They don't bank on Art falling in with Jack Havock and a motley crew of notorious space pirates The brilliant trilogy of steam-powered Victorian space adventures, Larklight, Starcross and Mothstorm followed, to critical acclaim, as well as a novel set in Dark Age Britain called Here Lies Arthur, which won the Carnegie Medal.

Philip and his wife Sarah moved from Brighton to Devon in , and now live on Dartmoor, where their son Sam was born in David Wyatt has illustrated many beautiful covers for authors including Terry Pratchett and Philip Pullman. He lives in Devon and is a keen lutist, cyclist and wanderer of the moors.

Rating details. In a mysterious visitor to Art Mumby's space home has plans for a calamity that will destroy not only the entire British Empire, but also the known universe. Can disaster be prevented with help from Art's irritating sister Myrtle, a few exotic space creatures, and an extraterrestrial pirate?

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  5. Starcross (Larklight, book 2) by Philip Reeve.

The extraordinary adventure of that book continues in Starcross , as Art and Myrtle receive an ominous warning from an ancient superhuman their mum. The solar system is on the brink of invasion - from highly intelligent hats from the future! When the festive season arrives at Larklight, so does some unsettling news. A sinister-looking cloud is fast approaching the outskirts of the Known Universe.

A Stirring Adventure of Spies, Time Travel and Curious Hats