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Crypto-Nazism is a term implying a secret support for, or admiration of, the genocidal political and economic system invented by Adolf Hitler. They use code words e. What makes Ron Paul The Most Dangerous Nazi in America is his immense popularity and the fact that he is part of an electoral resurgence of Fascism and Nazism in other Western democracies.

In America Paul got Paul was able to inspire Edward Snowden to commit an act of treason that will always be remembered in American history alongside Benedict Arnold. This book rips the cloak of deception off of Ron Paul and exposes his true pathological genocidal self, a Nazi swine without a swastika. Would I vote for Rand Paul? If you had listened to Ron Paul and purchased Gold at an ounce you would be worshipping the Federal Reserve by this time.

The reason Paul hates the Fed is because its chairpeople are traditionally Jewish. ISIS and al-Qaeda were nowhere to be found before the US launched its war against Iraq -- a war based on lies pushed by the rabidly pro-Israel neocons who believed it would help that country dominate the region. PS Your donation can help me wipe the smirks off the neocons faces. That's why I'm counting on you to sign your "Vote NO! Senators to vote against Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General. Paul claims he opposes Lynch because of civil forfeiture.

The real reason is because she is black. If he [a political leader] be justly accounted an enemy of all, who injures all; he above all must be the publick enemy of a nation, who by usurping power over them, does the greatest and most publick injury that a people can suffer. For which reason, by an established law among the most virtuous nations, every man might kill a tyrant; and no names are recorded in history with more honor, than of those who did it.

Which is really sad. That makes them mass murderers. Remember before he retired Paul was part of that very same government. Our own government did more harm to the liberties of the American people than Bin Laden did. Why even bring it into play? He is a traitor. While ISIS was beheading two American journalists — as horrific as that is — the repressive Saudi theocracy was beheading dozens of its own citizens, often for relatively minor or religious crimes. He is making excuses for the ISIS beheadings.

He is on their side. There are million people bordering the countries where ISIS is currently operating. They are the ones facing the threat of ISIS activity and expansion. Let them fight their own war, rather than turning the U. Remember, they come over here because we are over there. So let's not be over there any longer. Think what you will of the Islamists and their brand of war making, but they have been in the field fighting since , and their movement has never been larger, more popular, or as well armed as it is today.

Note the photo used in the Ron Paul article. It does not contain the swastika-like symbol of Golden Dawn. Supporters have been photographed in what appears to be Nazi-esque salutes; its party logo looks suspiciously like a swastika. The party has nonetheless skyrocketed to prominence in Greece in the aftermath of EU-imposed austerity programs, which have bailed out foreign speculators in Greek debt at the expense of the Greek economy. The party, which was formed in the s, came from electoral nowhere to win seven percent of the votes in the Greek elections.

But the proof is in the pudding and Golden Dawn enjoys popularity so it could not be Nazi. Nazis, however, enjoyed popularity in Germany. Its platform is clearly populist, anti-bailout, anti- immigration. It is populist, anti-austerity and nationalistic. So the powers that be in Greece, backed no doubt by Brussels and Washington, had 22 party members arrested, including six Members of the Greek Parliament and the party leader Nikos Mihaloliakos.

So a great injustice occurred when members of the Greek Nazi Party were arrested. By stamping out and arresting members of the one and only party that actually gives a damn about the ordinary Greeks? I hope that the Greek people are paying attention, and vote accordingly in the upcoming elections to remove these anti-Greek bastards from power so that Golden Dawn, or it's new incarnation, can take power and put control of the nation back into the hands of the Greek people. The secret to answering the Jewish question is very simple: The struggle for existence and ultimately world domination, in the world today is between two conflicting Wills-To Power, that of the Jew and the Aryan.

The Will-To-Power of the Jew is finance. The precipitating event was the murder of leftish Greek hip-hop singer Pavlos Fyssas by suspected members of the Golden Dawn party. The murder was the pretext for the frontal assault on the party. The murder was another Reichstag Fire. In other words it was carried out by Greek anti-Nazis to bring repression down on the Greek Nazis. As unappealing as the Golden Dawn appears to us, it seems rather a stretch to arrest the leaders of a political party for the alleged actions of its alleged members.

Do we ask the political party membership of murderers here in the US? It smacks of desperation. The Greeks have wiretap evidence linking the leadership of Golden Dawn to the murder. These are not trumped up charges. Indeed it appears the Greek elite and their counterparts in Brussels and elsewhere are beginning to notice that there are consequences to their utter destruction of Greece, its economy, and its society.

The reference to Versailles is revealing. He hopes the austerity imposed by the EU will have similar consequences in Greece. Will arresting the people who have been distributing food to the starving in Greece reduce or inflame tensions in Greek society? Can outlawing a political party without addressing the roots of its extremist ideology produce desired results? So all Golden Dawn is doing is distributing food to poor Greeks?

