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The Korean War

Korean War soldiers in defensive line behind the Naktong River. Sunday Mass during Korean War. Korean War soldiers with 75mm recoilless rifles. United States troops reach border of Manchuria during Korean War. Airlift in operation during Korean War. Marksman at the Han during Korean War. Major General Edward M. Almond and his aide confer with General Frank E.

Why Did America Fight the Korean War?

Lowe and other officers during Korean War. United Nations Forces escape trap during Korean War. The big bazooka, Korean War. Heavy Marine tanks during Korean War. Carriers in action during Korean War. Eighth Army Units race north. Dean Acheson talks to the nation. Dean Acheson talks to the nation over a national radio network. Snapshot in Korea of American Ships. Snapshot taken in Korea of Three American Tanks.

Snapshot Taken in Korea of an Entrenchment. Snapshot Taken in Korea of Convoy of Trucks. Snapshot taken in Korea of Three American Soldiers. Snapshot Taken in Korea of American soldiers. Snapshot Taken in Korea of Three Soldiers. Snapshot Taken in Korea of Four Soldiers. Truman Presents Medal of Honor. Truman at Wake Island. General MacArthur on Wake Island. Wake Island Airfield. A South Korean soldier and a fellow wounded soldier. African American G. Truman Addresses Cabinet. Cabinet Hears News on Korea. Committee for Korean Relief Clothing Drive.

Washington Committee for Korean Relief. President Truman Addresses the Nation. Cabinet Members Listen to Truman Address. Marines outside of Vijongbu, Korea. Marine camp in Vijongbu, Korea. General Lowe Congratulates Soldiers. Soldiers on a Street, Pyongyang. Soldier on a Truck, Pyongyang. Division Headquarters, Korea. Taedong River, Pyongyang. Tank Near Taedong River. General Lowe in Pyongyang. Ferry Across Taedong River. Pyongyang, North Korea. Bridge near Pyongyang. Republic of Korea Cavalry Unit. Frank Pace Arrives in Korea. Frank Pace and Others on Airstrip in Korea. Frank Pace and Others Salute the Colors.

Frank Pace Speaks with Others in Korea. Frank Pace Meets with War Correspondent. Frank Pace Salutes the Colors in Korea. Tenth Honor Guard Forms for Inspection. Frank Pace Inspects Honor Guard. Tenth Guard is Inspected by Frank Pace. Frank Pace and Others Conduct Review.

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Tenth Guard is Inspected in Korea. Frank Pace Awards Silver Star. Tenth Guard in Korea is Inspected. Pace and the ,th American Soldier to Return from Korea. Participants in "Battle Report - Washington" Program. Participants in "Battle Report - Washington". John R. Truman Leaving Wake Island. Frank Pace Standing in Front of an Airplane. Secretary Pace and Audience.

Audience For Reception. Seattle Port of Embarkation Queen and Court.

How America Stopped China and North Korea from Winning the Korean War

Welcome Home Crowd. Movie Comedian Joe E. Brown Greets Soldiers. Marching Band for Parade. Welcome Home Parade. The Welcome Home. Beginning of Parade for Korean War Soldiers. Returning Soldier with His Family. Welcome Crowd From Ship. Secretary Frank Pace Awarding Citation. James Webb Arrives at the State Department.

A View of Fankochi Point, Korea. Dyeing a Handmade United Nations Flag. Quartermasters R. Stirzinger and G. Beck Raise the United Nations Flag. Commander F. Virgilie Inspects Wounded North Koreans. Weapon Captured from North Koreans. Close-up View of a North Korean Sampan. Personal Belongings of Dead North Koreans. Confiscated North Korean Hand Grenades. Photograph of Kangnung, Korea After Blizzard. A Reconnaissance Photograph of Kangnung, Korea. Sailors Stand Guard During Rescue. Sailors Wait for Rescue. Sailors Forced to Abandon Grounded Ship. Soldiers Huddled on Beach Waiting for Rescue.

Thai Sailors Rescued by Navy Helicopter. Virgilio Performs an Operation. Dai Ichi Building in Tokyo, Japan. Headquarters of the Far East Air Forces. Assault Boat Crossing the Han River. United States Soldiers in Snow. Parachute Practice Jumps. Soldiers Lying on the Ground with their Weapons.

Soldiers Walking Past Bodies in the Field. Tanks Moving Through Snow. Soldiers Relaxing During a Lull in Battle. Soldiers Open Packages. Soldier Shaving. Soldiers Crouch in Front of a Tank. Soldiers Singing Hymns. United States Soldiers on a Hill. Soldier Tending to a Wounded Soldier. Soldiers Sit on a Hill. Soldiers in the Field. Soldiers Praying. Recoilless Rifles in Use. Howitzers in Use. Lieutenant General Matthew E. Ridgway with Frank Pace. Soldiers Walking Along a Path. Armed United States Soldiers.

Soldier Relaxing During a Lull in Battle. Soldiers Walk with Koreans. Soldiers Stand Guard During Rescue. Truman at Hickam Field, Honolulu, Hawaii. Military Personnel Examine Photo Laboratory. Bomb Loads for the B General Nathan Twining and R. Gilpatric Arrive in Pusan, Korea. Photograph of Wake Island. Wake Island Conference House.

