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This is exactly the point and the true tragedy revealed by Robert A. Photo courtesy of Leila Subasic. Odgaard said that their decision came from their deeply held religious beliefs. Witha 2. Send in photos and stories about your events Box Des Moines, IA www. Letterstothe editor may be published.

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The Iowa Leather staff would like to formally invite everyone to come enjoy fun and debauchery in the corn fields for the 25th AnnualIowaLeatherWeekend,Oct. Liberty Gifts, Des Moines, is our official lube and toy vendor. Both vendors will have merchandise available at the Blazing Saddle throughout the weekend. Newthisyear,theleatherladiesofIowa will compete to be the inaugural Ms. Iowa Leather on Friday, October 4 at pm. The winner will go on to represent Iowa at International Ms.

Leather, held in San Francisco in April, IowaLeather includes International Ms. Mark Turnage, Mr. Iowa Leather will host the evening and our tally master will be Pup Itus. The 25th Annual Mr. Iowa Leather contest takes place Saturday, October 5, 10 pm. The winner of Mr. Midwest Rubber ; and Mark Turnage, Mr. Iowa leather David Watt, Mr. Michigan Leather and founder of Mr. Friendly, serves as the Master of Ceremonies. Pup Itus is the tally master for the evening and our den daddy is John Jack Trujillo. The traditional Victory Brunch for the new Ms. Iowa Leathers will be at noon, Sunday Oct.

The winners will also host their first official fundraiser, a victory beer bust, starting at 2pm. Both events will be held at the Blazing Saddle and all proceeds go to support the Ms. Iowa Leather travel fund. Iowa Leather. Interested runners should go to GetMeRegistered. Packet pick-up will be from pm on Friday, October 4 in the Modern Woodmen Park parking lot west of the stadium.

Packets can also be picked up between am the day of the race. The 5K route starts at Modern Woodmen Park heading east to the turnaround point near the Boat House on Oneida and back to the stagingarea. Cashprizeswillbeawardedto the top three runners in the under 50 and 50 plus categories. Children 12 and under will receive participation ribbons. The scholarship rewards students who demonstrate both academic achievement and leadership as members, friends and allies of the GLBT community. Individuals interested in volunteer and sponsorship opportunities or with additional questions about the event can contact Mike Hetrick by email at Equality5KRunWalk qcpride.

QC Pride, Inc. She talks about what influenced her run for City Council, her expe- rience, and her beliefs in community and diversity. What influenced you to run for City Council? As a pro-active and involved resident of Cedar Rapids I was approached and asked about stepping forward as a candi- date for an At Large seat on the Cedar Rapids City Council. Our community and leaders know me as never one to procras- tinate and hope for things to get done, but rather as an active solution-oriented advocate bringing individuals and groups together to meet challenges and engage opportunities to enhance our community progress and well-being.

A paramount objective for me is working as a member of a team to estab- lish a shared vision for the future of Cedar Rapids, formulating plans to realize that future, and working with the community to define and enact policies and laws that will ultimately lead to accomplishment. I had an opportunity to participate in a leadership training that spurred unique thoughts about bringing positive change into our neighborhoods and community.

That training energized me to move from being an involved community advocate to an elected official. Through my connections and interactions, I knew tough mudders to be a popular trend and was able to bring the resources together for the Department to make this happen—school, city, busi- nesses, several sectors of our community. As a woman, how do you feel you will contribute to the Council?

I look to the future of all children, includingmyown,and believe that together we will move forward to see future leaders as leaders rather than genders. I am focused on bringing the voice of the people to the City Council, and as a leader representing all residents of Cedar Rapids, making sure that the basic rights of all communities are protected for basic services including housing, jobs, and transportation.

I will actively look for avenues of opportunity for members of minority communities to serve on boards, committees and commissions. What issues do you feel are impor- tant to the citizens of CR? Residents continue to be interested in seeing Cedar Rapids as a dynamic and vibrant community that offers job stabil- ity, new job opportunities that provide a living wage, great schools, neighborhood revitalization and drive-able streets. Enjoyable family-friendly activities, cultural, and recreational opportunities that enhance our quality of life, as well as attract people and business to our community are also important to Cedar Rapidians.

