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Further information can be found in our privacy policy. The ease with which he transports the reader both to Aristotle's world and the contemporary Aegean is enviable to the point of being alarming. Maybe The Lagoon is a new genre: classical scientific travel writing. There are so many lines of virtuoso prose that to single one out seems churlish. But this typical sentence touched and stayed with me over pages: "The shell had sat in the sunlight of a bathroom windowsill, buried in sedimentary layers of my father's shaving talc, seemingly for ever.

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The richness of the words can be overwhelming at times. But this is a minor criticism — The Lagoon is grand but not grandiose, and probably should be consumed at leisure, poring over the words and illustrations, in the evening sun, with wine. I am perpetually wary about placing scientists on pedestals. For me, the only Titan is Darwin, and the others merely Olympians, and Darwin was scrupulous in his humble acknowledgment of his intellectual forebears.

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The concept of giants' shoulders summons some sort of lineage of great men and they always are men standing above their peers, inheriting the brilliance of an intellectual ancestor. Even though we continue to hallow the Nobel prizes, this is an age in which we have tried largely to eschew the worship of these figureheads in the history of science. This whiggish view of progress led by gentleman scientists punctuating intellectual doldrums is a simplistic, clean narrative, but it's just not how science works.

The shoulders are broader than individuals: we build on the works of all who proceed, as well as our contemporaries, not just the legendary geniuses with their mythical eurekas. Does all science rest on Aristotle's base? Well, no, and Leroi doesn't argue that. But his influence echoes through history and his rediscovery for my generation of scientists is appreciated. Science is a modern term, but while Aristotle was a philosopher, he also smells like a scientist to me: his craving of data in all forms — anatomical, reproductive, taxonomic — his seemingly anachronistic empiricism about biology, these are classic symptoms of our disposition.

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