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Not only can the vehicles be used for racing, but, like all open-world sandbox games, they can be used for traveling from one location to the other with occasional attacks from enemy vehicles. There are also side missions and a number of other minor exploratory elements. Rage has two multiplayer modes: "Road Rage" and "Wasteland Legends".

In Road Rage, up to four players compete in a free-for-all match that takes place in an arena designed to make use of the vehicles. The objective is to collect rally points that appear around the arena while killing one's opponents and stealing their points. Legends of the Wasteland is a series of two-player co-op missions based on stories that are heard throughout the single-player campaign. There are a total of nine objectives in this game type. On August 23, , the asteroid Apophis collides with Earth , effectively destroying human civilization and turning the world into a wasteland.

Survivors come together to form settlements around oases and other practical or habitable locations, while the wastes are plagued by various bandits clans, and mutants , who attack all normal humans in a voracious horde. In , former U. Marine Lieutenant Nicholas Raine emerges from an underground shelter called an Ark, years after being put into stasis. These underground shelters are the direct result of the Eden Project, a massive international undertaking in which hundreds of Arks, containing cryogenic pods , were sealed under the surface of the Earth in order to preserve enough of the human population to rebuild civilization after the asteroid collision.

The Eden Project was far less successful than hoped, as Raine's Ark in particular was heavily damaged, with all of its other residents dead and equipment destroyed, and he wakes up alone with no specific goal in mind. Raine enters the surface, where he is immediately attacked by bandits, but is saved by Dan Hagar voiced by actor John Goodman [7] , a local wasteland settler who brings Raine to his settlement. Hagar informs him that a powerful technologically advanced organization known as the Authority, that considers itself the one true government of the wasteland, is hunting for Ark survivors for an unknown purpose.

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Raine briefly aids Hagar's settlement and others in the local area by completing a few small jobs, and during this time it is revealed that the nanotrites injected into Raine's blood before he was sent into hibernation have granted him superhuman abilities to help him survive the harsh environment, but have made him valuable to the Authority. Hagar believes Raine's continued presence is too dangerous for the settlement, and sends him to the nearby town of Wellspring instead. In Wellspring, Raine helps the town with various problems such as fighting off bandits and mutants, and ferrying supplies.

Eventually, he comes into contact with Dr. Kvasir, an elderly scientist who previously worked for the Authority, who tells Raine about the inhumane experiments they were responsible for, such as the creation of the mutants. Kvasir puts him into contact with the Resistance, an armed anti-Authority group, where he is tasked with rescuing their leader, Captain Marshall, who has recently been imprisoned by the Authority.

Raine again attracts attention from the Authority, forcing him to flee Wellspring and join the Resistance at their headquarters in Subway Town, where he earns the trust of the town and its tyrannical mayor, Redstone.

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He also learns what had happened in the past century from Captain Marshall, who is an Ark survivor himself. General Martin Cross, who was in charge of the Eden Project, sabotaged the operation shortly before Apophis struck the Earth by ensuring that only the Arks with people loyal to him were opened on schedule, with this first wave of Ark survivors eventually forming the Authority. The remaining Arks were supposed to stay underground forever in hibernation, including Raine's Ark, which surfaced only because its systems were damaged and it automatically rose to protect any surviving inhabitants.

With the Authority beginning to forcefully expand its influence on the wasteland settlements, the Resistance is forced to act with the help of Raine who is able to recover data that shows the location of every Ark on the planet. Captain Marshall plans to use this data to activate all the Arks and form an army that can defeat the Authority, but the only way to do this is to transmit the data from Capital Prime, the main headquarters for the Authority. Alone, Raine fights his way through Capital Prime to transmit the Ark activation code, and the game concludes with all of the remaining Arks simultaneously becoming active and surfacing.

According to design director Matt Hooper the game's origins were in the concept of muscle cars within a desert setting, which was expanded upon by the creation of a post-apocalyptic world. A team of around 60 core developers worked on the title, which was intended to be the first release of an ongoing franchise. Rage was originally intended to have a ' Teen ' rating, [6] but ended up receiving an 'M' instead. While a Linux version is speculated, there has been no confirmation of an official build.

Timothee Besset had stated that he would try to make Linux builds for Rage much as he had done in the past, [12] and was expected sometime in [13] but he resigned his position at id Software.