Is that all that Nazis do? The party is regularly described as neo-Nazi by news media and academic sources, and members are frequently responsible for anti-Semitic graffiti. Officially denying that it has any connection to Neo-Nazism, the party admires Ioannis Metaxas, the Greek general who established the 4th of August regime, in Greece between and Certainly, fundamental values which mainly derive from ancient Greek culture would be dominant in every state and would define the fate of peoples.

Romanticism as a spiritual movement and classicism would prevail against the decadent subculture that corroded the white man. Extreme materialism would have been discarded, giving its place to spiritual exaltation. In an article published in in the Golden Dawn magazine titled "Hitler for years", its editor Michaloliakos showed his support for Nazism and white supremacy. Specifically he wrote, "We are the faithful soldiers of the National Socialist idea and nothing else" and "[ In pictures taken during the first congress of Golden Dawn in February , the congress hall is decorated with the Swastika and the Wolfsangel.

The founder of the party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, appeared to give a Nazi salute in the Athens city council. He claims that it was merely "the salute of the national youth organization of Ioannis Metaxas" The party states its logo is a traditional Greek meander, not a Nazi symbol. After the elections, Eleni Zaroulia, a Golden Dawn MP, wore an iron cross ring during her inauguration, a symbol which has been associated with Nazism.

The website left. Ilias Kasidiaris quoted the antisemitic hoax The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in a speech to parliament on 23 October Defending himself in a discussion on whether to lift his parliamentary immunity over his assault of Kanelli, he quoted Protocol "In order to destroy the prestige of heroism we shall send them for trial in the category of theft, murder and every kind of abominable and filthy crime.

Ironically the Golden Dawn party traces its ideological origins and even personal and political ties directly to the leaders of the Greek far-right junta that was spawned by CIA intervention and ruled the country as a kind of anti-communist US client state from So how bad could this group be if the United States created them?

Troubles ahead for Europe, migrating from south to north. Outlawing troubles will not make them disappear. Kent Sorenson to join the campaign in a manner that may violate several federal election laws. The check was dated Dec. Sorenson never cashed that check. Such a payment made in exchange for something of value to the Paul campaign would likely qualify as an in-kind contribution, requiring disclosure on the reports that the campaign files with the Federal Election Commission.

Sorenson was extremely vague while being deposed by Weinhardt about his financial dealings with ICT. Weinhardt: And for whom or what was the consulting about? Weinhardt: Spell the last name for us the best you can. Weinhardt: So what was the consulting work that you were doing for Mr. Sorenson: General consulting on political and business issues.

Sorenson: They have a lot of clients. Weinhardt: I know. But what client were you doing work for? Sorenson: I was doing work for ICT. But what client of ICT were you doing work for? Sorenson: Not a specific client. I was working for ICT.

Sorenson: They asked me to consult them on political issues and also locations for video shoots in Iowa that would appeal to a fraction of Iowans. Weinhardt: Do they have any client who was running for president of the United States in ? I mean. Senate in this election cycle. I think if what had happened over the last twelve months, I would probably be one of the front-runners right now; a lot of people believe that. He asked me to come work for him. He wanted to help make that happen. Sorenson: Sonny Spanio. Weinhardt: Do you have a cell phone number or an office number for Mr. Sorenson: I do not.

Weinhardt: When you return for your deposition on Monday, could you bring us all the contact information you have for Mr. Sorenson: I will. Sorenson: No. Weinhardt: Did they have anything to do with an identifiable candidate that you know of? Not that I know of. Weinhardt: Did they have to do with any particular political issues that you know of? Well — - No. Weinhardt: — - consulting about? Sorenson: Not a specific issue. Weinhardt: So let me understand your testimony. Sorenson: And also information on various voting blocks. Weinhardt: But you never discussed and identifiable candidate or identifiable issue, and it had nothing to do with anyone running for president?

Talk:Ron Paul/Archive1

Weinhardt: Okay. Sorenson: Spanio. Weinhardt: When were you first approached by this person Spanio? Sorenson: The first time I met him, I believe, would have been in I believe so. A LexisNexis search found that Mr. I highly doubt it. In that capacity, Robinson planned and organized the largest political event in , the Iowa Straw Poll, in Ames, Iowa.

Robinson also organized the Republican caucuses in Iowa, and was later dispatched to Nevada to help with the caucuses there. Robinson cut his teeth in Iowa politics during the caucus campaign of businessman Steve Forbes and has been involved with most major campaigns in the state since then. His extensive political background and rolodex give him a unique perspective from which to monitor the political pulse of Iowa. Of those 50 plots that they stopped, I think 40 were minor plots overseas, for all we know. So they stretched the point. And even these hearings today were a bit of a sham…because they had already decided what the results would be.

They want to burn the Constitution to save the Constitution. Does he have an agent like Snowden inside the NSA? He says 40 were minor plots overseas. What constitutes a minor terrorist plot that according to Paul should be ignored in favor of privacy? Ten people getting killed overseas?

