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However, the app will now have some human curation, by the YouTube Kids team, and allow for greater parental control. YouTube Kids offers free-to-watch content. This content is made freely available by having advertisements run before videos. Content on YouTube Kids ranges from cartoons to nursery rhymes and from toys reviews to music videos. Currently, the channel with the greatest number of subscribers, The second most subscribed channel, with 15 million subscribers, is LittleBabyBum which is another channel centered on animated nursery rhymes.

This allows children to watch original content produced by YouTube as well as seasons of cartoon favourites such as Postman Pat.

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YouTube Kids offers several options and settings to allow parents to curate and control the content that their child can view. This will allow parents to reduce the content offered on YouTube Kids to only that on topics, and from YouTube partners, they deem appropriate. The ability for parents to allow their children to only view content they have themselves approved: This feature offers an even greater step in parental control than 'collections'.

This feature will only allow content, whether a video or a channel, chosen by the parent themselves to be available for their child through the YouTube Kids app. When the YouTube Kids app was released, it advertised to children in a similar way to how it does for regular viewers of YouTube.

This led to outcry from some US-based campaign groups who claimed that children were unable to clearly differentiate between adverts and video content. In response, YouTube instituted a bumper period between advertisements and videos. YouTube Kids does not collect a child's personal data, such as name, contact details and home addresses.

1. Is Binge Watching Bad for You?

E-mail deze pagina. Auteur: Chad Fahs. Uitgever: Mcgraw-Hill Education - Europe. Chad Fahs. Chad Fahs is a filmmaker, author, and consultant with a particular emphasis on documentary and new media production, including photography, videography, and emerging visual and interactive formats.

While in production, Chad uses a wide range of camera equipment, from professional studio and film gear to GoPro cameras and other ultraportable consumer devices. In addition to writing, Chad has taught courses in video and animation at colleges across the country.

Chad works in the Department of Communication at Villanova University, strategically planning facilities for a wide range of media production and journalism courses, international programs, and instruction for students and faculty on the latest technologies. Chad is constantly seeking out new uses for the GoPro action cameras, creating upcoming projects using the GoPro, putting them on drones, shooting 3D video with the GoPro, and exploring their usage in virtual reality applications. It's also a great place for learning how to do stuff.

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And not just learning how but having someone show you how —which, in plenty of cases, is the best way to figure it out. YouTube tutorials aren't just about how to tie a tie or braid a French braid —the instructional videos you might expect—though there's plenty of that, too. They are a kaleidoscope of weird, mundane, extraordinary Internet niche.

In other words, you can learn how to do anything on YouTube because so many different people use it. Like, for instance, if you want to know how to throw a boomerang, this guy will show you:. It goes on and on and on and on and on. And, considered in aggregate, there's something about all these how-to videos that is deeply human.