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All I have to say is what else do we not know about??!! This is pretty compelling evidence from news and history and should certainly be taken seriously as not to cheat ourselves of the past could provide. I must say it's written differently so may turn off some readers but otherwise an interesting read.

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Dewhurst , Paperback. About this product Product Information A study of the substantial evidence for a former race of giants in North America and its year suppression by the Smithsonian Institution - Shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been found, particularly in the Mississippi Valley, as well as the ruins of the giants' cities - Explores years of giant finds, including newspaper articles, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports - Reveals the Stonehenge-era megalithic burial complex on Catalina Island with over 4, giant skeletons, including kings more than 9 feet tall - Includes more than rare photographs and illustrations of the lost evidence Drawing on years of newspaper articles and photos, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports, Richard J.

Dewhurst reveals not only that North America was once ruled by an advanced race of giants but also that the Smithsonian has been actively suppressing the physical evidence for nearly years. He shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been unearthed at Mound Builder sites across the continent, only to disappear from the historical record. He examines other concealed giant discoveries, such as the giant mummies found in Spirit Cave, Nevada, wrapped in fine textiles and dating to BCE; the hundreds of red-haired bog mummies found at sinkhole "cenotes" on the west coast of Florida and dating to BCE; and the ruins of the giants' cities with populations in excess of , in Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Dewhurst shows how this suppression began shortly after the Civil War and transformed into an outright cover-up in when Major John Wesley Powell was appointed Smithsonian director, launching a strict pro-evolution, pro-Manifest Destiny agenda. He also reveals the s' discovery on Catalina Island of a megalithic burial complex with 6, years of continuous burials and over 4, skeletons, including a succession of kings and queens, some more than 9 feet tall--the evidence for which is hidden in the restricted-access evidence rooms at the Smithsonian.

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. And of course, these giants have occurred in every ethnicity on the planet. The largest population right now are actually to be found in China, and probably though unverified have to do with the feeding of growth hormones to children to produce basket ball players. As for the Mandans, Only Me, the problem with testing modern Mandan DNA is the same as with the Carolina population claiming to be descendants of the Roanoke colony: there is almost certainly mixing that has taken place since Columbus, and there's not really a great way to determine when that European DNA was introduced.

Even mitochondrial DNA won't help. Then you'd have the red tape involved with attaining permission to test pre-Columbian Mandan remains. I think most people shouldn't find it surprising that there would be genetic diversity within a group of people, past or present.

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Good points, Varika, except that one wouldn't need to go back to pre-Columbian Mandan remains to test for European DNA, according to the pro's. So, for example, remains found in traditional Mandan territory and determined to be from around would be sufficient I guess. So, a guess might be that the Mandans in a general sense began to be self-creating roughly between maybe , with my own BEST guess being just before around If I were a betting man, which I'm not, and if I had to play by increments of 50 years, my money would go on with rounding off , which would mean the Mandans developed for over a period of years before contact with later "frontier" Europeans.

This is all just innocent speculation, based on likelihoods as I see them, and just to be clear, my interest stems from local historical inputs, not anything racial. Yes, I agree that we could possibly learn something definite about the Mandan history by studying the DNA of remains from the periods discussed above. In hindsight, I should have mentioned that if possibly the mixed-blood Mandan Nation arose from the hundreds of supposedly vanished Greenlanders coming to the Dakota area , then my money would have to go on or so as the beginning of the DNA exchange years or so before the first acknowledged Europeans arrived in the region.

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Still Scandinavians. The Mandans remain a perplexity. I'm just saying that, in my mind, they seem to have sprang up very near the Dakotas, where also I believe there were Scandinavians at an early time, well before the 's immigration period.

Ancient giants who ruled america amazon

Possibly coincidental, possibly not. As for giants, I finally found an image of a real one, from Ireland, I think. This is the biggest lie that I have heard because the Native Americans became "White" by intermixing with Europeans and having children by them. The Giants were found in the Americas were not white, they were Africans. So this blog is a lie.

By that leap of stupendously absurd logic, any ethnicity that has intermixed with white people is in the process of becoming white. So nice to see that Afrocentists are now trying to appropriate Biblical literalism into the fold. Native American Indians. In cahoots. I honestly believe that in some fringe history minds there exists over-riding guilt about the slaughter of American Indians in the establishing of the United States which in turn drives them to believe that "whites" were here first.

At least I can empathize with them to some degree because the alternative would be that they are consciously lying in order to make a buck. I came across books by writer, Steve Quayle, that seemed to confirm, and with better evidence, the historical presence of giants throughout the Americas and the whole world in legend documented in newspapers dating back to the s.

Ancient Giants Who Ruled America

Recent explorations in Paracus Peru have uncovered giant skulls in local museums, some recently being shut down in the giants section without justification or outright denial of the existence of such bones, However, they had exhibited non-human humanoid skulls, some with remaining red hair. DNA testings are in a preliminary findings. These skull types have been on exhibit for many years often disappearing and many Ohio Valley settlers kept journals recording giant burial mounds uncovered with up to 10 ft. The Smithsonian purge was reported even at that time.

The internet is replete with pictures of current giant elongated skulls with larger than human cranial capacity and non-human cranial suture anatomy. There is ample evidence these skulls do not fit the cradle-boarding phenomena practiced by many primitive cultures. Jason, hopefully you are not on a disinformation assignment.

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America ❅ Richard J. Dewhurst w/Red Ice Radio

You seem either uninformed and a bit condescending toward Mr. Dewhurst with most of your commenters throwing a wet blanket over the matter without much investigation. I came across your posting when noticing a book by Dewhurst on Amazon and followed references describing who this man is. Any reply from you will be considered and answered if requested. John Smithson.

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    However he makes a strong case for his observations by personal knowledge from a life time of investigation.