Is that a minor terrorist plot? He says that the motivation of those who work at NSA is purely pecuniary rather than patriotic so they have to invent enemies to collect a paycheck. He and Snowden are the traitors while those at NSA follow the Constitution and the Patriot Act which allows the Government to put a pen register on a phone without a warrant which is essentially what NSA did. There are no verified purchases. This was a half-decent review. Weberman is a notorious gadfly, self-proclaimed expert on Bob Dylan's garbage and researcher into the conspiracy surrounding the JFK assassination.

Weirdly, the only critical book on libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul is written by this strange character. If you're looking for a balanced, scholarly account of the interfaces between libertarianism, conservative populism and Dixiecrat racism, you won't find it here. Weberman sets the stage already at page one: "Ron Paul is no libertarian; he is a crypto-Nazi. Crypto- Nazism is a term implying a secret support for, or admiration of, the genocidal political and economic system invented by Adolf Hitler. That is why Ron Paul, like the Spotlight scum that created him, is determined to create a situation where millions of Jews are murdered.

He is a filthy Nazi pig and he must be stopped. Should we? I'm less sure. Behind all the rhetoric, typos and irrelevant digressions, Alan "Jew" Weberman does present some pretty disturbing information on both Paul himself and his allies or would-be allies. Paul had friendly relations with Spotlight, the publication of Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby, which is indeed a Nazi front group.

In , Paul began to publish newsletters, which were heavily advertised in Spotlight. Recently, Paul admitted that he had ghost writers, but who were they? He has denied involvement, and Weberman believes that the real ghost writer might have been Willis Carto himself! Small wonder Paul decades later revealed that he never wrote his own newsletter - but that simply raises the question why he didn't stop its publication.

Didn't he knew the opinions of the ghost writers? Didn't he knew his own employees? Among would-be supporters of Paul, not necessarily endorsed by him, are overt White supremacists, Muslim fundamentalists including our old friend Yousef al-Khattab , Nation of Islam, Lyndon LaRouche, a few leftists and even a few Jews, including the inevitable Neturei Karta.

Of course, Weberman believes that Paul is in on it all. My sick sense of humour was properly satisfied by the chapter in which Weberman exposes various individual weirdoes who for reasons all their own supported Paul's recent candidacy. There's Aakash Dalal and Anthony Graziano, suspected of fire-bombing a synagogue and the home of a rabbi. Further, we have Anson Chi who was seriously injured by a homemade bomb, and Adam Kokesh who was interrogated by the Secret Service after implicitly supporting death threats against Mitt Romney on the air.

Weberman devotes almost half his book attacking Paul's isolationism, which the author believes is really directed against the State of Israel. He claims that Paul's proposals to cut "all" foreign aid would weaken Israel's defences against the Arab states and Iran, thus setting the stage for the destruction of the Jewish state. Paul once sponsored a bill to end all aid to Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Pakistan.

He voted no to sanctions against Iran, doesn't seem to regard Iran as a threat, and even seems to believe that they have the right to build nuclear weapons if they so choose. Instead, Paul has condemned Saudi Arabia, attempting to link them with international terrorism. Weberman is soft on the Saudis, which - ironically - could also be a controversial position if you're a Zionist!

On some questions, the author sounds liberal: he supports affirmative action, welfare systems and HUDs. On the War on Drugs, he takes a "conservative" position, i. However, this too is "pro-Black" since it was also the position taken by the Congressional Black Caucus due to the crack epidemic in poor Black neighbourhoods.

By contrast, Ron Paul opposes liberal programs, while supporting the legalization of drugs. In Weberman's opinion, this means genocide of Blacks. Something tells me this pro-Black orientation cannot possibly be the real program of the Jewish Defense Organization My final opinion of "Ron Paul: America's Most Dangerous Nazi" is that the book, while perhaps garbologically extreme and somewhat disingenuous, nevertheless does raise some disturbing questions about Ron Paul's past and present politics.

Perhaps one day a balanced, scholarly study will be published about the difficult interface between libertarianism, conservative populism and Dixiecrat racism? Snowden told the Guardian that he supported a third-party candidate for president in Snowden did become a traitor at the behest of a foreign government such as China; he did it on behalf of Ron Paul. The brainwashing worked. This kid never even graduated High School so his education came from his hero, Ron Paul.

If the devastation is far reaching enough who knows what people might think? Ron Paul is a traitor whose loyalty is to Nazism. What kind of a former Congressman would praise someone guilty of treason and espionage against his own country? Paul: The Fourth Amendment is clear; we should be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects, and all warrants must have probable cause.

WEBERMAN operates largely in secret, while seeking to know everything about our private lives — without probable cause and without a warrant. The government does not need to know more about what we are doing. We need to know more about what the government is doing. We should be thankful for individuals like Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald who see injustice being carried out by their own government and speak out, despite the risk. They have done a great service to the American people by exposing the truth about what our government is doing in secret.

