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Andrew Blum. The Oxford History of World Cinema. To get access to this special FP Premium benefit, subscribe by clicking the button below. Vladimir Putin poses for a photo with the Kremlin-friendly rapper, Timati, during a meeting with his campaign activists in Moscow, on March 5, View Comments. Tags: Argument , Culture , popular culture , Propaganda , Russia , social networks , soviet union , Ukraine , vladimir putin.

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1. This is not a neo-Soviet propaganda

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In Putin’s Russia, the hollowed-out media mirrors the state

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Cultural and Political Imaginaries in Putin’s Russia

But the stage-management of these debates actually had the effect of neutralising criticism of Putin. Because debate formats tended to encourage conflict and they quickly degenerated into swearing, interruptions and even physical abuse. Participants looked bad — discrediting themselves and each other. Only Putin, who did not participate, came out unscathed. Similarly, when the state-owned Russian international television network RT formerly Russia Today aired an uncut English-language interview with liberal opposition candidate , Ksenia Sobchak, her combative manner undermined her credibility.

Global media consumers show great interest in disruptive or dramatic events and in topics that generate significant public concern, such as migration and terrorism.

Media, Culture and Society in Putin's Russia by Stephen White

Many are also drawn to conspiracy theories, which seem to impose order upon the chaos of reality. Far from censoring the UK government position, state-funded media have skilfully deflected indeed, reflected back the circumstantial evidence used by the British to incriminate Russia. Domestic television and RT have offered viewers gripping conspiracy theories about the poisoning.

"With the absence of values, society begins to decay" - Putin

For example, the decision to reinvestigate the suspicious deaths of 14 former Russian citizens in the UK for possible Russian involvement was reported on in Russia. The coverage included lengthy discussions of possible involvement by the UK intelligence services.