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Create a new topic. Shadow Warrior 2 First Released Oct 13, released.

Shadow Warrior

You're Good to Go! Latest on Shadow Warrior 2. Slaying Demons in Shadow Warrior 2 is Glorious With procedural areas and more wicked weapons than you'll know what to do with, Shadow Warrior 2 is back and more badass then ever before. Shadow Hills Serpentaurs and Spectres in Shadow Warrior 2 8 mins of battle in Shadow Warrior 2 feature everything from serpentaurs to toros and hammerheads.

Best Stuff at PAX East We saw a ton of games and cool stuff at the convention, but only a few can be our favorites. Shadow Warrior is probably better than Half Life 3.

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You may also love. For something different. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. And instead of just contributing to fleeing tricky situations, these dashes add to the combat in thrilling ways. Dipping in and out, then sticking a foe with your blade when they leave themselves open makes you feel like you're faster and more skilled than your enemies.

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Some enemies attack you from afar, and simply shooting them with a rifle is an effective-yet-unsatisfying method to deal with them. A more exciting approach? Dashing from side to side to dodge an enemy's ranged assault as you close the gap and punish them with your katana. The more you put into Shadow Warrior 2's combat, the more you get back.

Shadow Warrior

Spending the entire game relying solely on one sword will make its numerous combat scenarios wear thin fast. Trading the strike of a katana for a devastating shotgun blast, on the other hand, will keep things fresh, and the game provides plenty of tools in your arsenal with which to experiment.

Just about every weapon feels good to use, too, whether it's the fast flurry of the glaive-like blade or the slow-but-destructive path of the railgun. The chainsaw is equal parts grotesque and awesome; pulling the motorized weapon through an enemy delivers just enough resistance to make this slower, more damaging melee option exciting to use. Shadow Warrior 2 is at its best at higher difficulties, when death is more likely to be an arm's length away.

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Adding a friend in co-op mode delivers a similar experience to what you get in solo play, but it allows you to bump up the difficulty even higher, which makes the game more exciting especially when you're up against bosses and tougher enemies. Playing quests that the game warns might be too hard is also a gripping experience, not one littered with overwhelming annoyances.

Once you beat the game, you start over with all the skills and upgrades you've collected, and you can play whatever sidequests you may have missed out on during your initial run. The game's movement and combat is a lot of fun to play around with, but the story ends much more quickly than expected, with a boss fight that's uncharacteristically tedious and frustrating, requiring you to run around in circles while you shoot a stationary target.

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