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Show more Show less. Since the book treats intersections of mathematics, biology, engineering, computer science and social sciences, it will be of a great help to researchers in these fields in making statistical mechanics useful and comprehensible. At the same time, the book will enrich the subject for researchers-physicists who'd like to apply their skills in other disciplines.

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List of figures xv 1 What is statistical mechanics? Perturbation theory 3 Exercises 17 8. Markov chains 1 8. James P.

Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity

Professor Michael Fogler will be teaching B during W This is a recent text with a modern slant. I will mainly be following my own lecture notes. My notes are on a fairly high level; indeed I use them for AB as well as for the graduate statistical physics course A.

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However, i what is covered in one quarter in A is spread over two quarters in AB, and ii we will skip some of the harder material anyway. At the beginning of each chapter of my notes, I list some recommended texts. I am placing the following texts on reserve in the Science and Engineering Library:. Fermi, "Thermodynamics" Dover, 3. Callen, "Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics" Wiley, 6. Pathria, "Statistical Mechanics" 2nd ed. For thermodynamics, I strongly recommend the little book by Fermi as well as the volume by Schroeder.

Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity/ by James P. Sethna

The text by Reif has long been a standard at this level, but it is quite dated in its selection of topics. Course Web Site Lecture notes and reading assignments, important announcements, homework assignments and solutions will all be available through the course web site. Please check it each day to see if there is new material. The notes themselves are complete, but I may make some editorial changes or additions as we go along. I will indicate on the lecture notes page the date, time, and size in pages of the most recent upload for each chapter.

PHYS Statistical Mechanics

On the course home page , I have included a number of links to potentially useful websites. On the homework page, you can access problems and solutions from previous AB and A classes I have taught. This is a superb resource! Problem Sets I will try to assign one problem set per week, due at the beginning of the following Friday's class. Problem sets will not be printed out for you, but rather will be available through the course website.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Information Theory