The constitutionalist Ron Paul cherry-picked and omitted the treason clause: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open court. Senator Rand Paul R-Ky. Any disgruntled employee or ex-employee could leak documents and claim to be a whistle-blower rather than a criminal.

Chaos would ensue. The first contribution describes the donor as an employee of Dell, a company Snowden has done contract work for in recent years. In addition, Snowden told the Guardian that he supported a third- party candidate for president in Snowden believes the Boston Bombing was a criminal act, not an act of terrorism: "We have to decide why terrorism is a new threat. Boston was a criminal act.

It was not about surveillance but good, old-fashioned police work. The police are very good at what they do. Actually, it very nearly gave the suspect a chance to make a getaway. I mean, we live in a bad time where American citizens don't even have rights and that they can be killed, but the gentlemen is trying to tell the truth about what's going on. He's not defecting; there are no signs of that happening. Is it in the realm of possibility or is Ron Paul tapping the vast reservoir of ignorance in America as Hitler did in Germany. Snowden is giving the Chinese classified documents. Snowden said that according to unverified documents seen by the South China Post, the NSA had been hacking computers in Hong Kong and on the mainland since None of the documents revealed any information about Chinese military systems, he said.

One of the targets in the SAR, according to Snowden, was Chinese University and public officials, businesses and students in the city. The documents also point to hacking activity by the NSA against mainland targets. Snowden believed there had been more than 61, NSA hacking operations globally, with hundreds of targets in Hong Kong and on the mainland. Graham was asked if Snowden's donations to Ron Paul were the sort of warning signs 2. Ron Paul isn't a threat to America. His policies are. He inspired a traitor to weaken our defense against terrorism. Najibullah Zazi was captured by the Feds when an Al Qaeda email was traced back to his computer, thanks to the massive data mining the NSA is doing.

Since Ron Paul considered Snowden a hero it comes as no surprise that he opposes legislation that would make it easier to catch people like him. The law also allows federal agencies to pass your information along to other federal bureaucrats — again without obtaining a warrant. And the bill provides private companies with immunity from lawsuits regardless of the damage done to anyone whose personal information is shared with the government.

Thomas Massie’s Unified Theory of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump –

North, 71, is not a professional educator. That is why the National Socialist Nazi government of Germany outlawed homeschooling in Paul: 3. WEBERMAN Unlike the top-down model of nationalized education, the homeschool curriculum is designed to encourage maximum input from parents and students. While the curriculum will reflect my belief, and interest, in Austrian economics, libertarian political theory, and the history of the struggle against state power, the curriculum is being carefully designed to not show bias toward any one religion.

I hope all parents of any faith—or no religious belief at all— will feel comfortable using the curriculum. Militarized police riding tanks in the streets. Door to door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause.

Businesses forced to close. Transport shut down. These were not the scenes from a military coup in a far off banana republic, but rather the scenes just over a week ago in Boston as the United States got a taste of martial law. This was not martial law. There was no curfew. Most people were happy to go through what they had to go through in order to avoid becoming a victim of Islamist terror.

The ostensible reason for the military-style takeover of parts of Boston was that the accused perpetrator of a horrific crime was on the loose. A terrorist on the loose was not the real reason for the lockdown. What was the real reason? This unprecedented move should frighten us as much or more than the attack itself. What has been sadly forgotten in all the celebration of the capture of one suspect and the killing of his older brother is that the police state tactics in Boston did absolutely nothing to catch them. An outright lie.

Everyone was on alert and when someone saw that the covering on their boat had been disturbed they called police. While the media crowed that the apprehension of the suspects was a triumph of the new surveillance state — and, predictably, many talking heads and Members of Congress called for even more government cameras pointed at the rest of us — the fact is none of this caught the suspect. The police were able to accurately identify the terrorist by piecing together numerous videos.

Only after this police state move was ended did the owner of the boat go outside to check on his property, and in so doing discover the suspect. He said he saw it from his window. When he looked out the window at his boat at one point during the day, he noticed something was amiss. It was really windy, so I didn't think twice about it," he said. He was discovered by a private citizen, who then placed a call to the police. And he was identified not by government surveillance cameras, but by private citizens who willingly shared their photographs with the police.

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The police in this case was the FBI. Of course the Federal Government does not have cameras in Boston. Instead, authorities asked the public to submit all photos and videos of the finish-line area to the FBI, just in case any of them had relevant images. The surveillance videos the FBI posted online of the suspects came from private businesses that use surveillance to punish and deter crime on their property. Most are used for traffic control, not crime.

The photos would have been worthless if not for the skill of the FBI, which Paul wants to abolish. Sadly, we have been conditioned to believe that the job of the government is to keep us safe, but in reality the job of the government is to protect our liberties. Once the government decides that its role is to keep us safe, whether economically or physically, they can only do so by taking away our liberties.

