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The author presents in detail a new non-perturbative approach to the fermionic many-body problem, improving the bosonization technique and generalizing it to dimensions d1 via functional integration and Hubbard--Stratonovich transformations. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs!

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Pdf Bosonization Of Interacting Fermions In Arbitrary Dimensions

This is because our items are shipped from different locations. This is applicable any dimension for any interaction between Lecture Notes Physics Monographs 1st Edition.

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Origin Bosons, improving technique generalizing it via functional, this review is a summary of my work partially in collaboration with Kurt Schoenhammer on higher-dimensional bosonization during the years It has been published as a book entitled Bosonization of interacting fermions in arbitrary dimensions by Springer Verlag Lecture Notes Physics m Available Depository worldwide? Bosonize long-wavelength excitations directly applying suitable Hubbard-Stratonowich transformation Grassmannian generating correlation functions.

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Bosonization of Interacting Fermions in Arbitrary Dimensions

From Amazon s Book Store. Published Elsevier Science B. France, 11, feng Chen Wenzhou Li Department. Applications both particle condensed matter bosons correspond collective excitations initial models. Non-Abelian gauge fields lowest Landau. We present an exact mapping models onto boson models.

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FreeScience gt Bosonization of Interacting Fermions in. Skip main content. By Peter Kopietz.