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Mitochondria, then, are pivotal in power, sex, and suicide. In this fascinating and thought-provoking book, Nick Lane brings together the latest research findings in this exciting field to show how our growing understanding of mitochondria is shedding light on how complex life evolved, why sex arose why don't we just bud? This understanding is of fundamental importance, both in understanding how we and all other complex life came to be, but also in order to be able to control our own illnesses, and delay our degeneration and death.

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Table of contents for Power, sex, suicide : mitochondria and the meaning of life / Nick Lane.

Nick Lane is a British biochemist and writer. Professor Lane's research deals with evolutionary biochemistry and bioenergetics, focusin Critiques de Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the meaning of life soumis par les clients. Je suis Heures de jeu :. The Deepest Evolutionary Chasm2.

Quest for a Progenitor3. The Meaning of Respiration5. Proton Power6.

Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the meaning of life

Why Bacteria are Simple8. He was awarded the BMC Research Award for Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Evolution, and the Biochemical Society Award for his sustained and diverse contribution to the molecular life sciences and the public understanding of science. The Deepest Evolutionary Chasm 2. Quest for a Progenitor 3.

The Meaning of Respiration 5. Proton Power 6. Why Bacteria are Simple 8. The Power Laws of Biology Conflict in the Body The Asymmetry of Sex The Mitochondrial Theory of Ageing Demise of the Self-Correcting Machine A Cure for Old Age? See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.


Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. Power laws: Size and the ramp of ascending complexity-- 6. Power, sex, suicide: The troubled birth of the individual-- 7. Battle of the sexes: Human prehistory and the nature of gender-- 8.

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Clock of life: Why mitochondria kill us in the end. There are hundreds of them in each cell, some 10 million billion in a human being.

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Once considered menial slaves, mere workhorses for complex cells with nuclei, their significance is now undergoing a radical revision. Mitochondria are now seen as the key ingredient that made complex life possible at all. For two billion years, bacteria ruled the earth without ever generating true complexity - a stasis that may still grip life on other planets. Then the union of two bacterial cells led to an evolutionary big bang, from which algae, fungi, plants and animals emerged. For mitochondria were once free-living bacteria, and still retain unmistakable traits of their ancestry, including some of their original DNA.

Ever since their fateful absorption, the tortuous and unpredictable relationship between the mitochondria and their host cells has forced one evolutionary innovation after another.

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Without mitochondria, nothing would exist of the world we know and love. Their story is the story of life itself. Today, mitochondria are central to research into human prehistory, genetic diseases, cell suicide, fertility, ageing, bioenergetics, sex and the eukaryotic cell. Piecing together puzzles from the forefront of research, this book paints a sweeping canvas that will thrill all who are interested in biology, while also contributing to evolutionary thinking and debate.

This is a book full of startling insights into the nature and evolution of life, and should be read by anyone who wants to know why we're here.

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Subject Mitochondria.