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It is the name of the female lead character; the book featured illustrations by Ilna Ewers-Wunderwald. The basis of the story of Alraune dates to the Middle Ages in Germany ; the humanoid-shaped Mandrake root or Mandragora officinarum was believed to be produced by the semen of hanged men under the gallows.

Alchemists claimed that hanged men ejaculated after their necks were broken and that the earth absorbed their final "strengths". In some versions, it is blood instead of semen; the root itself was used in love philtres and potions while its fruit was supposed to facilitate pregnancy.

Witches who "made love" to the Mandrake root were said to produce offspring that had no feelings of real love and had no soul; the novel deviates from the myth by concentrating on the issues of artificial insemination and individuality: genetics versus environment. A scientist, Professor Jakob ten Brinken, interested in the laws of heredity , impregnates a prostitute in a laboratory with the semen of a hanged murderer. The prostitute conceives a female child. The girl, suffers from obsessive sexuality and perverse relationships throughout her life, she learns of her unnatural origins and she avenges herself against the professor.

There have been a number of films based on the novel of Alraune. When this film was first shown in Britain, film censors removed the details of the woman's origins, thereby making the story and motivations confusing to British audiences. This is the sound version of the above film. The comic books deviate from the novel; the main character is cursed and must live as if she is Alraune until she can find a way out from under the curse. Alraune film Alraune is a German science fiction horror film directed by Richard Oswald.

Like the version this movie again features Brigitte Helm in the role of Alraune; this version is still based upon the original German myth. Brigitte Helm, the versatile German actress, is the centre of the story Her work is up to the high standard she has established in several foreign language pictures that have reached New York. Albert Bassermann, one of Germany's best veteran actors, is excellent as the scientist whose efforts to emulate the wonder-workers of the ancient days bring so much trouble upon nearly all involved in the affair, regardless of their innocence or guilt; the support is first class Although this picture was made four years ago, the sound reproduction and photography are clear; the direction is competent.

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Alraune film Alraune is a German silent science fiction, horror film directed by Henrik Galeen and starring Brigitte Helm in which a prostitute is artificially inseminated with the semen of a hanged man. The story is based upon the legend of Alraune and the powers of the mandrake root to impregnate women. In this version the symbiosis caused by the sexual union between the human and the root causes the girl to kill all men who fall in love with her. A Professor is specializing in genetics is ambitious to conduct an experiment with a woman of "low social status", by impregnating her with a mandrake ; the plant is believed by legend to sprout from the semen of hanged prisoners.

He instructs his young nephew, Franz, to obtain a woman from the "scum of society". Franz reluctantly retrieves a prostitute, the experiment is performed on her; the Professor decides to confront Alraune in her dressing room. Alraune is afraid of her "father" and after a few reprimands, decides to leave the circus and return home with him. Alraune is happy for a time in her new life with her "father", who showers her with gifts in a place where nobody knows about her past life. The professor continues to chronicle Alraune's life, he secretly acknowledges that he has fallen for her and wonders if her promiscuous nature is an effect of her mother's promiscuosity.

After displaying a winning streak, Alraune leaves the professor mid-round and rushes home to pack her things and escape; the Professor loses his returns home to find Alraune packing. He begs her to stay, sell her remaining jewels for money and move to a new place where they can find happiness, she replies that she will, but not with him. Enraged, the Professor pursues Alraune around the house. Luckily, Franz arrives in time to stop him attacking her.

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Franz spirits Alraune away. It has been described by leading science fiction author David Wingrove in his Science Fiction Source Book as "a frightening and emotional film with fine cinematography". In , The New York Times wrote, "if you like this sort of thing you'll find it a superior product. Heinrich Galeen has directed with photographic imagination—no question that the picture has atmosphere". To the vampire gallery, which runs from Theda Bara to Greta Garbo , let me add the German Brigitte, she lacks Greta's delectable weakness but she gives in its place power and depth.

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A most engaging evening's display of erotics. While he wrote on a wide range of subjects, he is now known for his works of horror his trilogy of novels about the adventures of Frank Braun, a character modeled on himself; the best known of these is Alraune. Ewers's literary career began with a volume of satiric verse, entitled A Book of Fables, published in ; that same year he collaborated with Ernst von Wolzogen in forming a literary vaudeville theatre before forming his own such company, which toured Central and Eastern Europe before the operating expenses and constant interference from censors caused him to abandon the enterprise.