How will you address the needs of the LGBT community if elected to the council? Jose was a pioneer in the gay rights movement in during the 60s and70sandwasthefirstopenlygaycandidate forapublicofficeintheUnitedStates. Heran fortheSanFranciscoBoardofSupervisorsin Unfortunatelywelostthisgreatmanat the age of 90 on August 19, This is not a pageant, so those Aspirants to the Thrown must present themselves to the membership during about a six-week-long campaigning process across Iowa and then are voted on by those who have chosen to become members.

The winners are then announced and crowned during Coronation, aBalltocelebratetheaccomplishmentsofthe currentReignandtowelcomethebeginningof thenext. TheReigningMonarchsthenchoose a Royal Family to stand by their side and help in the fundraising efforts. There will also be a sit- down served dinner! We have a candidate for Emperor, Deric St. All of their hard campaigning work is leading to Voting Day, September 14th.

Checkourwebsite at ImperialCourtofIowa. Each represented a part of Iowa, a part of the Midwest. The first was the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, an event designed to educate and mobilize the conservative base on marriage, immigration and abor- tion. I also made it a point to meet with Mr.

Vander Plaats for a few minutes during the summit. That is a conversation for another time. Four extraordinary women were inducted. Generations of Iowans look to these remarkable individuals as role models. Her work, however, spanned across farming, health and wellness, racial disparity in our prisons and much, much, more.

She was also the first African American woman to be certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the specialty of gynecologic oncology. While maintaining her medical practice she studied nights for her law degree. She serves as a clinical professor at Des Moines University Medical School and as adjunct clinical faculty at the University of Iowa and, in her spare time, offers medical mission work in Tanzania. And Barbara Marie Mack, whose husband posthumously accepted her award, was simultaneously the highest- ranking woman in the Des Moines Regis- ter corporate history and its youngest executive.

With a degree in journalism and a law degree, she went on to become a beloved teacher and mentor at Iowa State University. It was her acceptance speech that became a clarion call for LGBT equality. In a room filled with mostly women ranging from the conservative to the progressive, Malheiro called for an Iowa that was inclu- sive, an Iowa that respected its diversity. She used the words: gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender again and again.

And everyone in the room heard her. Each of these women spoke of their lives, the challenges and the joys of their achievements. They talked about those whomentoredthem,whostoodwiththem.

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They spoke of diversity, of justice and equality. They talked about their families, their values and their faith. Among recent developments comes a remarkably enlightened open letter from the presiding Bishop of the United Methodist Church in Florida, making a gentle but compelling case for inclusion. Add to that the Pope himself, the official representative of Jesus Christ on earth, saying that he declines to condemn LGBT people of good will— mighty nice of him.

And add to that the statement of Bishop Tutu of South Africa whosaidrecentlythathewouldnotworship a homophobic God and would prefer Hell to a homophobic Heaven. Why is the dialogue itself off-putting? Imagine such a church having sermons and sponsoring seminars and adult Sunday School lessons designed to enlighten congregants about the supposed equality of women, and takingcommentsfrom those who read the Bible and easily draw a contrary conclusion. How would that make self-respectingwomen or those struggling to be self-respecting feel? It would be, or should be, off-putting to them without exception.

Howlong does any post enlightened person, in touch with reality, feel comfortable in that church environment? Are you kidding me?! Not long.

Help Fund Dorian Wood's Ode to Queer Brown Sensuality

Contact Donna at OneIowa. It is the largest breakfast club in the state of Iowa. I have to admit that it seems a bit difficult to believe that it has already been a month since I sent in my last article. But obviously it has and frankly what a month it has been. It seemed like every day I went online I was reading news even in main- stream publications about issues of interest to the LGBT commu- nity. There is, of course, the ongoing Olympic controversy. I can simply not think of any single event that reminds us that despite the great progress we have made, we still have a long waytogo.

Just a few days ago I read an article though that outlined the benefit proposal being made for same-sex couples. Essentiallyifapproved it would offer same- sex couples the same healthcare, housing and other benefits as their straight counter- parts. Call me a skepticbutthisfrankly amazed me. To see the governmentmovingso quicklydefiesbelief. As I continued to read the article something else stopped me dead.

In addition to the other benefits, LGBT military personnel who do not live in a jurisdiction which allows same- sex marriage will be granted leave to travel somewherewhereitislegal. AllIhavetosay is thank you to everyone whose hard work made something like this come about. In this case though, like so many, the subject is not quite so cut and dry. I refer of course to the transgendered who are still barred by military regulation from serving openly in the Armed Forces.

