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I felt so bad when Blair was left waiting for Chuck at the plane and he never came. Watching their relationship develop was so much fun. They both had this pride that held them back from being happy with each other. I thought for sure Blair would pull him out of it quickly. And of course Jenny became a monster. And by this point, I was so sick of it I wanted to turn it off every time it focused on her. And my favorite thing was at the very end of the season when Chuck finally told Blair he loved her!

I loved that Chuck and Blair were so happy together — even if they had some weird relationship and games they played with each other. It worked for them. They both made each other better, and Chuck finally had something to live for — his love for Blair and his success with his hotel. His character has grown leaps and bounds.

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By season 3 though, I was pretty sick of Serena and Dan. I saw Dan and Vanessa coming from a mile away. Jenny went back to being obnoxious as Queen Bee. But again, Blair was the most interesting. But again, Chuck was there helping her fight through it. Blair and Chuck are easily my favorite characters. The season finale blew my mind! Chuck getting shot was NOT expected.

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I wanted Blair to rush in to a hospital and profess her love. Instead she just ran into him Paris, and he stayed with this other girl — even brought her back to NYC. But I just finished the episode where Blair tried to falsely incriminate Eva and so Eva left. Chuck was so mad, but it is clear that Blair loves Chuck. Though, he asked her if she did it because she still loved him, but she said no. I never believed it was his. There was no shock value there.

Again, still not interested in Serena either.

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Love this book it's so better then harry Pothead. Blair the bitch, Serna the hottie, Nate the Stoner , Jenny 9th grader with big boobs. What eles does this book need. Popular Book series. Which are actually pretty good. It's definitely one of the better teen books out there. Teenage girls and boys especially enjoy them.

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Popular T. This show is designed to posion the minds of young adolescents into thinking that beauty is only skin deep, and that if you aren't a size 00 with a perfect tan and have had at least one nose job and the latest Gucci, Luis Vuitton , Dolce and Gabana , and True Religion, then you aren't worth anything. And judging by its popularity, it is unfortunatly working. Teenager 1 "OMG!!! I totes want to buy those Gucci shoes Blair had on!!

A really good book series. Cecily von Zeigesar is a really good author. Even though Gossip Girl books are the number one banned book series or something. A sucky tv series.

Blake Lively who played Bridget in the sisterhood of the traveling pants and had her picture on CosmoGirl plays Serena van der Woodsen. Well, she tries. She absolutely sucks at it. Her voice is too breathy and everything for her to be a slutty, unpredictable it-girl. She's not even pretty. Your browser is not compatible with Shopee Video Favorite 7.

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Shipping Fee. Ratings 8. Product Specifications. Publisher Megan Tingley. We're smart, we've inherited classic good looks, we wear fantastic clothes, and we know how to party. We can't help it-we were born this way.