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Mary Wollstonecraft : aux origines du féminisme politique et social en Angleterre

Like many prominent reformers, Mary left for Paris. She was embraced by the radicals shaping a new social order in France. In the terror that followed, more than 25, people were guillotined. That same year, she met the American Gilbert Imlay. Defying moral convention, they became lovers and, in , she gave birth to her first child, Fanny, out of wedlock.

The relationship proved both short-lived and devastating for Mary. Wollstonecraft tried to end her life by leaping off Putney Bridge, pictured here in a drawing from circa Wollstonecraft learned Imlay was having an affair, but she was desperate to save the relationship.

Imlay persuaded her to go to Scandinavia. A ship had been stolen from him by a Norwegian ship captain and he wanted compensation.

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Mary was unsuccessful and returned to London to discover Imlay had betrayed her again. Distraught, she threw herself off Putney Bridge into the Thames only to be saved by the intervention of passing watermen. This episode led to her finest literary work — a travelogue of her Scandinavian journey told through an imaginary correspondence with Imlay. Wollstonecraft's husband William Godwin was among the foremost radical philosophers of the day. Credit: William Godwin by James Northcote. Wollstonecraft emerged from the depths of her despair and found personal happiness with an unlikely partner.

William Godwin was a famous radical philosopher. Wollstonecraft first met him at a dinner held by her publisher, Joseph Johnson, in Godwin had attended excited to meet Thomas Paine. Instead, Mary and Godwin argued all evening and he left, irritated. In , with typical disregard for convention, Wollstonecraft took the lead and renewed his acquaintance. They fell in love. Although Godwin was opposed to the principle of marriage, when Wollstonecraft fell pregnant they wed in March From my very heart and soul I give you joy. I think you the most extraordinary married pair in existence.

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Mary Wollstonecraft died 11 days after giving birth to her second daughter, Mary Shelley. Despite being married, the couple maintained an unconventional domestic arrangement, living in two homes, communicating through notes. On 30 August, Wollstonecraft went into labour and after about 18 hours she gave birth to her second child, a daughter, also named Mary who went on to write Frankenstein aged But there were minor complications which the surgeon mishandled Wollstonecraft wanted a midwife, who should have known what to do and she suffered acute haemorrhaging. Infection followed.

Eleven days later, Wollstonecraft died at the age of I have not the least expectation that I can now ever know happiness again. Watch Amanda Vickery detail the trashing of Mary Wollstonecraft's reputation. Conservative propagandists seized upon the candid tales of her sexual history and unorthodox religious opinions. On the basis of her perceived sexual immorality, they trashed her memory.

The slurs stuck.

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Her whoredoms were not known enough, Till fairly printed off in black and white. Today Wollstonecraft is widely recognised as a principal architect in the fight for sexual equality. Her work is still published around the world. Her rehabilitation has been championed by some of the most preeminent feminists of the 20th Century, suffragist leader Millicent Fawcett and writer Virginia Woolf among them.

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By the time the bicentenary edition of Rights of Woman was published, Mary was an established feminist icon. Today she remains an enduring symbol of the ongoing fight against misogyny and sexual injustice. I wish to see women neither heroines nor brutes; but reasonable creatures…. Presented by Kate Adie. This page is no longer being updated. BBC Iwonder. Painted into history In graffiti was mysteriously daubed on the side of a church in Stoke Newington, London. Death and misery, in every shape of terror, haunts this devoted country.

I now solemnly assure you, that this is an eternal farewell.

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March Married with children National Portrait Gallery. November Death University of Oxford. Where next? Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle, will give a brief overview of the archive's generation and birth. Charles Robinson of the University of Delaware will give a more extended talk on the novel's composition, illustrating how the Shelley-Godwin Archive functions in real time. Please note: an rsvp is required to attend the NYPL event and can be made by emailing elizabethdenlinger nypl.

Mary Shelley Facts: 17 Surprising Items About The Frankenstein Author

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