To tell you the truth when I mentioned this in my July column while I was sympathetic I did not imaginetherewouldbeagreatdealofimpact. That was until of course that our efficient andhelpfuleditorAngelaGeno-Stummesent me a study by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Williams Institute about transgendered personnel and the military. According to their study twenty percent of the nearly 6, transgendered and gender nonconforming individuals surveyed had once or are presently serving in the military.

This is my mea culpa. I had been ambivalenttothesubjectthinkingthatitwas arelativelyinsignificantissue. Ihavetoadmit that I am a bit ashamed and disappointed in myself because I remember times when I have felt alone and abandoned. BethatasitmayIpromisenottoforgetagain and maybe more importantly to remember that even when you are talking about a smaller group the impact on them of things like this is no less significant—particularly as an individual. Look forward to seeing you all back here soon. She established methods in the clinic to optimize patient care and to monitor HIV disease progres- sion, and wrote much of the successful Ryan White Early Intervention Services grant application in Kris served as the Program Coordinator of this Ryan White program until recently turning it over to Tricia Kroll in anticipation of retirement.

In addition to patient care and HIV-related research projects, Kris has been the primary administrator for our grant until very recently, and has led the program through the large and often unwieldy bureaucracy of this federal program. Her patient advocacy for our clinic patients began on day one June 15, , and her legacy will be remembered by innumerable patients, family, and all of us at the University of Iowa HIV Program.

While we are very sad that she will not be here to work with us after September, we wish her all the best for her retirement. To say she will be missed, is a gross understatement. Contact info: tami. To say she will be missed, isagrossunderstatement. RaymondWetherell In addition to the other benefits, LGBT military personnel who do not live in a jurisdiction which allows same-sex marriage will be granted leave to travel somewhere where it is legal. The author after a decade and a half away for college, work and the military moved him back to the rural northwest Iowa community where he was born and raised.

Originally slated to write about military issues he now pretty much writes about whatever catches his interest. Please feel free to contact him with questions, comments or story suggestions at nwiowan gmail. The meeting begins with a short business meeting followed by an educa- tional presentation, and a social and support session. All are welcome!

Made up of parents, families, friends, and straight allies uniting with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT people, PFLAG is committed to advancing equality through its mission of support, education and advocacy. OrgasmandErectile Dysfunction Dr. Olson, MypartnerisseveralyearsolderthanIam. All men are going to have difficulty from time to time getting erect, but most erectile dysfunction is psychological.

Once a man has had some difficulty, he begins to become an observer rather than a participant in sexual activity. Instead of enjoying sex for its pleasure, he begins to worry about losing his capacity to function sexually. Will I maintain it if I do get it up? Will I be able to get off? Through the years I have treated many men with this problem, but most of the problemscouldbeeliminatedifmen—young and old—just had a better understanding of normal male sexual functioning. Masters and Johnson wrote Human Sexual Response following about ten years of laboratory work and building upon the work of Kinsey before them.

Masters and Johnson made what at the time was an astonish- ing discovery: Women are capable of multiple orgasms while men typically are not. The discovery empowered women to take charge of their own sexuality. Very young men can progress through these stages very quickly and the recovery time is very short. As one ages, the stages become drawn out. Anditusuallytakesmoretogettherein thefirstplace,oftennotonlyasexualthought, but also direct physical stimulation. What often happens is that a man who loses his erection during the arousal phase beginstoworry,andworrybecomesatremen- dousanti-aphrodisiac.

Sometimesthepartner recognizes the loss of erection and begins to workhardertoforceitback,puttingpressure on the flaccid man and further complicating theproblem. Go back to playful- ness in love-making. Men who understand male sexual func- tioningcanactuallyseethisasanopportunity that comes with aging. Those who success- fully understand this can appreciate sex in a much broader context of romance; cuddling, kissing,andslowsex.

Fartoomanymenthink that sex is just about chasing ejaculation but sex can be pleasurable without erections and without ejaculation when seen in this broader context. It is also important to recognize that while older men may have diminished sex drive, erectile function, and ejaculatory volume, studies show that sexual satisfaction can remain high. Olson MD is a board certified psychiatrist in the clinical practice of psychiatry for over 35 years. He has presented on this subject at conferences across the United States and Internationally.

