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Although the early experiments involved the fission of ordinary uranium with slow neutrons, it was rapidly established that the rare isotope uranium was responsible for this phenomenon. The more abundant isotope uranium could be made to undergo fission only by fast neutrons with energy exceeding 1 MeV.

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The nuclei of other heavy elements, such as thorium and protactinium , also were shown to be fissionable with fast neutrons; and other particles, such as fast protons, deuterons, and alphas, along with gamma rays, proved to be effective in inducing the reaction. Fermi and his coworkers recognized the enormous potential of such a reaction if it could be controlled.

Particles and Nuclei: An Introduction to the Physical Concepts (Particles & Nuclei) by Bogdan Povh

On Dec. Once the war had ended, efforts were made to develop new reactor types for large-scale power generation, giving birth to the nuclear power industry. Nuclear fission. Article Media.

Particles and Nuclei : An Introduction to the Physical Concepts

Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction History of fission research and technology Fundamentals of the fission process Structure and stability of nuclear matter Induced fission Spontaneous fission The stages of fission The phenomenology of fission Fission fragment mass distributions Fission decay chains and charge distribution Prompt neutrons in fission Delayed neutrons in fission Energy release in fission Fission theory Nuclear models and nuclear fission Fission chain reactions and their control Uses of fission reactors and fission products.

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Written By: Ellis P. Er war jahrelang an der Ausbildung von Medizinern, Naturwissenschaftlern und Physikern beteiligt.

Particles and Nuclei An Introduction to the Physical Concepts Graduate Texts in Physics

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VictoryTradiN 2. This well-known introductory textbook gives a uniform presentation of nuclear and particle physics from an experimental point of view. The first part, Analysis, is devoted to disentangling the substructure of matter. This part shows that experiments designed to uncover the substructures of nuclei and nucleons have a similar conceptual basis, and lead to the present picture of all matter being constructed from a small number of elementary building blocks and a small number of fundamental interactions.