Ewers' reputation as a successful German author and performer made him a natural speaker for the Imperial German cause to keep the United States from joining the war as an ally of Britain. Ewers raised funds for the German Red Cross. During this period, he was involved with the "Stegler Affair". American shipping companies sympathetic to the fight against Imperial Germany aided the British in identifying German-descended passengers traveling to Germany to volunteer for the Kaiser's army. Many were interned in prison camps by the British Navy.

Ewers was implicated as a German agent by one of Richard Stegler. After the United States joined the war he was arrested in as an "active propagandist," as the US government, as well as British and French intelligence agencies asserted that Ewers was a German agent, they evidenced his travels to Spain during and , both with an alias using a falsified Swiss passport. A travel report in the archives of the German Foreign Office was discovered indicating that he may have been traveling to Mexico to encourage Pancho Villa to hamper the U.

Ewers is associated with the pro-German George Sylvester Viereck , son of the German immigrant and reported illegitimate Hohenzollern offspring Louis Sylvester Viereck, a member of the same Berlin student corps as Ewers.

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Amberger indicates arrival records which demonstrate that Ewers entered the United States in the company of a "Grethe Ewers,", identified as his wife. Enemy Alien Office records refer to a recent divorce; the identity of this otherwise undocumented wife has never been established and is missing from most biographies. As a German national he was sent to the internment camp at Georgia.

Ewers was never tried as a German agent in the United States. In , he was returned to his native Germany. Ewers's first novel, Der Zauberlehrling , was published in , with an English translation published in America in It introduces the character of Frank Braun, like Ewers, is a writer, historian and world traveler with a decidedly Nietzschean morality.

The story concerns Braun's attempts to influence a small cult of Evangelical Christians in a small Italian mountain village for his own financial gain, the horrific results which ensue; this was followed in by Alraune, a reworking of the Frankenstein myth, in which Braun collaborates in creating a female homunculus or android by impregnating a prostitute with the semen from an executed murderer. The result is a young woman without morals. Alraune was influenced by the ideas of the eugenics movement the book Degeneration by Max Nordau. Alraune has been well received by historians of the horror genre.

Bleiler states the scenes in Alraune set in the Berlin underworld as among the best parts of the novel; the novel was filmed several times, most in a German version with Erich von Stroheim in Bleiler notes "Both Alraune and The Sorcerer's Apprentice are remarkable for the emotion the author can arouse" and that Ewers' writing is, at its best, "very effective". However, Bleiler argues Ewers' work is marred by "annoying pretentiousness, a obtrusive and unpleasant author's personality". The third novel of the sequence, written in , concerns Braun's own eventual transformation into a vampire, drinking the blood of his Jewish mistress.

Another novel, Der Geisterseher , Ewers' completion of the Friedrich Schiller novel, was published in Ewers wrote the novel Reiter in deutscher Nacht published in Ewers wrote numerous short stories, those in Nachtmahr concern " pornography , blood sport and execution". Stories translated into English include the anthologised "The Spider", a tale of black magic based on the s. Werner R. Heymann was a German-Jewish composer active in Germany and in Hollywood, he was the younger of 4 boys born to a corn merchant.

His older brother Walther Heymann who died young wrote expressionistic poems for the magazine Der Sturm published by Herwalth Walden. Werner was a child prodigy, starting to sit at the piano at age 3, receiving violin lessons at age 5, writing his own compositions at age 8, he became a member of the Philharmonic at age 12 and presented his first work for orchestra at age His Spring Nocturne For Orchestra was based on one of his brother's texts. Although he had served in the Prussian Army during World War I , he became involved with the postwar radical politics and pacifism of the Berlin scene.

Moving to composing for the stage, he wrote the music for the Ernst Toller play Transformation; when the theater impresario Max Reinhardt opened the satirical cabaret Sound And Smoke he became, with Friedrich Hollaender , one of its two main pianists. The film producer Erich Pommer introduced him to the UFA studio, where he wrote music that accompanied over a dozen silents, including Faust by F.

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Murnau and Spies by Fritz Lang ; when sound came in, the songs he wrote for the popular musicals became hits and are the work for which he is most well known today. Among these films is The Congress Dances , directed by Erik Charell with whom he would work again soon on Caravan in Hollywood, after he left his country early, along with other artists, when the National Socialists took power in ; the emigre German director Ernst Lubitsch got him to work on 5 of his classic American comedies.