His blog, MagneticFire. For more information go to FinallyOutBook. Sex can be pleasurable withouterectionsandwithout ejaculation when seen in a broader context. A woman walks into Sweet Cakes Bakery and cheerfully exclaimstotheowner,AaronKlein,thatshe is about to marry and would like to order a wedding cake. When Klein learns that this cake is meant for a same-sex wedding, however, he refuses the order, and tells the woman that he must first live in accordance with his religious beliefs protected by his First Amendment rights granted by the U.

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Thetraditionoftheweddingcakedates back centuries. It symbolizes the antici- pation of a sweet life together. The couple cut the confectionary delight hand-in-hand representingtheirfirst of many combined and cooperative undertak- ings in marriage. They feed each other a piece to show their joint commitment. Now picture this: The scene is Des Moines, Iowa, A member of the couple, Janelle Sievers, told the baker that they were, she and her partner Tina Vodraska. We were just shocked. It is my right as a business owner….

Janelle and Tina have yet to decidewhethertheywillfileacivillawsuit. Virtuallytheentire townattendsthereceptionfestivitiesinthe Central Point home of one of the partners, whose family invited the young couple to live with them until they could afford a home of their own.

Soon afterwards, as the couple sleeps peacefully embracing in their bed, local policeofficerscrackthesilencebyabruptly storming the room, guns poised, flash light beamstemporarilyblindingthecouplewho suddenly find themselves shacked in hand- cuffsastheymarchterrifiedtothetownjail. Blumenfeld Warren J. It symbolizes the anticipation of a sweet life together. This inquiry is a witch hunt spawned by a delusional homosexual activist who fancies himself becoming the president of the United States and who is a serial filer of frivolous allegations against us whenever we stand up for traditional marriage.

The complaintisanotherattempttoshutdowncriticismofactivistjudgesandpoliticianswho wish to redefine marriage. We are concerned about the continual use of the legal system byKargerandotherhomosexualmarriageadvocateswhoareintentondenyingusandthe people of Iowa their civil rights to defend marriage as God created it.

Had events happened differently, Yeomans might now be remembered and compared to, perhaps, Andy Warhol or Robert Mapplethorpe. His work, while very personal and thoughtful, was also unflinchingly graphic and even shocking. He strove to be a gay playwright unapolo- getically targeting a gay audience. But for his having funded a profes- sorship at the University of Florida, Cal Yeomans might have been completely forgotten—yet another treasure lost to the dark ages that followed theAIDSepidemic.

The book includes 16 full pages of end notes. Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans is not a long book, but it is dense with both details and drama. By its final In dreams and fantasies, we would like toliveinluxurioussettingsandlazybeaches or tending to our favorite hobbies every day ofourwakingexistence. We,all,wouldloveto havenoproblemsandnoworries.

Wewould lovetolove,tobelieve,toact,totalkortothink withoutdistressorpain. Things left unsaid, undone, half-done, or avoided can be destructive to our own being. If we are constantly avoiding chal- lenges to our lives, we may miss great opportunitiestolearnwhatcanbeimproved in ourselves. Uncomfortable things do not have to be always confrontational, but we can choose the manner in which things are questioned. Perhaps, we, ourselves, were subjecting incorrect assumptions upon a situation.

Perhaps, what was unfamiliar to us was frightening but something worth more research. By avoiding the questions around the event s , we would never learn theintricatedetailsofthinkingdifferently. We can challenge our own viewpoints without sacrificing the essence of who we are, and we might just improve how we interpret the world.

Thingsleftunsaidmightneedtoconsid- er if we are taking ourselves too seriously overmatters. ThatiswhyIlikethecharacter Goofy from Disney to remind me that things I do and say are as well goofy. That recogni- tion should also come with a willingness to temperoneselfandacceptwhenIamwrong. We may consider that our words may be harmful to the person s causing our current discomfort. We know many examples of this when working as part of teams. We may observe patterns that are causing issues may even choose only to reveal our concerns to select people ,butthenwedo notsharethemwiththe people that can help to makeapositiveimpact.

When we do this, we robpeople,orthewhole team, of their potential growth.

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A project can easily get sidetracked or worse if the team loses focus or if team leaders focus upon bad targets. We could see a spouse or significant- other doing or saying something troubling to us. Communication is important here because you could go down the long path of regret and anger over a simple misun- derstanding while nothing changes during silence. Also, such matters could get worse. Maybe, we do not think our place is tosayanything. Perhaps,weshouldspeakup when great injustices are before us.