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Id announced its decision to partner with Electronic Arts for publication of Rage. In , John Carmack stated id Software was not planning to support dedicated servers for the Windows version, and instead would use a matchmaking system like console games.

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The announcement also noted that the development of Rage had not been affected by the new deal. Creative director Tim Willits confirmed [22] that the game would miss releasing in , and would launch in Tim Willits - when asked by EGM if he's worried about Rage competing with today's much more crowded shooter genre.

At QuakeCon , Carmack offered many technical insights of the development and differences between the three main platforms Windows , Xbox , PlayStation 3 , noting that it was not easy developing such an optimized engine to be able to smoothly run on consoles and still having the best artistically looking game on consoles. He also affirmed that the PC platform at the time was as much as 10 times faster than the current generation of gaming consoles, but this did not mean 10x the performance because of the extra layers of abstraction found in PC compatible operating systems.

On September 16, ; Bethesda announced Rage had gone gold. Bethesda vice president of public relations Pete Hines initially said that a demo of the game is not likely, although one was later released on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Tim Willits claimed modding tools will be available a couple of days after release, [30] although this proved to not be true. Rage appeared on fourth season episodes " Problem Dog " and " Hermanos " of Breaking Bad , both broadcast in , as a video game that Jesse Pinkman plays to try to shake off killing Gale Boetticher.

Looking for video game material to include, id suggested the use of Rage. From there, they provided a good deal of pre-recorded game footage to AMC to work with. While the show has Jesse playing Rage via a light gun , this was not part of the end development.

Let Us Now Praise Greta Thunberg’s White-Hot Rage

In return, id included a number of Breaking Bad references in Rage on release, such as a version of the acrylic cube containing Tuco's teeth grill that Hank Schrader receives as a reward for killing him, from the episode " Bit by a Dead Bee ". A viral campaign was released that features Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin in which he performs stunts to get himself in the game such as dunking over a tiger to impress the developers.

On October 4, the game was released.


On February 2, Rage was released for OS X through digital distribution, lacking multiplayer content. Rage was available for pre-order in three retail versions: the Anarchy Edition and two region-dependent Collector's Editions. Those who pre-ordered the standard edition of Rage automatically got their copy upgraded to Anarchy Edition. Multiplayer is not present in this version. Only the single-player campaign is available hence the name of the edition. The modding tools for Rage were originally going to be released with the game itself but instead were released on February 8, on Steam.

Downloadable content DLC was mentioned to be planned for all platforms. The player character is given a task by people of various cities to rid their city's sewers of the mutant infestation. The package upgrades the standard edition of Rage to the Anarchy Edition. The plot focused on 'The Scorchers', a bandit clan cut from the final release of the main game and only encountered in vehicle combat missions.

The Scorchers were hatching a plan to eliminate all life by destroying the Wasteland and it was up to the main character to save humanity. The DLC added a "Ultra Nightmare" difficulty level and the ability to keep playing the game even after the main questline was completed.

The DLC also fixes some bugs in the game. John Carmack hinted that he intends to release another iPhone app based on the Rage universe that focuses on the racing aspect of the game. The original miniseries was written by Arvid Nelson , and penciled by Andrea Mutti. The cover art was created by Glenn Fabry. The comic series, developed with the direct participation of Rage ' s creative director, Tim Willits , presents a new twist on the post-apocalyptic near future as one woman discovers that the survival of humankind does not necessarily mean the survival of humanity.

The mushrooms typically don't produce lingering side effects; henbane does, including headache, dilated pupils, and blurred vision. Fatur suggests that A. Henbane, in contrast, grows rapidly as a weed and is known to have flourished in Scandinavia during the berserker era.

And a woman's grave in Denmark, dating back to about , included a pouch of henbane seeds, along with clothing and jewelry, according to Fatur. Naturally, a few caveats are in order. There are elements of berserker behavior that henbane cannot account for, such as the biting of shields and chattering teeth. And Fatur notes that much of this is speculative, since there simply isn't sufficient archaeological or historical evidence to prove or disprove his hypothesis.

He himself has no specific expertise in history or archaeology, so the ethnobotanist is calling on future research by those communities to confirm or disprove his unique ethnobotanical perspective. DOI: Journal of Ethnopharmacology , This story originally appeared on Ars Technica. Daniel Oberhaus. David Nield. Graeme McMillan. Jennifer Ouellette, Ars Technica. Featured Video.

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