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Large-Scale Structure

The large-scale structures of sheets, filaments, voids and galaxy superclusters are clearly visible, and give this region of space a honeycomb appearance. Credit : M.

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The Universe exhibits structure over a wide range of physical scales — from satellites in orbit around a planet through to the galaxy superclusters, galactic sheets , filaments and voids that span significant fractions of the observable Universe. In the local Universe, there are two large-scale structures of particular importance: the Great Wall and the Great Attractor.

These structures influence the motions of galaxies in the Local Group , and are ultimately responsible for the fate of the Milky Way. Astronomers believe we will eventually merge with the Virgo cluster which will itself merge with the Centaurus and Shapley superclusters which make up the Great Attractor. A cold, dark matter simulation of the large-scale structure in the nearby Universe.

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    The Large Scale Structure Of Space Time

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