Maybe, we did not believe we had the authority to challenge someone. This can happen when someone with supposed authority or supe- riorityisdoingtheinjustice,andwestruggle to find our proper place in the discussion. Yet, we know too well what happens when someone is being abused and no one is there to help. If you have the opportunity to correct an injustice—time will see that you are vindicated. Clever sounding rhetoric or showofmusclebybulliesisnomatchforthe truth that true justice and love brings.

Maybe, we should just quietly live without instigating anything. There are, of course,remediesforforgettingpainthrough drugs, alcohol, and dangerous behaviors even conducting our own version of the pain to someone else. Then, we may find ourselves painfully attached to yet another grievance. With these, the path of fear and violence is that of more fear and more violence whether we internalize such or we allow the environment to continue around us.

Further, we remove ourselves from the world both in mind and body through the supposed escapes while maintaining our anxiety and angers because none of these techniques results in quieting of the mind. I, like Minister Barr and most everyone, want people to like me and that throwing a concern into the open may seem to jeop- ardize those kind views.

When we do not speak out, we could find ourselves building walls with mirrors aroundourselvesbecausewetaketoomuch stock in what we currently think.

Gay studies gay men

Our ability tolearnandtogrowdiminisheswhenwedo not challenge our own comfort zones. We do not have to judge others for not alsotrying,butwecanbeanexampleofhow this can work as revealed within ourselves to ourselves. Karma has a way of showing these traits to others. Whoweareiswhatwedo,notjustwhat wesay butwordscangoalongwaytohelp.

Wemaylikepleasantriesofnice,profession- alismexhibited,orsimplytoliveinpeace. Yet, when moments arrive that demand justice, we cannot be in peace if we let them go on without rebuke. We do not need and should not justify our existence or the rights of anyone else, but sometimes we must. Again, we do not have to be confrontational; we shouldbewillingtoremindpeoplethevalue and worth of every soul. Justice deserves its day before the collective good, and anyone not willing to recognize that also does not understand love or justice.

If we decide to be silent about injustice, we help no one increase their being. Why Not? This book is not only a biography of a playwright but a history of theatre and GLBT as a whole during the significant period between the Stonewall riots and the AIDS epidemic. A documentary history, yet also a biography, this work draws the reader in and would be a valuable addition to any GLBT or theatre collection.

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This book is not just about gay theatre and gay liberation, but also about gay childhood in the small-town South and gay adulthood in cities at a time when liberation turned to horror. It's an amazing story. Through meticulous research and patient reconstruction of Yeoman's life and work, Schanke has written an academic 'page turner' that restores this early maverick of Post-Stonewall theatre to his proper prominence.

Simultaneously, however, Schanke situates Yeomans within the larger contexts of his cultural moment, demonstrating how his plays reflect and resist the various discursive trajectories of gay life during the second half of the twentieth century; in this sense, the book performs a valuable double duty, operating as both biography and social history. Interviews with scores of Yeomans's friends and co-workers, and, most significantly, his own incisive analysis, permit Schanke to define Yeomans's achievement and the meaning of his life within the broader cultural evolution of gay culture in America.

Schanke unspools Yeomans's life and times in engaging and intimate prose, illuminating that extraordinary era in the process. For those interested in LGBT theatre and its history, or in the personalities of a still too little-known era, this book is a page turner. The recovered accomplishments of Yeomans strengthen our common understanding of a complex, rapidly changing period in which gay artists and writers challenged American society to reconsider its values and its means of expressing them.

In short, Schanke's book is an essential volume in the on-going and as-yet incomplete reconstruction of the LGBT foundation of contemporary American theatre. His unapologetic approach fundamentally challenged the attitude and expression of the Queer American Theatre of his contemporaries. Robert Schanke's biography is an engrossing, melancholy, though ultimately optimistic text that suggests a compelling, alternative way of gauging a writer's success. Yeomans was a complex, sometimes difficult man and a controversial playwright even among his peers. This book is a must-read not just for students of gay theatre, but for anyone interested in the history of gay men in America.

Yeomans came of age in the conservative American South of the s, a white, gay man from a religious background who continually found and remade his own community to survive his life.