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CommView for WiFi works by providing drivers for a variety of chipsets and adapters. The current list includes many Atheros and recent Intel chipsets. Once the application is installed, it will then look for any adapters that it supports and offer to configure them with the appropriate drivers. Therefore, have the adapter you wish to utilize plugged in when you run setup.

Hacking Exposed Wireless

The driver installation wizard can be rerun at any time by accessing the Help Driver Installation Guide. A properly configured adapter is shown here. When you do this, CommView for WiFi will start channel hopping and present you with a list of APs and clients in range, allowing you to easily select a specific channel you want to capture traffic on.

This process is shown here. Once you have selected a channel and told CommView for WiFi to capture packets, the tabs in the main display will start filling up with interesting data. The most interesting to us are the Nodes and Packets tab.

Hacking Exposed Wireless:

The Nodes tab will display all of the APs and clients in range, whereas the Packets tab will display the individual packets. The Packets tab is shown here. By clicking the Save Packets button, you will be able to export the packets to the standard libpcap format. Combine this with the easy ability to inject packets coming up next , and you actually have a nice Windows GUI program that can deauthenticate users, capture the WPA handshake, and export it to Aircrack-ng for cracking.

The ability to transmit packets from the demo version of CommView for WiFi is its most interesting feature. This is explained next. It supports injection of all types of packets management, data, and control. It even has a very intuitive visual packet builder.

Hacking Exposed Wireless, Third Edition: Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions

You can access the packet injection feature by clicking the Packet Generator icon. Once inside the packet generator interface, shown in Figure , you can control the parameters related to the packet you want to inject, such as the transmission rate and how many times per second to send the packet. Hack Cellular Network Hack ZigBee Hack Z-Wave Smart Homes. Du kanske gillar.

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Exploit and defend against the latest wireless network attacks learn to exploit weaknesses in wireless network environments using the innovative techniques in this thoroughly updated guide. Assemble a wireless attack toolkit and master the hackers weapons Effectively scan and enumerate WiFi networks and client devices Leverage advanced wireless attack tools, including Wifite, Scapy, Pyrit, Metasploit, KillerBee, and the Aircrack-ng suite Develop and launch client-side attacks using Ettercap and the WiFi Pineapple Hack cellular networks with Airprobe, Kraken, Pytacle, and YateBTS Exploit holes in WPA and WPA2 personal and enterprise security schemes Leverage rogue hotspots to deliver remote access software through fraudulent software updates Eavesdrop on Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy traffic Capture and evaluate proprietary wireless technology with Software Defined Radio tools Explore vulnerabilities in ZigBee and Z-Wave-connected smart homes and offices Attack remote wireless networks using compromised Windows systems and built-in tools.

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