That is what happened in Boston. Liberty is worthless if you are dead. He will never say this openly but this is his sick mindset. Three people were killed in Boston and that is tragic. But what of the fact that over 40 persons are killed in the United States each day, and sometimes ten persons can be killed in one city on any given weekend? These cities are not locked-down by paramilitary police riding in tanks and pointing automatic weapons at innocent citizens.

Note how Paul fails to mention those who lost their legs, hearing and more. Over He qualifies this tragedy He is the lowest scum on earth. This is unprecedented and is very dangerous. We must educate ourselves and others about our precious civil liberties to ensure that we never accept demands that we give up our Constitution so that the government can pretend to protect us. Pretend to protect us? They rounded up the Islamist scum before they could set their bombs off in Times Square.

Paul would have loved to see NYC attacked because of all the Jews there. These individuals are all pieces in a puzzle that when assembled displays a swastika. The common thread is totalitarianism and its intellectual justification as in Mein Kampf. Oxford historian Mark Almond: A trustee of a sinister and deceptively named organization, the British Helsinki Human Rights Group BHHRG , which trades on the good name of the international civil liberties monitoring organizations founded as a result of the Helsinki accords.

Focusing on FBI claims that since it has foiled multiple alleged terrorist plots to kill Americans, Napolitano pointed out that while there were some 20 such incidents, three were interrupted by private citizens who observed suspicious activity. Then, of course, they were arrested before any damage could be done—followed by great hoopla the next day.

While Scheuer accepts the U. Margolis is a supporter of terrorism and has been singled out by Al Qaeda as some who can be trusted. This despite the fact that Margolis is undoubtedly well aware that the stated goal of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad is the total destruction of Israel and its replacement with a radical Muslim theocracy. Under this genocidal scenario, Israeli Jews would be slaughtered and their survivors forced to live under the brutal rule of their new Islamist overlords.

The reality is that others hate us for the wrongs our government has inflicted upon them; and we hate those who retaliate against us for such wrongs. He is the mentally ill Jew who has replaced Murray Rothbard as the Jew the crypto-Nazis keep around for laughs. Block is nuts and his writing makes little sense.

However, there is a plethora of other instances where this is not at all true. For example, suppose some cartoons were published that did not depict Muhammad in an unflattering light, but, rather, blacks with big lips shuffling along or tap dancing, Jews with long noses looking avaricious and holding bags of money, or hordes of Orientals with a "yellow menace" caption. If anything is clear, it is that in most western nations such caricatures would be deemed "hate speech" and their authors clapped into prison forthwith. The same applies to the use of such words as "nigger," "kike," "spic," "chink," "wop," "greaser," "cunt," when used in an attempt to denigrate certain favored groups of people.

And what of holocaust denial? In many "progressive" nations denying this historical event, or making fun of it, is a violation of law. David Irving now languishes in an Austrian prison for engaging in his free speech rights on this topic. An Islamic group in Holland posted a cartoon of Hitler and Ann Frank in bed with each other; but for the present conflagration, this would have likely resulted in a jail sentence for them.

She says: "… the Nazis … were officially sanctioned enforcers of immoral social orders that used caricature to further degrade and dehumanize beleaguered minorities they ultimately murdered. There is no equivalence between organized murder on behalf of a malignant social system and a-half-dozen nerdy artists, speaking only for themselves, lampooning a fanatical religious sect…" But David Irving is not a Nazi. He murdered no one. He merely engaged in press freedom, or free speech. The same applies to those who use the racial and sexual expletives mentioned above.

Yes, great evil was perpetrated by those who used this denigrating language, and by those who sported Nazi regalia. The Nazis murdered millions the Communists murdered tens of millions; when Prince Harry donned the swastika he was roundly condemned; had he treated the hammer and sickle in a similar manner, it would have passed unremarked, but that is another story. But it is still a logical fallacy to claim that all who adopt their regalia, mannerisms, goose-stepping, etc.

WEBERMAN In my own opinion, just as in the case of prostitution, pornography, addictive drugs, these are not nice things; but from the libertarian perspective they are victimless crimes and should not be punished by law, or through extra-legal sanctions: rioting. Block and Scheuer are covered in this book. Its purpose was to provide a scholarly approach to the study of contemporary and historical anti- Semitism.

It was fully funded from private contributions. Lawrence Wilkerson Blasts 'Politicized' U. Ron Paul knows every facet of American society that exhibits Jew hating tendencies and he is determined to unite them. Carol Paul, his wife, is the group's president, IRS documents show. By law, political campaign committees may contribute unlimited surplus funds to c 3 charitable nonprofits such as the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education, and there's no prohibition on a former candidate directing those funds to his or her own charity.

Internal Revenue Code Section Taxes on excess benefit transactions: Disqualified Persons 4 Family members The members of an individual's family shall be determined under section d ; except that such members also shall include the brothers and sisters whether by the whole or half blood of the individual and their spouses. He is not much of a doctor, and will never make any great advances in medicine as others, such as Louis Pasteur, have. But Ron Paul thinks he knows better than Pasteur. Despite scientific evidence that raw milk can harbor dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks in Paul tacitly recommended raw milk to his zombies.

