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These essays probe Paul's approach to scriptural interpretation, showing how Paul's reading of the Hebrew Scriptures reshaped the theological vision of his churches.

Paul as Interpreter of Israel’s Scripture | Biblical Foundations

Hays's analysis of intertextual echoes in Paul's letters has touched off exciting debate among Pauline scholars and made more recognizable the contours of Paul's thought. These studies contain some of the early work leading up to Hays's seminal Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul and also show how Hays has responded to critics and further developed his thought in the years since.

Among the many subjects covered here are Paul's christological application of Psalms, Paul's revisionary interpretation of the Law, and the influence of the Old Testament on Paul's ethical teachings and ecclesiology. Richard B.

  1. The Conversion of the Imagination Paul as Interpreter of Israel's Scripture?
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He is internationally recognized for his work on the letters of Paul and on New Testament ethics. His book The Moral Vision of the New Testament was selected by Christianity Today as one of the most important religious books of the twentieth century. He brings the same ear for scriptural nuance to this welcome collection of essays: The Conversion of the Imagination extends and strengthens the argument of Echoes , showing how little one can appreciate Paul without also appreciating the apostle's profound and subtle engagement with Israel's Scripture.

He also challenges us to learn from the apostle what it means to read Scripture faithfully, attentive to its 'gracious word of promise. It will encourage and inform those who want to learn better how to listen to the Christian Scriptures themselves, as distinct from what others write about them.

A Review of Richard Hays’ “The Conversion of the Imagination”

Richard Hays has made a seminal contribution to biblical hermeneutics. It is always fruitful to be in dialogue with him. Merits sustained attention from all who seek to understand better the role and function of scripture in Paul's letters and thoughts. What would you like to know about this product? Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours.

Evening Conversation with NT Wright and Richard Hays (February 24, 2016)

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  • Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. By: Richard B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Most interpreters in the ninetheenth and twentieth centuries gave little attention to scriptural interpretation as a constitutive element of Pauline theology - or, to the extent that they did take note of Paul's scriptural interpretation, they regarded it as aberrant and embarrassing, heedless of the literal sense of the Old Testament texts. The conversion of the imagination that Paul seeks is not merely the spiritual enlightenment of individuals but rather the transformed consciousness of the community of faith.

    To put it another way, we might say that Paul's aim is to lead people to read the OT Scriptures in such a way that they experience a transformation in their self-identity. He preaches to synagogues with the aim of causing them to re-read their own Scriptures, to see Christ as the fulfilment of those texts, and to see themselves in a new light, as heirs in Christ of the promises to Abraham and the fathers. He preaches to Gentiles with the aim of introducing them to Israel's Scriptures, so that they might see in Christ the hope of the nations and join themselves to the renewed Israel by faith in him.

    Thus Paul's goal is to create a certain hermeneutical self-consciousness, a way of reading the OT that itself transforms the way we see ourselves.

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    Remarkably - and perhaps shockingly - this aim is fulfilled even when the gospel is rejected. For in preaching the gospel, Paul simply proclaims as non-negotiable the fact that Jesus has been declared with power by his resurrection to be the promised Son of God. The rejection of the gospel is both a personal rejection of Christ and a well-defined hermeneutical stance: it entails the denial that Jesus is the Christ spoken of beforehand through the Prophets.