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Ideal for college and seminary class- the skeptical theism response to the problem of an unstable relation of feelings, desires inten- room use, the volumes are also essential for evil. Others have found polit- scholars of the modern period. Jensen tians ought to support liberal democracies.

All feeling of the sublime to resist dominant ideas Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Christians not just philosophers would benefit and metanarratives, a feeling that evokes the from digesting this essay. By Alister McGrath. Minne- too eclectic to be useful as a textbook, it is resolution. There, the political is the call to apolis, MN: Fortress Press, For Williams, this tra- It has become increasingly rare for aca- undergraduates, theologians, and those in reli- jectory in Lyotard leads only to political nega- demic theologians to write substantive texts for gious studies.

New Wine Tastings - Recent Trinitarian Theology and Remembering Colin Gunton

Williams finds more positive nonspecialized audiences. By Brian Davies. Oxford: Oxford University Press, The strategy, in through the issues raised only on a few cases Theology other words, is to invite the reader into the story does the author come down on one or the other of redemption, a story so complex that it defies side of a philosophical divide. By tidy theological answers. Minneapolis, MN: the fore. Indeed, the from Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Baptist, and One essay M. Although too lowed by four essays on the history of Trinitar- misinformation than the teaching of the First brief for most academic courses, the volume is ian thought: by Metzger, P.

Blackham, P. Vatican Council on infallibility. This a fine introduction to a classic Christian theme Robinson, and Gunton himself. Then D. Bathrellos, G. Pfleiderer, and J. Jensen each contribute illuminating essays regarding sions [under infallibility] of the Roman Pontiff Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary the relations within the Trinity. The relationship are irreformable in themselves, not through the between the Trinity and the ecumenical church consensus of the church.

Volf and P. Gerrit Immink. Studies in for Trinitarian eschatology, and four other how it was interpreted by a series of influential Pracical Theology. Grand Rapids, MI: authors—S. Holmes, S. Grenz, R. Reed—focus on the interface Luzerne and Ultramontane Orsi, Ballerini, The author Moreover, Grenz attempts to avert the post tend to stress the numerous areas of agreement takes the concept of faith and examines it modern demise of the self by establishing the between the two sides, while papalist authors through the practical theological notion of Imago Dei in Trinitarian terms.

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All in all, a tend to stress the few areas of disagreement. But this concept is Trinitarian theologians of the late twentieth tention that popes can and have erred in doctri- not merely described; it is also interrogated century. While this partners such as Calvin, Schleiermacher, Barth, Regent University comprehensively researched book obviously Tillich, and the contemporary Dutch practical cannot resolve all the theological issues related theologian J.

Triune Creativity: Trinity, Creation, Art and Science - University of St Andrews

By Larry L. The A reissue of a ground-breaking study first John T. The weakness of makes a fascinating reading. By Erik Sidenvall. This study, originally a students in practical theology would be the movement of which he was a part. Christian actions in particular situations. Edited by Paul Louis nately, there has been no effort to revise the text sua evoked more tolerant and less prej- Metzger.

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By the time of his death Costigan, S. Washington, DC: tolerance with a still deep-seated and thus far theology upon the academy at large the con- The Catholic University of America Press, from defunct anti-Catholicism. The main thesis about the dynamics and dimensions Press, Three prescribed torian periodicals.

Rome whose relationship to B. Ford him to anticipate the Second Vatican Council. By Charles E.

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Wash- Unresolved issues from the council surfaced ings and trialogues has laid a methodological ington, DC: Georgetown University Press, quickly. As the conciliar ods of Faith and Order. By Kevin J. The the Church to a settled commitment in the face on the one side and the various forms of body— pope developed the natural law basis for his of painful rejection. To sought to persuade others toward consensus on faith. In those moments his choices take on a accomplish this, he argues that human persons civil laws, yet his social encyclicals as a whole particular clarity for the general reader.

Gorman material bodies. This means both that bodies than delve into the theory. Edited by Ted A. Campbell, Ann K. Riggs, and various dualisms—substance, compound Tho- Elsewhere he adopted a transformative model Gilbert W. National Council of mistic , and emergent—and materialisms are that finds hope in human capacities. New York: Paulist Press, Moreover, John Paul II adopted a This book is the result of the work of the objection that Christian materialism is unable legal model of conscience that leaves little to quadrennium of the Ecclesiology to account for human personhood or provide a personal discernment and contingent realities.