On May 11, Paul introduced H. Americans have the right to consume these products without having the federal government second-guess their judgment about what products best promote health. In addition, CDC reported that unpasteurized milk is times more likely to cause food-borne illness and results in 13 times more hospitalizations than illnesses involving pasteurized dairy products.

Too often Americans are victimized by government force simply for engaging in commercial transactions disproved of by Congress and the federal bureaucracy. Of course Paul wants to disarm Federal Agents. He is a neo-Confederate who opposes a strong central government. And who decides if these laws are unjust, unconstitutional and a threat to liberty? The Courts? No Ron Paul does. What heinous crime justified this action? Rawesome sold unpasteurized raw milk and cheese to willing customers — in a state where raw milk is legal!

You cannot even drink milk from a cow without a federal permit! James Stewart jumped bail, having failed to show up for two court appearances. Palmer has no license to sell raw milk in California, a state which does allow retail sales of raw milk but which also has very strict laws governing raw-milk production and sales.

This is hardly the only case of federal agents using force against those who would dare meet consumer demand for raw milk. Federal agents wasted a whole year and who knows how many millions of our tax dollars posing as customers in order to stop Allgyer from selling his raw milk to willing customers. As a result Allgyer closed down his operation. The use of force against individuals making choices not approved of by the political elite does not just stop with raw milk. The Natural News website has documented numerous accounts of federal persecution, including armed raids, of health food stores and alternative medical practitioners.

Valentine, an interview with Fr. They advertisers were the purveyors of quack cures. Therefore, all Americans should speak out against these injustices. African Americans between the ages of 20 and 39 were shown to have the most fast food and supersized non-diet soda in their diet when compared with their Caucasian and Hispanic counterparts, as one-fifth of their calorie intake came from quick service restaurants.

He was shot and killed in a rifle range on February 2, , in Texas, while trying to help another vet get over PTSD. People were shocked at this tweet but I was not. I know Paul is a Nazi so for him Jews are the cause of all the misery in the world. My condolences and prayers go out to Mr. Unconstitutional and unnecessary wars have endless unintended consequences. A policy of non-violence, as Christ preached, would have prevented this and similar tragedies. It is a warning to all of us. A country or a society that lives with the violence of pre- emptive war in fact self-destructs.

The Spotlight repeatedly featured Ron Paul. Norquist is now a big Paul supporter5 and a supporter of Muslim candidates for political office. At this time in my life I worked as a Congressional investigator in Washington, D. It was in this rightwing milieu that, in , Phil took me to the Liberty Lobby office at Independence Avenue so I could display pictures of two tramps that were picked up from a freight train parked at the back of the Texas School Book Depository an hour after the Kennedy assassination.

Both of these men had gained notoriety after have been involved in Watergate. Spotlight got into a legal battle with E. This author was also sued by E. Howard Hunt over a similar issue.

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They asked me who I was. It was pure Nazi propaganda. The putrid corpses of Father Coughlin and Gerald L. Smith had been resurrected! When Liberty Lobby announced it was coming out with a weekly publication called The Spotlight I sent in a money order and subscribed under a fictitious name. I became a weekly reader of this vile Nazi rag for counter-intelligence purposes.

I vividly remember reading the list of those who attended Spotlight and Liberty Lobby functions and there was always this man with two first names, Ron Paul. Congressman Ron Paul will be at the Populist Party 7. On and on! Ron Paul was so loyal and supportive of Liberty Lobby that he was given an honorary dinner by it. Congress that no one has ever heard of. Martin Dies of Texas were all Nazi sympathizers if not Nazis. But in retrospect I should have been very worried. A cancer can start as a tiny lump.

After Paul failed to get re-elected and went on a speaking tour Spotlight made sure he got the money he needed to finance his campaign by giving them their mailing list so he could return to public office. They were different from swastika wearing neo-Nazis like George Lincoln Rockwell seen on the left next to Dan Burroughs, a Nazi who turned out to be a Jew and his crew of misfits and in the long run proved to be more dangerous. Many of the Spotlight policy board members had been interred, often secretly, as Nazi spies during the war by the Justice Department then released after the war ended as they were no longer considered a threat to national security and might prove valuable in the Cold War.

Ron Paul wrote that he opposed their interment: As far back as the Civil War, World War I, and World War II, very often speaking out on political issues was met with law enforcement officials actually charging them with crimes and even having individuals imprisoned.

The Spotlight scum were spies right out of the movie The House on 92nd Street. He lived on the fifth floor of a six floor walk up. One individual gained entrance to the denied area and pounded on his door. Greib called the cops then went up the fire escape to the roof. He began throwing stuff down at us so we ducked under some scaffolding split up and left before the police arrived. Eustace Mullins, a prominent Spotlight contributor, was a confident of the traitorous fascist poet and propagandist Ezra Pound. Mullins did a book on Pound and visited him in the mental hospital Pound was sent to after the war — Pound belonged in a federal prison for the act of treason because Pound had made anti- 8.

