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In a risky operation, the two US landing forces came ashore seven miles apart and it was a week before the beachheads linked up. Only the battles for Iwo Jima and Okinawa would cost the Americans more men than the landings on Guam and Saipan, which immediately preceded the Guam operation. In this book Gordon Rottman details the bitter day struggle for this key Pacific island. Biographical Note. A highly respected and established author, Gordon has written extensively on the Pacific War. He lives and works in Louisiana.

Howard Gerrard has been a freelance designer and illustrator for over 20 years. He has worked for a number of publishers, and is an associate member of the Guild of Aviation Artists. You may also be interested in the following product s. Strategic situation, late p. The Palau Islands, p. Peleliu - D-Day, 15 September p. Capture of Angaur Island, September p.

The Umurbrogol Mountains p. Reduction of the Umurbrogol Pocket, 27 September - 27 November p. German Defences - Gold Beach p. British Assault on Gold Beach p. German Defences - Juno Beach p. Canadian 3rd Division Landings on Juno Beach p. Situation at Midnight, 6 June p. Villers-Bocage, 12 June , hrs - hrs p. Strategic Situation, 16 December p. Planned Routes of Advance of 6th Panzer Army p. Battle for the Twin Villages, December p. Initial Attacks of 6th Panzer Army p. Destruction of th Infantry Division, December p.

Kampfgruppe Peiper, December p. Hitlerjugend Halted at Dom Butgenbach, December p. Defense of St. Vith, December p. Sea Routes to Dieppe p. German Defences of Dieppe p. Green Beach, 19 August , hrs p. Assault on Dieppe, 19 August , hrs p. Dieppe - The Air Battle p. The eve of Barbarossa - Army Group South p. Frontier Battles p. The Uman Kessel, 16 July - 3 August p. The Kiev Pocket p. The Capture of the Crimea p. Battle of the Sea of Azov, 26 September - 7 October p. The Donbas and Rostov p. The Battle for Rostov, 17 November - 3 December p.

Strategic Overview p. Advance to the Gustav Line p. The Third Battle of Cassino, March p. The Burma Front, 1 November p. The Armored Thrust to Meiktila, February p. The Battle for Meiktila, 1 March p. Defense of Meiktila, March p. The Defence of Meiktila, March p. The Advance on Rangoon, April-May p. Japanese Defenses, Saipan p.

Japanese Defenses, Tinian p. D-Day - Green Beach, Saipan. Central Saipan, 27 June p. J-Day, Tinian. The Capture of Tinian, 25 July - 1 August p. Strategic Situation Pacific Theater, December p. Mariana Islands, summer p.

Japanese Defenses, Guam p. Beach Sketch, Northern Sector p. Beach Sketch, Southern Sector p. Securing the Beachhead, 21st and 9th Marines, 21 July p. The Fight for the Beachheads p. The Capture of Orote Peninsula, July p. Daily Progress, 21 July - 10 August p. First Allied Moves on Caen p. Operation "Epsom", June p. Operation "Charnwood" and the Capture of Caen p.

Operation "Goodwood" - Plan of Attack p. German Objectives Southern Sector p. XII Corps p. Bastogne Encircled, December p. Battle for the Road Junctions, December p. Blunting the Spearhead, December p. Eliminating the Bulge, January p. Strategic Situation in the Pacific, January p. Marshal and Gilbert Islands, January p. D-Day Roi-Namur, 31 January p. Southern Kwajalein p. Capture of Burton, February p. Engebi Island, Capture of Eniwetok Island, February p. Capture of Parry Island, 22 February p.

Balkans Campaign, April p. Maleme, May p. Rethymnon, May p.

Guam 1941 & 1944: Loss and Reconquest

Heraklion, May p. German Advance on Platanias, 23 May p. German Advance on Galatos, May p. Operation "Platinfuchs" p. Operation "Polarfuchs" p. Soviet Attacks around Staraya Russa, August p. Strategic Overview, Finland p. Strategic Overview, Army Group North p. Allied Frontline before the Breakout Battles p. Operation "Bluecoat" p. Capture of Mont Pincon Point p. Operations "Totalise" and "Tractable" p.

