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10 thoughts on “On Being Lost in Italy”

I remember the first time I went. We were in a motorhome and we drove over the bridge onto the lagoon area. I had always thought of Venice being an island, not connected to land for some reason, so this was my first revelation! A truly magical city and you have captured the essence of it so beautifully with your photos.

Nice work. Venice always looks beautiful in the pictures. I went to Venice in St Marks Square was beautiful but the canals were dirty when I went on a gondola. I have heard a lot of stories about the city being dirty and smelly, perhaps we got lucky, but it was pretty fresh when we went there. Hoping to add Venice to my stay in northern Italy this summer and this post has got me so excited! Ah yes, we loved getting lost in Venice also!

We rented an apartment right in the city centre.

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Sounds like an amazing time! And I know the feeling of being lost in the same place over and over and over again all too well! With barely a penny to our name we ended up camping out on the streets of Venice! This article has certainly highlighted all the wonderful things we did miss out on. We found all the best restaurants and shops walking the narrow streets off the main attractions. Our boys loved Venice! Such an interesting city!

How I Lost $400,000 In Italy...

We spent the entire weekend getting lost and eating gelato! We hope to go back soon. Looking up really is the best way to find your path in Venice… unless you got into the network of tight alleyways and tiiiiiny canals in the northern part of the city, because then your only hope is help from a person. Gosh, I love Venice! Haha loved this post and totally agreee with getting lost: I tend to do it on purpose wherever I go and Venice is one of the very best places for it.

And I agree about stopping for food in smaller, more local places, they are always the best! Amazing photos Kevin! I would very much love to get to Venice someday and get lost there too. Loved reading this post. It sounds like Venice is my kind of city. Your recommendations to look for the landmarks is very helpful.

Great pictures. When we were in Venice, we lost ourselves in the lovely place. We did not bother about remembering landmarks etc. I think I did Venice for 3 days and definitely got lost! Would love to live here and have my own speed boat! Thanks for sharing some fantastic tips!

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But, we also had a very positive experience while getting lost: a man rowed by on his sandolo the little brother of the gondola and offered us a free boat ride on the canals, which was amazing! What a great experience! When we were there we kept making the same wrong turn over and over again, but from different angles. I absolutely love Venice, and St. We visited for the first time this past winter… such a nice time to be there. I loved reading your post and reminiscing! I think I have to go back to this magical city and explore it a bit more!

Fantastic advice — I have managed to get lost of all of my visits to Venice and each time was just as much fun. It might seem impossible but I was once lost in San Polo for 3 hours. Every turn seemed to confuse me more until I gave in and just stopped trying to find my location on a map! Haha I like your writing a lot. Very funny and quirky!

I love this article! I have always wanted to visit Venice and knowing me getting lost would be no problem at all!! Was food and drink as pricey as expected? Right in the old city food and lodging was fairly expensive, however, there are alternatives, such as buying food and getting a hotel in Venice proper on the mainland and bringing it with you. I love everything about this! Venice is high on my list. And I love the idea of getting lost in a city and really delving into the culture like a local. We spent over a week here last year and I do love Venice but liked it a lot more at night when all the cruise ship tourists had left.

I heard the local council have now banned cruise ships from coming into three port nearby, which is feel is great news for the preservation of this stunning towm. Interesting read. I have never been to Venice but adore Italy. I really need to get lost there. It sounds like an amazing place to explore and chill out.

Beautiful photos. This is fun post! Visited Italy several years ago but did not make it to lovely Venice! Thanks for the useful tips on how to get there — and how to get in-lost! Sounds like there are wonderful things to be discovered. Your photos are very enticing. I would love to get lost in Venice. We got SO lost in Venice…with such tall buildings there is no way to get a visual.

Venice is a nice and safe place to practice getting lost. Very simple to get lost there. Just keep taking different little streets. Getting un-lost is also easy. Keep walking until you reach the water or see some landmark. Fun stuff. Nice post! We definitely agree that the best way to visit Venice is by getting lost.

Thanks for sharing! Italy is on my list! I enjoyed reading your post, and will take your tips to heart when I finally get there! I was walking around one night, and made a friend in one of the book shops. He invited me for a party the following night, and I never found the place again! Times before GPS smart phones…! Best piece of advice ever!

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Venice is the best place to get lost at and enjoy. This is my first time visiting your site, and I have to say, the design is absolutely stunning. I love your comments about getting lost and then un-lost in Venice. That was my favorite part about visiting the city! Venice is still on my list.

It looks so nice through your photos. I always get lost not on purpose in cities.

How Matteo Salvini lost his gamble to become Italy's PM – for now

Thank you for sharing those pictures! Really nice and different post about Venice. Last time I was a child and just following my parents lead.

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Thanks for the tip. Venice is virtually impossible to navigate. We got sooooo lost wandering the streets of Venice as well. Instead of moaning, we enjoyed the whole experience and had a bottle of wine to boot as we wandered around. Great tips on how to get un-lost! Thanks for sharing this! I would totally love to get lost in Venice! I have never been to Venice, and would love to plan a trip there soon. Such a beautiful city but what a maze! Getting lost in Venice is all too easy, but great fun. Venice seems mystical and interesting. Thanks for the tips! Others have been destroyed in earthquakes.

Of those that remain, many are in a pitiful condition, home to rat colonies and prey to vandals. How many of these have been abandoned? Others have become bona fide rubbish dumps. One is the Scorziata church, built in , which boasted striking paintings including the San Giovannino, an eponymous copy of a painting by Caravaggio. The church is closed to the public, and the interior is a heap of debris. Its paintings and sculptures have all been stolen. According to the most recent stolen artworks bulletin issued by the Carabinieri, in the last year alone, 8, items of archaeological interest have gone missing in Italy.

Despite the abandonment and vandalism, many of these churches continue to attract hundreds of visitors and curiosity seekers, fascinated by the decadent atmosphere they evoke. Partially destroyed vaulted ceilings, and altars and pulpits overgrown with vegetation, remind visitors of the exotic temples from Indiana Jones. Armed with his camera, Federico Limongelli, 35, spends his weekends with his friends exploring abandoned churches, asylums, villas and other buildings.

Often it was not a question of buildings or churches; sometimes it was entire ghost towns. The Italian national institute of statistics has counted nearly 6, ghost towns in Italy, many of which are medieval villages that succumbed to earthquakes or landslides. Some continue to attract visitors and tourists, despite being covered in vegetation. Others have ended up on eBay.

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