Mullins, who blamed the Federal Reserve Bank for everything evil in the world, was a classic Jew-hating piece of crap. In The Biological Jew he wrote that This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew's entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host. This is quite an interesting interview from a man who introduced the world to the reality of the Federal Reserve.

Mullins is a bit critical of Ron Paul, and he also claims that G. Edward Griffin has ripped him off 9. All in all good, challenging food for thought. Kent was born in Manchuria where his father was a U. There, he became responsible for encoding and decoding Top Secret messages. With a position which required him to encode and decode sensitive telegrams, Kent had access to a wide range of secret documents, especially the communications between Churchill and Roosevelt, and he stole many of them. He also became politically active in support of the front group known as The America First Committee.

On May 20, Kent was arrested in a dawn raid at his flat. Searchers also found keys to Embassy code room. On November 7, he was convicted of treason and sentenced to seven years imprisonment. Ed Delaney indicted for treason amid charges of working with the Nazi foreign office worked for Liberty Lobby and Spotlight. Delaney was a Nazi English-speaking propagandist broadcasting from Berlin so he fit right in at Spotlight the post-war Nazi propaganda organ. The Journal featured articles by other, lesser-known Nazi scum as well. On audio cassette tape the titles include: Luftwaffe Songs and Stormtrooper Marches.

Noontide Press's Web site offers full text versions of Mein Kampf and The International Jew, and an almost- complete reproduction in English of Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher's German children's book, The Poisonous Mushroom, including its caricatured illustrations of Jews and its obscene nursery rhymes.

The Jewish race had better take these old school Nazis seriously because they have proven to be adept at what they do. It is no accident that Paul has become the most dangerous Nazi in America. As a result Paul has countless Americans fooled into believing he is something other than what he really is, which is a potential genocidal maniac.

Spotlight threw all their support behind Paul. Do you think Spotlight would support anyone other than a Nazi? Some American Jews realize where Paul is coming from. Executive Director Matthew Brooks stated: As Americans who are committed to a strong and vigorous foreign policy, we are deeply concerned about the prospective presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul. While Rep. Paul plans to run as a Republican, his views and past record place him far outside of the Republican mainstream. His candidacy, as we've seen in his past presidential campaigns, will appeal to a very narrow constituency in the U.

Throughout his public service, Paul has espoused a dangerous isolationist vision for the U. He has been a virulent and harsh critic of Israel during his tenure in Congress. Most recently Paul gave an According to Paul: Let there be no doubt, for every terrorist identified, others will see only a freedom fighter. That was the case when we aided Osama bin Laden in the s. He was a member of the Mujahedeen, and they were the freedom fighters waging a just war against the Soviet army.

Of course, now he is our avowed enemy. How can someone be a Republican and a Nazi at the same time? Well, Herbert Hoover had a special relationship with Adolf Hitler and met with him in Hoover was a covert supporter of the German fuehrer. He assured everyone that Hitler would soon conquer Europe and it was better to be his friend. Hoover was the behind the scenes power of the America First Committee, leaving the public face to Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh was finally exposed when he gave his famous anti-Semitic, America First speech in Iowa.

Willis Carto created both these entities that trace back to an organization intent on sending American blacks back to Africa. Horne said he had discovered a box of correspondence between Liberty Lobby leader, Willis Carto photo above and numerous government officials establishing the Joint Council of Repatriation, a forerunner organization to the Liberty Lobby.

Justice Tom P. Brady was the cracker barrel philosopher of Mississippi's racist white Citizens' Councils and the author of Black Monday, a Negro- baiting tract attacking the U. Supreme Court's school desegregation decision. Representative James B. Utt made Utt also believed sex education was a communist plot! In Paul started out as a delegate to the Texas state Republican convention and was also an unsuccessful candidate for election to the 94th Congress. In he was elected as a Republican to the 94th Congress, by special election to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of United States Representative Robert R.

He was there from April 3, to January 3, He was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the 95th Congress in He was elected to the 96th and to the 97th 98th Congresses from January 3, to January 3, He was not a candidate for reelection to the House of Representatives in , but was an unsuccessful candidate for nomination to the United States Senate.

He was elected to the th and to the seven succeeding Congresses from January 3, to the present. He was an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in WEBERMAN The Spotlight started publication in September and was immediately successful, increasing in circulation annually until it peaked in at an average paid run of more than , per week. Paul was unsuccessful at getting re-elected in , but as the Spotlight became more powerful so did Ron Paul. The main source of subscribers to the Ron Paul newsletter came from Spotlight, where it was heavily advertised.