Forming the Falaise Pocket p. Sealing the Pocket, August p. The German Collapse p. The Strategic Situation, February 10, p. Rival Axis Plans, January 30 - February 20, p. Sidi Bou Zid, February , p. Kasserine Pass, February , p. Operation "Wop", March , p. El Guettar, March 23, p. Strategic Situation in Italy, January p. Anzio Beach Head, 1 February p.

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Operation "Shingle", 22 January p. Battle for the Thumb, February p. Operation "Fischfang", February p. Operation "Seitensprung", 28 February - 3 March p. Operation "Buffalo", May p. The Race for Rome, 31 May - 1 June p. Japanese Conquest of the Pacific, December - April p. Japanese Areas of Defensive Responsibility, April p. The Doolittle Raid over Tokyo Bay p. The Attack on Nagoya by p. The Attack on Kobe p. Alamein: Operations "Lightfoot" and "Supercharge" p.

The Dog Fight, October p. From the Vistula to the Oder.

Guam 1941 & 1944

Soviet Offensive Operations, January-February p. The Encirclement of Berlin, April p. Attack on the Seelow Heights. Soviet Operations April p. Squeezing the Berlin Pocket, April p. Into the Centre of Berlin. Soviet Operations 28 April - 2 May p. Breakout of the 9th Army, 28 April - 1 May p. Assault on the Reichstag. The Philippines as an Objective p. Approach of Japanese Attack and Decoy Forces p. Leyte: Assault Organization p. Japanese Plan of Attack p. Northern Landings, Leyte, 20 October - p. The Battle off Samar - 25 October p. The Battle off Samar, 25 October , hrs p.

The Battle of Surgao Strait, 25 October p. British Operations in Basra, May p. Habbaniya and Falluja, May p. The Siege of Raf Habbaniya, May p. Advance to Baghdad, May p. The British Advance to Baghdad, May p. Capture of Ashar, 7 May p. Strategic Dispositions on the Eastern Front, 30 September p. Dispositions on the Moscow Axis, 30 September p. Soviet Delaying Action at Mtensk, October p. German Assault at Borodino, October p. The Yakhroma Bridgehead, November p. Closing on the Rhine, 8 February - 10 March p. Operation "Lumberjack", March , p. Bouncing the Rhine, March , p. Breakout from Remagen, March , p.

Operation "Voyage", March 29 - 1 April, p. Encircling the Ruhr, March 24 - April 4, p. Aftermath of Remagen, April , p. The Rhine with Allied and German Positions p. Operation "Plunder" p. Operation "Flashpoint" p. From the Rhine to the Baltic p. Key to Military Symbols.

The strategic situation August 25 - September 11, p. The Westwall defenses in the Aachen sector p. The dragon's teeth 1 were positioned in front, with a string of bunkers behind 2 ; the bunker's machine guns provided overlapping fields of fire 3 p. The first battle of Aachen: the Stolberg corridor, September , p. The second battle of Aachen, October , p. Operation Queen : November 16 - December 9, p.

December , p. The Invasion of Denmark, 9 April p. Seaborne Assaults in Oslofjord, 9 April p. The Battles around Lillehammer, April p. Deployment of Forces for the Battle of Narvik, 10 May p. Allied Forces Recapture Narvik, May p. The Eastern Front, May p. Operation "Blau", June-November p. German Assault on Stalingrad, September p. German Assault on Stalingrad, 27 September - 7 October p. German Assault on Stalingrad, October p.

Operation "Uranus", 19 November - 12 December p. Operation "Little Saturn", 16 December - 1 January p. Boldin Counteroffensive p. Minsk Encirclement, 24 June - 3 July p. Timoshenko Counteroffensive p. Viazma and Bryansk p. Operation Typhoon The plan of assault on Moscow p. German Advances towards Moscow p. Strategic dispositions, 24 September - 7 May p.

