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Publication Order of Patrick McLanahan Books

Below is a list of the Patrick McLanahan novels in publication order as well as in chronological order:. Keith James, who is the only one fully qualified to pilot the Dreamstar, steals the fighter jet for the Soviets. A new experimental F called the Cheetah must hunt the Dreamstar down and destroy it. Shop Worldwide: Amazon. Hoping to stumble upon a new author or series?

Order of Patrick McLanahan Books -

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Day of the Cheetah (Patrick McLanahan Series #2)

Former U. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Atlantis Unleashed Warriors of Poseidon Series 3. Poseidon's warriors swore an oath eleven thousand years ago to protect humanity from those who Poseidon's warriors swore an oath eleven thousand years ago to protect humanity from those who stalked the night. Now those powerful forces are uniting.

So are two souls who are all that stand between justice and the eternal darkness: a According to Callendar, Sky Masters is "full of action. In the following year, Brown published Night of the Hawk, a novel evoking the tensions of post-Soviet politics. Set in Lithuania in the near future, the novel features David Luger, a character presumed to have been killed in Brown's first novel, Flight of the Old Dog.

It transpires that Luger has been brainwashed by Soviet scientists in order to aid them in developing an advanced bomber. The U. Brown's next novel, Chains of Command, similarly features a post-Soviet crisis. The plot concerns the struggle over the fate of the Ukraine as it seeks NATO membership while under the threat of conquest from a Russia run by hardliners.

With the likelihood of an imminent nuclear war, two American pilots, Major Becky Furness and Colonel Darren Mace, employ the highly sophisticated hardware of F's to avert disaster.

Chronological Order of Patrick McLanahan Books

A Publishers Weekly reviewer judged that "the cockpit scenes ably synthesize combat action and technical description, but the novel's plot shifts uneasily" among the various storylines. A purely domestic setting is featured in Brown's tale, Storming Heaven. It concerns the efforts of government agencies to protect the American public from a fantastically wealthy smuggler who has embarked on a program of bombing civilian airports as a means of revenge on the Air Force.


Publishers Weekly echoed the sentiments of most critics when its reviewer noted that while the issues Brown explores are "provocative," readers looking for light entertainment will be disappointed by the author's "political biases and heavy-handed sarcasm. The action centers on the protagonist's mission to fly a B into Iranian airspace and rescue members of an American spy ship captured by a freshly armed and belligerent Iran. A Kirkus Reviews contributor commended Brown's "state-of-the-art action" and called the author "a master of the future-shock game.

Though McLanahan has settled down and is happily anticipating imminent parenthood in The Tin Man, the novel is no less packed with adventure than the previous McLanahan books. Set in Sacramento, the novel follows McLanahan's attempt to stop his nemesis, Gregory Townsend, from wreaking havoc in an attempt to wrest control of the illegal amphetamine business.

In a starred review, a writer for Publishers Weekly commended Brown for showing "the dark side of vigilante justice," adding that the book "shows how the power to survive and to commit violence is both painful and seductive.

Series by cover

Praise was more muted, however, for Brown's next two novels. A Booklist reviewer complained that characters were "barely developed," while a contributor to Publishers Weekly found fault with the novel's "stilted" dialogue. Still, the reviewer noted that "Brown's strongest suit … has always been his ability to generate tension through highwire aeronautics and technological breakthroughs, and in this tale he flourishes. A reviewer for Publishers Weekly described the book as "another flag-waving, jargon-heavy, air combat whopper," and expressed disappointment that Brown "lets copious descriptions of military gadgets and procedures take precedence over action.

In , Brown's writing took a somewhat different direction with the publication of Dale Brown's Dreamland, a novel cowritten with Jim DeFelice and featuring a new cast of military characters. Dreamland is a location in the Nevada desert where researchers design hightech weapons and aircraft. A spy, however, has infiltrated the facility and weakened Pentagon support for its programs, and it is up to Lt. Tecumseh "Dog" Bastian, with his daughter, Capt. Breanna Bastian Stockard, and her husband, ace pilot Maj.

Jeff "Zen" Stockard, to set things right. In Publishers Weekly, a reviewer commented that even die-hard fans of the genre will "marvel" at the novel's thrilling and fast-paced action, which takes the team as far afield as Somalia. In this installment, they are assigned to work on an underwater robot.

However, this mission is complicated when they are sent to the China Sea to keep surveillance on a possible rift between the Chinese and Indians. Then, when the Dreamland team comes under fire from the Chinese, things quickly heat up. A Publishers Weekly reviewer felt that "the book's overwhelming number of acronyms may discourage new readers, but fans of the series should have no complaints. McLanahan is back in action in the Wings of Fire, in which the intrepid pilot attempts to stop the Libyan takeover of an Egyptian oilfield.

Though he has his doubts about signing on for a foreign country, his company, Sky Masters Inc. The price of the mission, however, ultimately includes his brother's life, in this tale that includes "well-written" characters, "exciting" action, and an "engrossing" storyline, according to Mostly Fiction reviewer Cindy Lynn Speer. Similarly, a Publishers Weekly contributor called the novel a "white-knuckle read from start to finish.

In Air Battle Force, McLanahan is battling the Taliban, who plan to take over the oil of Turkmenistan and thereby start a worldwide energy crisis.

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A Publishers Weekly reviewer had high praise for that title, terming it a "page-turning delight. After being demoted for his actions in Air Battle Force, McLanahan attempts to redeem himself by alerting his commanders to a threatened bomber attack on the U.

Publication Order of Patrick McLanahan Books

Booklist contributor David Pitt wrote: "For fans of over-the-top, gut-wrenching thrillers, this one's a winner. In his thriller, Strike Force: A Novel, Brown uses current geopolitical matters to inform his work. Here Iran and Russia have renewed relations.