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ASME Tower Crane Standards

Critical lift Travelling with a load Loads over work areas Unattended loads Vertical load line Signals Alternative to hand signals Dedicated radio system Communication between equipment operators Unhooking loads Riding hook or load Induced voltage Work near high voltage Operational and running tests Detailed inspection Uptravel limit Electrical conductors Power shutoff Direction markings Pneumatically powered hoists Brakes Crank handles Load weight indicators Level turntable Outriggers and stabilizers Tires Supporting surface Annual inspection Boom inspection Sign trucks Definition Tower crane erection Tower crane support Before use ENR logo.

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

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What is the ASME B30 Safety Standard for Cranes, Hoists, and Rigging?

Description Table of Contents. Instructor's Guide Paperback Table of Contents Total Level Hours: Discusses the factors that affect lifting capacities.

Tower crane #2 rises higher (Week 36 construction clips set #1)

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