The German offensive, December p. Operation Trappenjagd, 8 May p. Soviet defences in Sevastopol, 2 June p. The decisive armoured actions of 12 and 13 June The British armour is comprehensively defeated by Rommel to the south-east of the Knightsbridge Box p. The action at Matruh, June Auchinleck fights a delaying action before withdrawing to the El Alamein Line p.

Strategy in the West. In retrospect, the Fuhrer should have accepted the latter, less ambitious, plan p. The railheads for troops and supplies for Sixth Panzer Armee. Keitel estimated that no fewer than 50 trains would be needed for ammunition alone. Many had to spend the daylight hours hiding in tunnels from Allied air attacks p. First Army was thin on the ground, with divisions holding mile fronts. They did not know precisely what lay in front of Sixth Panzer Armee, but estimated between five and seven divisions, including two armoured p.

I SS-Panzer Korps. All failed to achieve a decisive breakthrough and the assault was abandoned p. The deployment of the U. Once he eventually got his Kampfgruppe out of Losheim, Peiper made good progress through Lanzerath and Honsfeld to the U. POL depot at Bullingen p.

See a Problem?

From Stavelot, where he missed the American fuel dump to the north, Peiper tried a two-pronged attack at Trois Ponts, which was thwarted by U. Peiper attempted to circumvent Stoumont through Cheneux but was blocked at Habiemont and failed later to break through from La Gleize to Stoumont p. Colonel Devine was ambushed near Kaiserbaracke. Poteau became of critical importance later during the evacuation of St. Vith p. The crossroads at Baraque Fraiture with the village of Fraiture itself to the northeast. Vielsalm is off to the right.

Manhay to the top left. Hofen and Monschau lie in a bend of the River Rur, which produced a salient in the U. The two-pronged attacks by Volksgrenadier Division were aimed at Hofen and Mutzenich p. The area between Monschau and Elsenborn where 3 Panzergrenadier Division launched successive unsuccessful attacks before it was transferred to the southern sector of the front p. The Luftwaffe. Ardennes offensive battle map. Northern sector p. What did the Germans know about Allied dispositions facing the central sector of their front?

Patrols had ascertained that the line further south was only thinly defended. Allied command of the skies made aerial reconnaissance impossible and therefore no one at OKW knew what further reserves might lie just east of the river Meuse for a prompt riposte p. V Panzer Armee. While Sixth Panzer Armee had five designated Rollbahns for its four Panzer divisions, Fifth Panzer Armee only had two for its three, and the southernmost fork of those encroached on Seventh Armee territory at Bastogne p.

Capturing Bastogne itself was initially the responsibility of 26 Volksgrenadier Division alone p. Because of his inexperience in top command, von Lauchert relied heavily on his regimental commanders to use their own initiative. By a mixture of sidestepping and fiercely resisting American counter-attacks, they won the vital bridge at Clervaux p. The unexpected resistance by a mere two companies of American infantry at Hosingen was only finally overcome after a hour battle, and Kokott later acknowledged the determination of the defenders p. After a probing attack by a single Kompanie drove a company of the st Parachute Infantry Regiment out of Wardin on 19 December, but was then repulsed outside Marvie, Hauser threw the whole regiment in on the 23rd p.

If the bridge had been usable, the division could easily have been through Marche before the U. VII Corps even began deploying p. If Walter Kruger had deployed Volksgrenadier Division to take Ouren and Panzer to their south, the tanks could have been on the banks of the Meuse while 2 Panzer Division was still struggling at Bastogne p.

The capture of Hotton would not just have given Panzer Division quick access to Marche, but also forced U. The Fifth and Sixth Panzer Armee Korps were so redeployed once the Meuse was unattainable and Bastogne became the objective, that they bear little resemblance to those on 16 December p. LXVI Korps. Fuhrer Begleit Brigade. Original German map showing the successive probes by the Fuhrer Begleit Brigade at the defences of St.

