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With Designing News , Franchi conveys his vision for the future of news and the media industry. Based on personal insight and experience, he offers valuable analysis and perspectives on the fundamental changes that are taking place in the way media is being used. Franchi explores consumer behaviors and expectations that represent the biggest challenges facing traditional publishing houses and broadcasting companies as well as journalists and designers.

For Franchi, reporting is not merely filing a story once, but rather telling a continuous narrative in a way that is most relevant for a broad range of traditional and digital media—from breaking news to analysis, from interviews to commentaries, and from photo essays and illustrations to information graphics and interactive visualizations of data.

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In this book, Franchi explains the ramifications of this development and how newspapers can become credible, comprehensive news brands. In Designing News , Franchi also outlines a new, integrated approach for editorial designers. If they show enough dedication, creativity, and talent for interdisciplinary teamwork, Franchi sees editorial designers as playing a key role in advancing the evolution of media.

Award of Excellence — This is granted for truly excellent work, going beyond mere technical or aesthetic competency.

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It honors outstanding entries for such things as being daring and innovative, even if they are less than percent in every respect. Judges were asked to be tough, but fair. Silver Medal — This award should be granted for work that rises above excellence. The Silver Medal can be given for work that represents an elevated level of execution, originality of concept, or high end work done with a high degree of difficulty.

Even among Award of Excellence winners, these entries should shine.

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Gold Medal — This award should be granted for work that clearly stands out even among Silver Medal winners. It should be nearly impossible to find anything deficient in a gold-winning entry. These entries will define the state of the art.

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This recognition has been granted for such things as use of photography, use of informational graphics and use of typography throughout a body of work. This body of work may be a particular publication, a section or sections by an individual or staff. The special recognition does not supplant any Award of Excellence, Silver or Gold, and should be seen as an adjunct.

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Best in Show — As the name implies, this is the best of the Gold Medal winners. Any discussion for this award takes place at the conclusion of the judging. Judges have an opportunity to view all Gold Medal winners at the same time.

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Only one Best in Show award may be presented at this judging. Some years no Best of Show is given. Votes are taken by secret ballots after a discussion by judges, who are encouraged to express support or non-support for the award.

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Each entry requires a small entry fee, paid in U. To learn more, including how to take part in the competition judging, visit How to Enter , Judging , Facilitators and Winners. Good day!