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Caring and hard work and compromise must be tools. No Gods walk on earth. Actions speak not cheap nasty words. River meridian an should read this book a. Computers give us knowledge at fingertips. Read history from all sides. May 04, Anthony R. Kassel rated it really liked it. If you consider the information to be data points it makes no sense. Marshall sorts out the good info from the bad. When he connects those dots you will know who did it and why. His call to action is the right thing to do. Jun 11, Tbonespop rated it really liked it.

More like a 4. He could of used a better editor but the content was very compelling.

9/11 questions

The fact it comes from an accomplished pilot gives it a lot of credibility in my book. He knows planes. Jul 22, judy petrasek rated it really liked it. Philip Marshall RIP you must read this book if for no other reason than the authors demise. Aug 03, Alice Aley Martin rated it really liked it. Well explained, researched and written. The most upsetting part of this book is that the author was seemingly murdered because he was too close to the truth.

John rated it really liked it Apr 23, Dan rated it really liked it Nov 16, Elizabeth Lew rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Barbara Corvelli rated it it was amazing May 14, Joe rated it liked it Feb 18, Abdulla Kupi rated it it was amazing Aug 11, Natalie Nutter rated it liked it Jul 24, John Becza rated it really liked it Aug 08, Brenda rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Louis James rated it it was ok Aug 13, Kathie Lind rated it it was amazing May 24, Jeremy rated it liked it Sep 25, And so it was basically the Big Bamboozle was what the American people were told, they were lied to.

He looked at that and said how could this have happened unless there was some sort of collusion at the top. I mean his questions were questions asked by many others but very few people who asked those questions had the kind of background that Phil Marshall had. He was trying to make sense of it through an air force perspective.

Philip Marshall accepts that there was sort of a radical Muslim Arab plot to attack the twin towers and the Pentagon.

10 Reasons Why 9/11 Was Demonstrably An Inside Job |

And the role of the US authorities was just to get out the way and let it happen on purpose. That is we believe there was no such radical Muslim Arab plot, that to the extent that it was, was actually part of a national security false flag operation.

And I think that Marshall's version is perhaps a little easier to swallow for people who accept the standard picture of events in the media. It's hard for a lot of people that their government is not really democratic. And that it is bought and paid for by financial forces behind the scene. And that those financial forces are really what orchestrate these things. Philip Marshall's book accepts the idea that these radical Muslims hijackers--ties them into the Saudi government. And then says that the US government just got out of the way and let it happen.

And no I don't accept that. The big publishing houses which are in New York don't want to touch these stories. That just doesn't usually make through the process. It is nuclear radioactive in politics. The government, the media has an understanding that it will not be discussed unless in the official story.

And that anyone who challenges the official story must be a nutcase.

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So where do those who dig too deep and try to make sense of the events that occurred that day fit into society? As an investigative journalist Wayne Madison looks into it. The first thing I noticed were a bunch of empty banker boxes at his front door. The house had basically been cleaned out. The banker boxes were interesting because either they were left over after hauling some files out or they brought there and said we got our files we'll leave these here.

Or they files in those boxes that had been removed. The computer had been ripped out of the wall, the wires were there but you can see where it had been yanked from the cable.

Philip Marshall - The Big Bamboozle - 9-11 and the War on Terror (pdf)

His children didn't show up for school the next the day which was Friday. Their friends got concerned because they were teenagers and kids these days are always sending tweets and whatnot. Saturday morning and that was February the 2nd, the children came to the house and went to the neighbor. They all went over next door The door was open-unlocked. Phil Marshall had always told his friends that with what he was writing he had to be careful for personal safety.

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He always locked his door. The neighbor walked in, saw Phil Marshall lying on the floor on his back with a bullet hole which had bled profusely on the left side of his head. And this was very interesting because Phil Marshall was right -handed. The gun was lying underneath Phil's body. His son and his daughter were shot on like a sofa--U shaped sofa. One was on one long part of the U and opposite was the other. The pet dog--shih tsu--a little white yappy dog was found dead--shot to death in the bedroom. A lot of people wondered, even say if you were going to kill yourself and the kids, why the dog?

Philip Marshall had a very strong marriage. So he had spoken about his fear for his family. Usually in a murder-suicide where the dog is also killed, it's because there's a single parent who feels the children and family pet have no one to care for them after the adult is gone. So they kill the entire family in despair. This is not something anyone believes who knows him.

He told me about it. He had told me that threats against the Iraqi government originated at the highest levels of government above the CIA director and above the Secretary of State.

And those are only three people. And I cannot even dignify those men with their titles. I was told of this in April -May of that the threats of the Iraqi government originated from those people. And that was the backchannel language I was supposed to use. He described exactly was going to happen. That we believed airplanes would strike the World Trade Center. We knew the target. We knew the timing. I knew it was going to happen in the late summer, early fall. So I knew from the get-go something was completely wrong with this story. I contacted Congress.

I contacted a former boss of mine.

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Thirty days after I had contacted their offices and requested to testify on Iraqi prewar intelligence and the real facts as an asset on the ground dealing with Iraqi embassy every two to three weeks for seven to eight years--I knew everything! And I wanted to tell! I said what have I done. He said the attorney will tell you later. They couldn't even tell me what I had done. They just said you are arrested on the Patriot Act. Did anyone of them believe the research of his new book may have something to do with his death? So a relative of Phil Marshall who works in federal law enforcement said look Phil was snooping around Mirana.

It is been a location for a lot of CIA operations--aviation operations. And it is still is and Special Forces. It is so flawed in terms of taking anything into context or including — they only looked at members of the administration rather than looking at members of Congress or people around the world. However, the Bush administration publicly disagreed, and Congress meekly declined to pursue the matter any further. There were a few honorable exceptions in Washington to the general failure of the news media to challenge the pro-war deceptions. Buying the War: How Big Media Failed Us But in the context of the overall performance of the media, these valiant efforts to get beyond the official version to uncover the truth about our involvement in Iraq were too little, too late.

The full extent of deference to power and self-censorship by our obsequious major news media during the run-up to war is still not fully known; it will gradually seep out — or not — over the coming years. Some major news organizations later grudgingly acknowledged that their coverage was insufficiently critical of government pronouncements. Could the Iraq War have been prevented if the public had been better informed before the invasion about the specious official statements, faulty logic, and breathtaking manipulations of public opinion and governmental decision-making processes?

I believe the answer to that grim question is very possibly yes, and it will haunt me and others in my profession for years to come. Did President Bush and other officials from his administration lie about Iraq intentionally and deliberately? Certainly, we should never underestimate the human capacity for self-delusion — too often, we find it easy to believe what we want to believe. But the fact is that they have avoided the glare of formal scrutiny about their personal responsibility for the litany of repeated, false statements in the run-up to war.

Under the Republicans in and , and the Democrats in and , there was no congressional investigation into this specific question. Nor in did the new Democratic president Barack Obama, his administration, or the Democratic Congress evince any interest in investigating this politically sensitive subject. There may be no more telling example of what has happened to congressional oversight in Washington in recent decades. Investigating this tale of dishonesty by those in power and acquiescence on the part of those charged with reporting the truth has been a disheartening experience for me.

My career in journalism has coincided with a tragic period in American history — one in which falsehood has increasingly come to dominate our public discourse, and in which the bedrock values of honesty, transparency, accountability and integrity we once took for granted have been steadily eroded. Excerpted from Lies by Charles Lewis. All rights reserved.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.