Vith - December After 18 Volksgrenadier Division captured Schonberg, their elation at victory over the U. The final capture of St. Ardennes Offensive Battle Map.

Osprey - [Campaign ] - Guam & - Loss And Reconquest | Gordon Rottman | download

Central Sector p. Brandenberger knew that the forces immediately facing his Seventh Armee were relatively weak, but at the same time realized that they would probably not be brushed aside easily, given the nature of the terrain and the limited mobility as well as lack of armoured backup of his own troops. The biggest problem he faced was the strong American artillery positions emplaced on high ground and able to fire with relative impunity on his bridging sites over the Our and Sauer, delaying any backup to his infantry p.

By December 22 they were, in effect, fighting totally separate battles and it was as much to plug the dangerous vacuum in between them as to reinforce them that Model released 9 and 79 Volksgrenadier Divisions and the Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade from reserve. After finally achieving a breakthrough on the northern flank of the U. The twin battles for Warnach and Bigonville over December were almost copybook exercises, each following a very similar pattern. In both cases the Fallschirmjager proved far more stubborn than their training and experience would have indicated but, without any tanks of their own, at the end of the day they were overwhelmed p.

Assembling his leading two battalions just to the north of Eschdorf late on December 23 while the remainder of 79 Volksgrenadier Division was concentrated around Bourscheid to the east, Alois Weber launched his attack on Heiderscheid before dawn on Christmas Eve but had his men blown away by American Artillery fire p. What is surprising seen at this scale is that McBride made no attempt to exploit the central Kehmen route from the west. The explanation is that he had lost two battalions of his th Regiment to reinforce 4th Armored Division, and third was tied down at Ettelbruck to the southeast p.

VII Armee. LXXX Korps. In the northern sector, Volksgrenadier Division captured Mullerthal and Beaufort, surrounding the U. Although its initial progress was slow due to flanking fire from American troops north of the Sure, Volksgrenadier Regiment helped to encircle the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion and later successfully ambushed the task forces sent to its relief p. Even though Volksgrenadier Regiment made no serious attempt to break out from Mullerthal, their presence in the Schwarz Ernst gorge tied down a significant number of American tanks and infantry and caused them heavy casualties p.

The attack by Volksgrenadier Regiment was delayed by the necessity to move the bridging site from Echternach to Edingen and although Echternach was finally taken on December 19, all efforts to capture Dickweiler and Osweiler failed p. The Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade moved into the vacuum on its left but was itself over-extended on the line Arsdorf - Bourscheid. LIII Korps.

Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade, Heiderscheidergrund - December The battle along the banks of the river Sure around Heiderscheidergrund was confused, with elements of two American divisions involved, Major von Courbiere trying to regroup the Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade in a defensible position which was soon outflanked, and the supporting battalions of 79 Volksgrenadier Division moving through their lines to new positions around Bourscheid for the ill-fated assault on Ringelerhof p. Although the town of Wiltz was only four miles 6.

By January 3, when the Allied counter-offensive began in earnest, and certainly over the period January , the Heeresgruppe B perimeter was already shrinking drastically. Similarly, to their north the th Regiment of the 28th Infantry Division was faced by a Volksgrenadier and a Fallschirmjager division, shortly to be reinforced by a Panzer brigade p. Third Army. The relief of Bastogne. At this scale, it is impossible to show German dispositions without obscuring geographical features referred to in the text. Third Army, U. III Corps. The stumbling block over the river Sure at Martelange is evident, and it is surprising that the CO of the German 5 Fallschirm Division did not put up a more stubborn resistance here.

Surrounded by dense woods, the little village of Chaumont lies in a saucer-like depression. The situation on December The original line of advance was bounded on the south by the river Wiltz, and on the north by the Bastogne - Bourcy railway line, but was then broadened to embrace Wardin so as to, hopefully, make contact with the 35th Infantry Division.

