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Sound familiar? Luckily, there are some small changes you can make to avoid losing yourself in your relationship and rediscover who you are again.

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Near the end of an unhealthy relationship, I looked into my fridge and pantry in our shared apartment and only my partner stared back at me. Although it happened slowly, I was barely visible in our stocked kitchen, which happened to be a microcosm of the unhealthy, one-sided dynamic between us. Over time, a little part of you will disappear.

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These special people that knew you before your relationship will help keep you in touch with your true self. Plan time to meet up regularly with them on your own. Make time for your passions and hobbies outside of your relationship. As there are bound to be differences in what you prefer to eat and listen to, there are undoubtedly differences in preferred activities.

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Having a life outside of your partner will give you confidence and self-esteem that boost your ability to have a healthy relationship and prevent you from becoming overly reliant on your partner for these fundamental needs or becoming socially isolated. Commit to at least one in-person, social activity that meets a few times a month to stay connected to yourself and what you love to do.

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Couples who are too comfortable could be on the verge of a breakup. These relationships are like your favorite pair of sweatpants. They are familiar, comfortable, and make you feel warm and safe.

…And how to build good relationships, too.

Like a comfortable, convenient relationship, it can be tough to pull off those cozy, fleece-lined sweatpants and squeeze into a stiff pair of jeans. Single life can be rough, making that comfortable relationship all the more appealing. These convenient relationships just hold you back from finding true happiness and love. Trust is hard to maintain when one person keeps lying.

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Lying may seem harmless at first. Either way, a lie is a lie. No matter how small, lying is a slippery slope. Every relationship should involve both partners equally.

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Are you in a relationship where one person has significantly more power and control than the other? This relationship runs on fear, which is the opposite of love.

Punitive relationships are destined for failure. Travis Bradberry writes in HuffPost. Not only is this highly disrespectful, but it creates conflict. According to HuffPost , there are several red flags that prove a person is an enabler in their relationship. Having your freedom is crucial in any relationship.