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Current theories of galactic evolution, in fact, assume that dark-matter wells acted as a sort of "seed" for today's galaxies, with the dark matter pulling in smaller groups of stars as they passed nearby. What's more, galaxies like Andromeda and the Milky Way have each probably gobbled up about smaller galaxies and protogalactic fragments over the last 12 billion years. Chapman and his colleagues arrived at the conclusion about the metal-poor Andromeda halo by obtaining careful measurements of the speed at which individual stars are coming directly toward or moving directly away from Earth.

This measure is called the radial velocity, and can be determined very accurately with the spectrographs of major instruments such as the meter Keck-II telescope, which was used in the study.

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Of the approximately 10, Andromeda stars for which the researchers have obtained radial velocities, about 1, turned out to be stars in the giant stellar halo that extends outward by more than , light-years. These stars, because of their lack of metals, are thought to have formed quite early, at a time when the massive dark-matter halo had captured its first protogalactic fragments. The stars that dominate closer to the center of the galaxy, by contrast, are those that formed and merged later, and contain heavier elements due to stellar evolution processes.

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In addition to being metal-poor, the stars of the halo follow random orbits and are not in rotation. By contrast, the stars of Andromeda's visible disk are rotating at speeds upwards of kilometers per second.

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According to Ibata, the study could lead to new insights on the nature of dark matter. The only cloud on the horizon is Joe's penchant for disappearance - the first time before Estelle's birth - but returning in time to claim mother and child. The second abandonment is more disconcerting, when Joe disappears while Kay is carrying yet-to-be-born Margaret, whose name Louis shortens to Margar.

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While the LeBlanc clan thrives with Joe the focus of their domestic harmony, across town another family struggles with the fragile bonds of family. Kay's coach, Russell Halliwell, inspiration of Olympic hopefuls and bon vivant of Deep River, is married to Marie, the beauty he romanced and wed in Rome. Eddie isolates himself, turning to drawing for self-expression, but frequently finds himself on the cusp of an ungovernable anger that takes him to a dark and savage place.


As the story evolves in Olympic-year intervals, Kay is the keeper of family secrets, complicit in the events that drive Joe from his home but unable to change what she has wrought; she is "the brave-faced mistress of whitewash," never revealing her fears or suspicions about her missing husband.

The LeBlanc children grow up without the presence of their father, Margar with no memories of Joe and spending the rest of her life searching for him in pictures and crowds.

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Louis remembers shrieking with glee in his father's arms.