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Links to view complete profile of horse, sire, dam of each horse. One2One consists relative performance of each horse in the last two years. This will give the details of result, jockey, weight, finish-time, winners of the race etc of every contender of a race if each contenders are met each other in previous occasion. View sample One2One.

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  6. I destroyed that worthless, abusive excuse of a mother as soon as I found my powers. And soon… all the females followed. What use were they if we did not need them to bear children anymore? Your next step is to defeat Lei Shen. Four times. Every time he is defeated, his terraccota body crumbles and he finds the next one. Once the fourth and last body is beaten, his spirit floats up again.

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    You will never be able to slay all of them between the three of you. Sooner or later, you will tire and die and I… I will be eternal. And now, I have you trapped. This spear was made to kill malevolent spirits by the Zandalari. It was made with evil loa in mind… but you will have to do. The stone body crumbles and the spirit is raised into the air, leaking dark energy everywhere.

    It splinters into a thousand tiny pieces with an ethereal scream and fades into nothing. It cannot be!

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    The first nearby female mogu soldier activates, runs up to Shan Shen and kills him with a single strike. They are a clean slate. And you… you are their future. I could not have done this without you. How can I repay you? We saved your people. Now it is time for you to help ours. You have my eternal gratitude, champion. Go back to your Warchief. I shall find you there as soon as I am done here. Once in Orgrimmar, Yu Gwai and his new soldiers enter the embassy behind you. He briefly talks with the Warchief about the events that just happened and offers to swear his fealty to the Horde.

    The Warchief accepts and Yu Gwai swears the oath. You are granted your mount and the race is now unlocked. He immediately sends you to Orgrimmar to help the Horde and learn what this world is like, and not immerse yourself in those petty internal politics. The biggest logistical issue about playable mogu is the females. The only female models are the Twin Consorts, but they are clearly based on female draenei, much like the males are based on male draenei.

    With a few changes to the basic stances, the draenei animation rig will work just fine on them. The skin options would be mostly fleshy, and explained by fleshshapers found at your spawn point, turning you to flesh before you wake. Mogu hunters start with a quilen pet and one of their racials allows them to tame quilens even outside of beast mastery specialization.

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    Two particularly surprising class choices might be monks and death knights, but they are special cases. Yu Gwai is on good terms with the pandaren, and a member of the Horde now. Therefore, his new mogu are trained by the Huojin pandaren in the monk arts, although the move is controversial among both races. So in my next post a new and unexpected allied race — Anubisaths! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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