The strong German dispositions on the flanks ruled out a straight thrust through Longvilly p. The situation on December 27 looked promising, with the leading battalions of the st and th Regiments in an apparently strong position to recapture Wiltz, but the appearance was deceptive, and it would take another three weeks to cover those last couple of miles p.

XII Corps. He considered he was under orders to stay put, even when armoured task forces offered to cover his withdrawal. He was ultimately overwhelmed p. Although surrounded early in the battle, the men of Companies A and G of the 12th Infantry Regiment managed to hold out in Lauterborn until help arrived and only evacuated their position when all hope for the garrison in Echternach was abandoned p.

Although they were surrounded early in the battle, it proved possible to get sufficient reinforcements to Companies I and L in Dickweiler and Osweiler so that the whole German effort in the south was crippled p. With the 26th Infantry Division on its left, the th RCT relieved the th in Vichten and, bypassing Merzig, hit the tail of Volksgrenadier Regiment in flank, before heading towards Heiderscheid and Kehmen. The th, advancing in column alongside the river Alzette, reached Ettelbruck at the same time as Volksgrenadier Regiment, resulting in a prolonged battle p.

The situation at nightfall on December The three battalions of the th are deployed in a triangle with a single company of the 3rd Battalion at Heiderscheidergrund. The two battalions from the 26th Infantry Division attacking Eschdorf are on the left p. The problem the various American task forces - and 5th Infantry Division later in the day - had getting past Mullerthal are easily explained by the nature of the Schwarz Ernst gorge. What remains a mystery is why the Germans did not exploit it earlier p.

The German forces opposing them appear much stronger than they, in fact, were by this stage p. The unbroken line on the map shows the front line 24 hours into the Allied offensive. The slow progress initially is clearly indicated by the heavy broken line, which shows the situation on January The final dotted line marks the situation at the end of the month p. Abbreviations and linear measurements p. The strategic situation, late, at the beginning of the Allied offensive. The boundary line between the two commands was longitude degrees East passing though the center of Santa Isabel Island and the Russell Islands both of which are in the Solomon Islands.

The Solomons were occupied by the Japanese in stages between March and May p. The Solomon Islands, late p. Battle of the Tenaru, August 21, Guadalcanal, August p. The Matanikau Offensive, Guadalcanal, October , p.

[WWII] The Battle of Guam (1944): Every Day

New Georgia operations, June 21 - July 5, p. Vella Lavella occupation, August 15 - October 16, p. Bougainville, October p. Inland defense line expansion, Cape Torokina, November 1 - December 15, p. Offensive operations in France. Breakout and pursuit. July 25 - August 25, p. Breakthrough operations. Seizing key terrain. Regaining the initiative. Restoring the initiative. Overcoming an unprepared defense. Attack on a prepared position. Attacks on enemy armored units. Armor in the defense. Vith, December , p. Small unit tactics. TF Abrams at Singling, December 6, p.

German ranks with allied equivalents p. Waalhaven and Rotterdam p. Veldwezelt, Vroenhoven, Canne and Eben Emael p. Only units assigned to Southern Army are indicated p. The Southern Operations plan p. The Port Moresby invasion plan, May 9, Even in an amphibious assault, the doctrine of flanking and enveloping the enemy can be seen p.

Examples of envelopment and encirclement tactics p. The main Philippine landings, December 10, - May 3, p. Luzon operations, December 10, - February 26, p. The Lingayen Bay landing, and the drive south to Cabanatuan p. Bataan operations, Phase 1, early-January to late-February Bataan operation, Phase 2, late-February to early-May The assault of Corregidor, May , p.

Borneo operations, December 12, - February 13, p. Timor operations, February The Ito detachment occupied Koepang, Dili and Malaca. It was relieved by the 48th Division between October and December p. Sumatra operations, February 6 - March 17, p. Java operations, March , p. Osprey Campaign Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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