The newsletters were written from the first person. It is no stretch for him to have written them as he has subsequently written numerous books. Paul made more than a million dollars from this venture. But he did have help. I think the one on Barbara Jordan was the saddest thing, because Barbara and I served together and actually she was a delightful lady. We wanted to do something on affirmative action, and it ended up in the newsletter and became personalized.

More in Opinion

I never personalize anything. They were never my words, but I had some moral responsibility for them. Carto had plenty of experience writing newsletters and his office was a few blocks from the Capitol and House Office Building. In , Carto began publication of the monthly Right Newsletter and established the After all, the Nazis ruled Germany for 12 years a long time ago. The Germans are a great people. In fact, it is — like anti-whitism and anti-Christianism — an approved belief.

How about a German Anti-Defamation League? In May a German court sentenced John Demjanjuk to five years in prison for his role in the killing of 27, Jews at a Nazi death camp but Ron Paul knows better. There is no doubt as to his guilt. His extradition was requested by the Yugoslav Serbian authorities to be put on the trial for war crimes.

The court in Zagreb sentenced him to death on May 14, These are the mass murdering vermin Paul claims were innocent. Only someone who condones genocide like Paul would have sympathy for these two evil murderers. As they did in this newsletter Paul and Carto frequently quoted Paul's "old colleague," Representative William Dannemeyer -- who advocated quarantining people with AIDS--praising him for "speaking out fearlessly despite the organized power of the gay lobby.

Duke: Jews are trying to exterminate our race. I think, probably in a moral sense, the Jewish people have been a blight. And they probably deserve to go into the ashbin of history. But saying that and actually shooting or killing people in masses, are two different things. I'm not advocating extermination. I think the best thing is to resettle them in someplace where they can't exploit others. And I don't think they can live among themselves, I really don't.

I question whether 6 million Jews actually died in Nazi death camps. There are two major sources for Holocaust stories. One is the Nuremburg war-crimes trial, which has been shown by all honest historians to be a farce of justice. This totaled , more votes than the current governor when he won.

Duke lost the election. If the official Republican hadn't been ordered to drop out, he might have won. Certainly there would have boon a run-off. Duke carried baggage from his past but the voters were willing to overlook that. And if he had been afforded the forgiveness an ex-communist gets, he might have von. Liberal columnists like Richard Cohen of the Washington Post say he got so "many votes because Louisianans were racist and ignorant. David Duke was hurt by his past.

Liberty Lobby and Spotlight helped start the Populist Party, which ran Duke as its presidential candidate in In that race, Duke received 48, votes across the nation. It was clear at the time that this unconstitutional act of war was a trumped- up affair for U. Paul had the same Spotlight line that the Mossad was behind terrorism and was running false flag operations. Paul knew better than a Berlin court that convicted four Libyan-connected terrorists in the bombing of a West Berlin disco that killed two U. The court said the bombing was planned by members of the Libyan secret service and workers at the Libyan Embassy in then-East Berlin.

Angleton, in having conspired with Israel in orchestrating the attack on the Liberty. An Israeli loyalist who headed the CIA's liaison with Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, and who also played a key role in helping Israel develop its nuclear arsenal in defiance of President John F.

Kennedy , Angleton believed the destruction of the Liberty could be used as a "Pearl Harbor" or "Remember the Maine" type incident to inflame American passions against the Arabs. The most recent example was his dedication of a new public library in Grafton, Wisconsin. Courage to dedicate a library? The U. Not one of the survivors, not one U. It went on for hours, and included strafing of wounded sailors in a lifeboat. But the sailors and their ship might have fallen off the edge of the earth, for all the attention they got.

It was down the memory hole. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The latest rumors are tying this to the private militias. Scootaloo 25, posts. HughBeaumont 24, posts. HillWilliam 3, posts. Warren DeMontague 80, posts. Major Hogwash 17, posts. About Copyright Privacy Terms of service Contact. Interesting research article about Ron Paul Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this thread.

Always highlight: 10 newest replies Replies posted after I mark a forum. How dangerous can he be given that he's unelectable? Have you met his cult? You make the word "With" sound like "In spite of" when in fact it's "because. I've never met a Paulbot, but he's at the fringe of the Republican Party and will remain so.

One of my relatives is a Paulbot. Hitler was "fringe" too. Some people get off on pain. He has gay followers too! From "The Pink House" newsletter article :. People hear. I liked that show better when it was "America's Funniest Home Nazis". A classic. He's one of them, for sure. Leading the flock of the willfully ignorant. They blindly follow him no matter what. With all the evidence showing that he's a racist they still follow him like he's their freaking messiah. That being the case One of my relatives is a Paulbot One can't have a conversation with him because if he hears something he doesn't like, he shouts "LIES" and keeps shouting until the person speaking shuts up.

I avoid him whenever I can. It's a pity -- I used to like him but he got indoctrinated by some guy at work who is a Glenn Beck admirer and that was the end of that. It does no good to shrug off people because they are or seem "fringe. It is one of the reasons I still read the sites of Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, homophobes, and other "malcontents.

How crazy is that?