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The generic reconfigurable resources in an FPGA can be programmed to execute a wide variety of applications at mutually exclusive times. Consequently, FPGAs are unsuitable for applications requiring high volume production, high performance or low power consumption. This book presents a new exploration environment for mesh-based, heterogeneous FPGA architectures.

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  • Application-Specific Mesh-based Heterogeneous FPGA Architectures | Husain Parvez | Springer.

It describes state-of-the-art techniques for reducing area requirements in FPGA architectures, which also increase performance and enable reduction in power required. Springer Professional.

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Introduction Abstract. A software CAD flow transforms a hardware application to a programming bitstream, which can easily be and instantly programmed on an FPGA. This re-programmability of an FPGA device can be used to execute different hardware applications at mutually exclusive times. An FPGA also allows partial re-configuration i.

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Partial re-configuration is useful in designing systems which require to adapt frequently according to run-time constraints. Compared to alternate technologies that fabri- cate specific application circuits on silicon, FPGA-based applications have less non recurring engineering NRE cost and shorter time-to-market.

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These advantages make FPGA-based products very effective and economical for low to medium volume production. For varying requirements, a Unlike other technologies, which implement hardware directly into silicon, any errors in the final FPGA-based product can be easily corrected by simply reprogramming the FPGA.

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Any future updates in the final product can also be easily upgraded by simply downloading a new application bitstream. The main theme of this work is to improve the area of FPGAs. For this purpose, a detailed exploration and optimization of two FPGA architectures is performed: one is the well known mesh-based FPGA architecture while other is tree-based architecture that remains relatively unexplored despite its better performance and routing predictability.

Further, a detailed comparison between the two architectures is also presented to highlight their respective advantages and disadvantages. The exploration and optimization of two architectures start with the introduction of heterogeneous hard-blocks in both architectures.

Application-Specific Mesh-based Heterogeneous FPGA Architectures

In this work, first we present a new environment for exploration of tree-based heterogeneous FPGA architecture. This environment is flexible in nature and allows to explore different architecture techniques with varying types of hard-blocks. Further, in this work, we present an exploration environment for mesh-based heterogeneous FPGA architecture.