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If you cannot read Dumas in his native French, and you want a definitive English version, Robin Buss's unabridged and uncensored modern English translation is essential reading. No other translation will suffice. This is classic literature that stands on its own and isn't just classic because it's old and a few people like it.

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As you read you'll dive deep into living history, during early s France. The characters aren't caricatures but real people since they're in fact based on real people. So the writing sparse where it needs to be and detailed when appropriate drives the momentum so that you really understand what's happening and why even though you couldn't imagine yourself doing similar. As a child, I loved this story, but only knew the abridged versions or media takes. Now I understand why this is an adored, beloved, continually retold narrative.

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My favorite part is how you can tell this story from different characters point of view and still have a detailed and unique epic. The ending is well deserved and hopeful, not necessarily for the characters it affects, but for you the reader who can relate to what's happened in your own life and see ways that you can choose a different path for yourself. No brainer.

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  • Wish more writers would read this to gain a sense of how to tell dynamic, linear stories with human characters. Great BookBy joseph warrenI didn't have the opportunity to read this book when i was younger, but now that i'm older i'm in the middle of it and it is great.

    Book Review: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

    I love the ability to take the time to read and enjoy every chapter and the various stories within the main story. There are a lot of twists and turns in this book that make it very enjoyable to read. At first i didn't think that i would like this book as much as i did but its great.

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    This book is really good at showing character development and the inner struggles of the characters. I'm determined to add more classic literature to my diet and this book frequently pops up on many "best of" and "favorite" lists. I've been told I probably missed a lot of the story by reading the abridged edition, but I had a hard enough time getting through pages, so there's no way I could read Yes, I am admitting that this beloved classic did not send me.

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    Dumas excels at painting vivid scenery for his story: from a sleepy seaside fishing village to the Isle of Monte Cristo to the Carnival of Rome to the mansions of Paris. He injects such passion and feeling into his narrative, yet I did not find the same conviction in his depiction of the Count. Everything appears possible to the condemned man, to whom a miracle becomes an everyday occurrence when it is a question of saving his life. And this one, just because I liked it: Morrel was thirty-one years of age and was urged on by love; Barrois was sixty and parched with heat.

    On arriving at the house, Morrel was not even out of breath, for love lends wings; but Barrois had not been in love for many long years and was bathed in perspiration.

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    The Count spends a very long time setting up his enemies for revenge in very round-about methods, focusing more on his enemies' children to bring about heartache and suffering for them, but in the process he comes to realize that exacting vengeance on the innocent causes him more pain than pleasure and he comes to experience true regret and a desire to form a new outlook on life.

    The story features a multitude of characters, so many that at times I was confused and had a hard time keeping track of who the story was following, I wasn't able to fall in love with the hero, and the plot was way too melodramatic and convoluted for my taste. Mary August 13, at PM.

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