He scored 2 films by another great comedy director, Preston Sturges. Heymann was an Academy Award nominee four times in the early s. After World War II , he returned to Germany where he wrote the music for a stage version of the classic film The Blue Angel in , was a member of the jury at the 10th Berlin International Film Festival , his memoirs, recorded on tape during his last years, were published as an autobiography in Germany in He had once summed up his thoughts thus: " I love my wife , my child, the world, drinking, driving.

I love freedom. I hate dictatorship, writing scores, wool next to my skin, stones in my shoes. I hope for a United States of Europe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. February German poster for Alraune. Retrieved 18 February Willis, Donald, ed. Variety's Complete Science Fiction Reviews. Garland Publishing Inc. Categories : films German-language films horror films s science fiction horror films German science fiction films German fantasy films West German films German black-and-white films Films based on German novels Films based on works by Hanns Heinz Ewers German film remakes Erotic fantasy films Films set in the s.

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Revision History. Hildegard Knef. Related Images. YouTube Videos. Alien invasion , H. Wells ' The War of the Worlds. Space exploration , Imagination , August Alraune is a novel by German novelist Hanns Heinz Ewers published in It is also the name of the female lead character. The book originally featured illustrations by Ilna Ewers-Wunderwald. Hanns Heinz Ewers was a German actor, poet, philosopher, and writer of short stories and novels. Hildegard Knef, aged 69, at her last concert 5 March in Berlin.

Erich Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim was an Austrian-American director, actor and producer, most noted as a film star and avant garde, visionary director of the silent era. Stroheim also participated in plays. Stroheim assumed the role from Boris Karloff and was part of the cast from circa to Variety is a weekly American entertainment trade magazine and website owned by Penske Media Corporation.

Heymann was a German-Jewish composer active in Germany and in Hollywood. Harry Meyen was a German film actor. He appeared in more than 40 films and television productions between and In the s he also worked as a theatre director in West Germany. Harry Halm was a German film actor. He began his stage career in at the Schauspielhaus in Potsdam. Little is known about this film which is now believed to be lost. Alraune is a German silent science fiction, horror film directed by Henrik Galeen and starring Brigitte Helm in which a prostitute is artificially inseminated with the semen of a hanged man.

Alraune is a German science fiction horror film directed by Richard Oswald. Like the version this movie again features Brigitte Helm in the role of Alraune. This version aimed for greater realism but is still based upon the original German myth. Keira Christina Knightley; 26 March is an English actress. Sorry for asking so many questions. Not every editor bears in mind the petitions of their customers…. I will also include a short essay of my own.

Hope to have this ready soon! Working on it now! Will both receive the handsome Side Real treatment in due time? But getting there. I work lots of overtime at my day job as well, which I find makes writing articles for the local paper an onerous task. Thanks in advance. It would be so great to have all the entire corpus of Ewers short fiction in a modern translation…. HHEVIII will include some of the existing stories as well as newly translated material but they will be my translations, not existing ones for the most part.

Of the remaining corpus of short stories there probably remains enough for five volumes. I have already purchased on e-book both volumes of H. Thank you for making all these titles available on EPUB format at a phenomenal price. Does the edition have missing passages or something? And last but not least, will you keep editing more short stories by Ewers in the future? I am struck by your statement that there remains enough material for five more volumes. I would have never thought that the short fiction by Ewers was so abundant. Ewers and his secretary went through it line by line to make corrections.

The final result was quite close to the German original but with some awkward phrasing. I struggled for a long time before translating it and only then at first going for a strong edit. The subltle changes were simply too massive, especially in chapter nine as an example where difficult concepts were expressed.

The rape scene was removed and some final pages about the making of film movies in a dialogue with Lotte at the end of the book. I know that there is a lot missing. As for more short stories by Hanns Heinz Ewers I will be doing at least two more volumes and possibly the 5th to complete the series. There is about half a volume of previously translated material left, but no longer available out of print. Obviously previous translators have cherry picked most of the stories, but for horror, cruelty and blood lust. Many good stories remain. These would fall under the category of weird fiction perhaps.

The fifth volume would collect the remaining not so good fiction if I translated them. Ewers is a master of the macabre and the horrific on a par with the great classic masters Poe, Bierce, Maupassant, etc. He deserves a greater reputation. Will it be released this month, perhaps? I think that your work might be influencing other editors abroad. Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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