Truman Visits Honolulu. Wake Island Building. Smoke Over Wonsan Harbor, Korea. Bullet Hole in Helicopter. Corpsmen Carrying Wounded Siamese from Helicopter. Navy Secretary Francis P. Matthews on Far East Inspection Tour. Matthews Visiting Korean War Front. Major General Oliver P. Smith Visits Marine Cemetery in Korea. USS Manchester at Sea. Captain Lewis Parks with Commander W. John D. Lieutenant Charles G. Captain Lewis Parks.

The Korean War []

Captain Lewis S. Parks Poses with Keelung, Taiwan Officials. Officers of USS Manchester.

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Nationalist Navy Officer Salutes for the Camera. Interior of Sampan Designed For Mines. Bridge of the USS Manchester. Two Shell Bursts Visible on Beach. Thailand's Prasae Grounded of North Korea. Two Communist Mine-Laying Sampans. Shelter on Sin Do Island, Korea. USS Manchester Battery. Wonsan, Korea Burns in Distance. Snow Covered Beach in Korea.

New Petty Officers Receive Certificates. Batteries of the USS Manchester. Aboard USS Manchester. Burial at Sea of Lieutenant Raymond Miller. Attending to the Wounded on Shore. Bow of the USS Manchester. Train Car Hitch. Wonsan, Korea Burns After Bombardment. Enoshima, Japan. Parks After Hunting Trip. Parks at Sasebo, Japan. Parks at Unzen, Japan. Presenting Letters of Commendation. Parks with Private Hanson. Ship in Wonsan Harbor, Korea. Parks at Atami, Japan. Parks Presented a Knot Board.

Parks and Zelda Parks. Parks Returns from Korea. Flag Ceremony. Closing American Flag Ceremony. South Korean Women Preparing Food. Soldiers During Ceremony in South Korea. South Korean Countryside. Inspection of Soldiers in South Korea. Keijo Station in Seoul, Korea. Soldiers Folding American Flag. Lowering American Flag in South Korea.

South Korean Thatched Roof House. South Korean Street Vendors. South Korean Street Market. South Korean Shoppers. South Koreans Digging in Dirt. Snow in South Korea. American Soldiers in South Korea. Conflict in Korea. Soldiers Resting on a Road in South Korea. Lieutenant Throws Hand Grenade at Enemy. Soldiers Marching Through Brush.

Unidentified Korean Men. Young Korean Shines Boots. Korean War Tent City.

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Helping a Wounded Soldier. South Korean Mountains. Koreans Moving Small Building. A Korean City. Thatched Roof Building in South Korea. Han River Bridge at Seoul. Unidentified Building in Korea. Korean Carrying Firewood. Thatched Roof House Near Mountains. Pre-Armistice Meeting. Lieutenant F. Winslow Photographs War in Korea. Soldiers on Mountaintop Prepare for Battle. Mountains of South Korea. Thatched Roof Buildings Near Mountains.

The Korean War: Timeline

United Nations Soldier. Koreans Carrying Firewood. Scenic View of Mountains in South Korea. Communist Korean War Leaflet. Korean Soldiers and Officer. Korean Woman Carrying Basket on Head. United Nations Soldier in Korea. Korean Capitol Building. Soldier Using Creek Water. South Korea Bank Note. Mountains and Lowlands of South Korea. Tank in Battle in Korea. United Nations Soldiers in Korea. United Nations Soldiers Relaxing on Bunks. Smoke Break During Korean War. Military Base in Korea. Taking Photographs of Local People. Soldier Laying on Bunk in Korea. Soldiers Reload Howitzer. Korean Market.

Officers Eating with Korean Children. Soldier and His Equipment in Korea. One of the most significant impacts of the U. After the first two months of the conflict, South Korean forces were on the point of defeat, forced back to the Pusan Perimeter. In September , an amphibious UN counter-offensive was launched at Inchon and cut off many of the North Korean troops. Those that escaped envelopment and capture were rapidly forced back north all the way to the border with China at the Yalu River or into the mountainous interior. At this point, in October , Chinese forces crossed the Yalu and entered the war.

Chinese intervention triggered a retreat of UN forces that continued until mid After these reversals of fortune, which saw Seoul change hands four times, the last two years of conflict became a war of attrition, with the front line close to the 38th parallel. The war in the air, however, was never a stalemate. North Korea was subject to a massive bombing campaign. Jet fighters confronted each other in air-to-air combat for the first time in history, and Soviet pilots covertly flew in defense of their communist allies.

The fighting ended on July 27, , when an armistice was signed. The agreement created the Korean Demilitarized Zone to separate North and South Korea and allowed the return of prisoners. In North Korea, Kim Il-sung created a highly centralized and brutal dictatorship, according himself unlimited power and generating a formidable cult of personality. However, no peace treaty has been signed, and the two Koreas are technically still at war.

Periodic clashes, many of which are deadly, have continued to the present. The Korean War is seen as one of the most significant impacts of the containment policy of the U. Served: 17, Died: Wounded: 1, The crisis in Korea originated in the closing phases of the Second World War, when control of the Korean peninsula, formerly occupied by Japan, was entrusted to the Allies.

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The United States and the Soviet Union divided responsibility for the country between them at the 38th parallel. By mid, tensions between the two zones had escalated. On 25 June a North Korean army crossed into the southern zone and advanced towards the capital, Seoul. The city fell in less than a week, and North Korean forces continued their southward drive towards the strategically important port of Pusan.