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Marie Dunford, PhD, RD is a freelance nutrition author and editor of nutrition education materials, including textbooks, consumer books, online courses, continuing professional education courses and magazine and newspaper articles. Chapter 1.

The Athlete’s Guide to Making Weight 2009

Tipping the Scales of Sports Performance; Chapter 2. Identifying the Priorities for Your Sport; Chapter 3. Charting Your Course for Success; Chapter 5. Building a Solid Nutritional Base; Chapter 6.

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Adding Muscle, Gaining Mass; Chapter 7. Losing Fat, Winning Results; Chapter 8. Weighing in on Water Weight; Chapter 9.

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Sizing Up Supplement Use; Chapter Building Muscle; Chapter Losing Fat; Chapter Building Muscle and Losing Fat; Chapter Precision Meal Planning System. Du kanske gillar. Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden.

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Elite athletes understand the impact that body weight and composition have on performance. Gain too much, and lose that all-important first step. Drop too much, and risk being overpowered by the opponent.

In "The Athlete's Guide to Making Weight," renowned sport dietitians Michele Macedonio and Marie Dunford have analyzed today's top athletes, competitive trends, and positional demands across 21 sports to help you determine--and achieve--your optimal competitive weight. Assess body composition, nutritional requirements, and your current training program.

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Then follow the customizable meal plans for a personalized approach to maximizing performance. Whether you need to add muscle and mass, lose body fat, or control water weight, "The Athlete's Guide to Making Weight" will help you reach your goals without sacrificing safety or performance. I refer all my athletes to Michelle and The Athlete's Guide to Making Weight for solid nutrition plans that help them develop to their potential.

In The Athlete's Guide to Making Weight, Macedonio and Dunford examine not only the demands of the sport, but the position played, to provide a clear plan for maximizing that performance.

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She didn't just give me a diet; she showed me how playing at the right weight maximizes speed, agility, quickness, and strength. I wouldn't be playing college baseball without these programs.

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