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I would recommend this book to any fan of Ms. Sinclair's and encourage others to read it as well. A whore? Chief Aims picked up the folder, walked around his desk, leaned on the edge, and crossed his ankles facing Daimon. I have work to do. What will it be? By his tone and staunch expression, Daimon knew his chief meant business.

I mean, exactly how far am I expected to go here in the name of duty? If you have to blow the guy every morning before breakfast, so be it. If you have to grab your ankles and hum God Bless America while he jacks-up your ass, then do it. Have I made myself clear enough for you? Now what will it be? Your choice. Slumping back into his chair, Daimon threw open the folder. His jaw clenched in frustration. He failed to mention that tiny detail while Daimon plowed his ass like a dirt field. Christ, he was an obvious homosexual.

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Plus, Keith came onto him at that fateful party the Mayor held at his house. Daimon had moonlighted to earn extra money working security detail for the affair. From the moment their eyes connected across the large expanse of the ballroom, the sizzling attraction between them was instantaneous and brutally sexual.

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Before the night ended and after the party, they found themselves in the gazebo off from the main house—Daimon with his pants around his ankles, Keith bent over the railing—laboring and pumping in savage thrusts into his hot ass. The guy started wailing, screaming he was cumming. Keith came all right, and so did his father while circling the corner just in time to see his son blow his load and Daimon humping him like a dog in heat.

He cringed every time he thought back on the night, but shit, he was off duty by that time, and the man was well over twenty-one. What a fucking fiasco. Refocusing and training his eyes back to the white pages inside the folder, he took a good look at the information in the file about the subject he would be getting to know. Real well. Sign In 0. Erotic Romance.

Mainstream Romance. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Scorching. A Siren Erotic Romance. Wish List In Wish List.

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Gift Book. Cover Art by Skylar Sinclair. Boring, Boring, Boring! No drama, No build up to a good finish. It just plodded along Don't waste your money.

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Read more Most Watchmen found their Balance in a couple of years, but apparently Lady Luck had run away from Nathan. Ten years on and still looking. Watchman James was one of the first to Enhance and not much had been known about them at the time, so finding a Balance was only a matter of luck. Lady Luck had kept Watchman James waiting for twelve years, and it looked like she was doing the same to him, Nathan thought sarcastically. Nathan assumed a parade rest stance as he saw the kids and teacher start up the flights of steps to the building.

A stern scowl on his face covered any pain he might be feeling and had the bonus of keeping the high-strung members of the tour group in line, hopefully. They pushed through the glass doors en masse and came up short, as he blocked their way. One eyebrow quirked and eyes steely. A teacher stepped forward, nervously tittering and a hand fluttering on her breastbone. We have a tour and educational session booked today. Nathan nodded to them quickly. He saw it work as usual, as both teachers and most of the students smiled right back and relaxed their postures.

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Here we go , he thought as he led them all to the bank of framed photographs on the wall. Back in the twentieth century, this place was a prison.

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Yes, people paid money to come and tour it as a prison. There must have been some strange folks in the twentieth. You can find a list of them on our vid screen under Films. And then others emerged. Our government had a little meltdown and Alcatraz was re-opened and any Enhanced found was shipped off here. The conditions at that time were bleak. It was still a prison building after all. The residents here were given the choice of returning to their previous lives or staying here. The attraction between Craig and him is instantaneous, but Craig has to eventually return to his normal life back in the city.

Craig is a human with a mission. He traveled all the way to a remote town to convince. Saved by the Bear Red Mountain Bears 2. Things take a turn for the better when he discovers Pat is back in town. Possessed by the Bear Red Mountain Bears 1. When world-famous human model Danny Denver receives life-threatening letters, he moves into a remote mountain town to lay low.

With an obsessed fan on the loose, can he let romance blossom between him and. Prodigal Prince Royal Kats 4. His life is a mess. He has no place in his pride and the last thing he needs is distraction. Distraction has a name though—his childhood friend Wesley. Wes has loved Ton. Best Royal Mistake Royal Kats 3. Abe Golden is the Beta of the Golden Pelts, the most powerful lion pride in the country. When David makes the decision to stop seeing each other, his.

Lost Prince Royal Kats 2. The last thing he expects is to attract the wrong kind of attention. One night of passion turns into several, and Corey begins to yearn for something deeper. Aden Golden is the lost lion prince. At fifteen, Aden left the pride to pursue. Princely Gift Royal Kats 1. Siren Publishing Alex Golden is the future Alpha of a powerful pure-blooded werelion pride. Low birth rates in his own pride forces Alex to mate Will Houston, a half-breed male Omega from a big pride.

Neither Alex nor Will wants to be tied to a stranger for life, but both men do it out of duty. The last thing Alex expects is to be insanely attracted to Will and he intends to claim Will in every sense of the word. Bound by Honor Contract to Love 4. Siren Publishing Ex-con and dominant werebear Bo just got out of prison and wants a new start in life.

He moves to a new town and even joins the werebear clan there, only to be caught in a bank robbery while opening a bank account.

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Bound by Duty Contract to Love 3. Submissive lynx shifter Kit Cohen brings his broken pack to a new town, hoping for a fresh start. His pack needs powerful allies and Kit agrees to a marriage and mating contract with powerful Alpha werebear Lee. The clan has a bad rep, but Lee. Bound by Love Contract to Love 2. Sparks fly and Rio begins to discover it might not be so bad being mated to a ruthless Alpha with a hidden heart of gold.

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But external forces threaten the happiness of the newly mated couple. Lucas knows being the Alpha. Bound by Contract Contract to Love 1. After breaking it off with his cheating boyfriend, Omega wolf Noel decides to move back to his home town and stay with his dad. Available for download now. Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping.