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Become an iPhone Game Developer In 10 Steps [How To]

It saved me a lot of time and effort! He offers loads of free tutorials on iOS programming, which I found very useful. There are also lots available at developer. For example, you can post your idea for the app on odesk. Just be aware that the more detail you can give the programmer about what you want, the more likely you are to be happy about the outcome.

Beginning IPhone Games Development

The most successful games in the App Store have been the ones that have been built specifically for playing on the iPhone. For example, with Virus Strike , I took a classic Tetris-style gameplay and combined it with iPhone features like the touch-screen and the accelerometer. So, you draw lines on the screen to direct the viruses, and if you tilt the screen, the viruses tilt as well. Try to be original! And there needs to be a sense of progression as the game goes on, so players feel like they are accomplishing something as they play more games — whether this is a higher score or another type of reward.

I used freesound. It can be a tiresome process and I recommend asking other people for their opinion, in case the sounds you like are very annoying to others. I also used a free sound-editing program called Audacity to edit the sounds to fit my game.

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The first big choice is in the development platform. If you only intend to develop for the iPhone and the iPad, Apple's Swift programming language makes the most sense. It is a rapid development language compared to the old Objective-C, and when you develop directly for the device, you can use new features of the operating system as soon as they are released.

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If you use a third-party development kit, you will often need to wait for that third-party to support the new feature. There are a number of third-party iOS emulators that can come in handy, too. But don't dismiss third-party development kits.

Table of Contents

If you plan on releasing your game across all platforms, the ability to develop in one development kit and publish across iOS, Android and other platforms will save a lot of time and frustration. In this area, you will want to avoid the "build a game in an hour" development kits that are oftentimes too limited to develop complicated games.

Here are a few solid development platforms that are free to use for independent developers who fall under certain revenue limits:. For those lucky few that both have great graphical skills and find app development easy, getting started with game development is more a matter of simply finding the time to do it. For those of us that don't have an artistic bone in our body, graphics can seem like a giant roadblock.

But there's a way around this roadblock: asset stores. One great aspect of being good with graphics is being able to sell or trade that skill. The asset stores listed above can be a great way to help fund your game by selling some graphics.

Beginning iOS Games Development

You can also use the Reddit subforum as a way to trade your skill graphics for other skills programming, music, etc. If you are comfortable with both graphic design and programming, you can leverage those graphics skills to raise money for marketing your game. This can be a great way to kickstart your game once you get to that final step of publishing. Why not jump directly into your project and learn these games?

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For one, game development is hard. Depending on the scope of your game, you may be developing it for months, a year or even several years. Even if your concept is relatively simple, getting your feet wet with a small project is a good idea. Great programming is a matter of iteration.

Developing an iPhone or iPad Game

Each time we implement a feature, we get a little better at coding it. In the end, developing a small game at first will help your main project turn out better. Coming up with s simple concept and developing it to the point where it can stand on its own in the app store allows you to learn about the publishing process. Not only will you find out how to publish apps on the Apple App Store and Google's Play store, but you will also learn about the post-publication process, which includes marketing your app, getting it at the right price point , implementing the right advertisements, patching bugs, etc.

It is always important to take a project, break it into its various parts and then break those parts into even smaller parts.

Create an iPhone Game using Swift 4 & SpriteKit in 1 Hour! - Timothy Meixner

Not only will this help you keep organized, it will also allow you to see progress on a project that could take months to complete. Your game will likely need a graphics engine, a gameplay engine, a leaderboards engine and various parts like a user interface, menu system, etc. The key to smart development is to always be on the lookout for repetitive pieces of code and take it as an opportunity to build a function or class around that code.

For example, placing a button on the screen might take several lines of code, but there may only be a few variables that change each time you place a button. But his real passion for many years has been hacking gadgets i. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview.

Have a Project in Mind?

Complete coverage of all aspects of iPhone Game Development Satisfies a huge demand for pragmatic explanations of iPhone Game Making tools and techniques Part of the best-selling series started by Dave Mark and Mark LaMarche and written by well-known, successful developers of iPhone games see more benefits.

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