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The final section, Ingredients and Recipes was fairly short, but that is just as well. There are many, many, books on correspondences and a fairly large number have to come from individual experimentation rather than rote memorization. The recipes provided were easy to follow and I was pleased to see that a variety of alternatives were provided. Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics is a book I highly recommend and an excellent addition to the witch's library.

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Spellcasting : Beyond the Basics [Paperback]

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You've got the basics of spellcasting down--now take your magical practice to a higher level. Discover how to add potency to your protective and defensive magic, healing work, psychic development, and divination. Cast successful spells for love and money. Add lesser-known workings to your repertoire, such as sending out etheric tendrils, creating a nocturnal servitor, and ethically practicing weather magic.

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With convenient "at-a-glance" correspondences and recipes for potions, incense, and oils, Spellcasting offers practical tips and techniques that will forever improve your magical workings:. Praise: "A comprehensive yet readily digested review of magical theory and practice, together with some very useful recipes and rituals.