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Verified Purchase. I have come to be a great fan of Sue Grafton in the category of light, fun mystery reading. Her stories are titled in alphabetical order. Each thus far stands alone, however there are recurring characters and references to previous incidents that make reading the stories in order make slightly more fun. Her protagonist is Kinsey Millhone, a thirty two year old female private detective residing in California. The time frame is the s. This novel is of medium length and is what I consider to be an "easy read".

I like the author and her protagonist etc. It is a good story, it just seemed unrealistic to me. Of course, this is fiction, and I feel it must be almost impossible to keep coming up with realistic fictional stories. As is normal for me, I purchased both the Kindle and audiobook and read and listened simultaneously.

The narration was really, quite good and faithful to the written word.

Sue grafton dead: authors react to loss of kinsey millhone alphabet series author

I have an aversion and anxiety about doing anything to spoil a consumer's reading experience. Below, in a different paragraph, I will vaguely touch on the story. Please consider skipping that segment either entirely or until after you have read the story.

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I will try to be vague, but you may wish to skip this part either completely or until after reading the story. Basically we have a "hit man" who is traveling about with seeming impunity. He has committed various prior crimes, including violent felonies and the homicide of a police officer and abduction of a child. Now he is engaged in further violent endeavors. In my experience that person would be the subject of a relentless pursuit that would make the "Mossad" proud.

Kinsey Millhone could stand down and in fact, I would insist that she do so. But I still love Sue Grafton and her work. Anyway, back to the general review. I have read various short stories condensed in a work "Kinsey and Me".

"G" is for gumshoe | Open Library

This novel can stand alone, but it is the totality of all the previous works that make me really enjoy this particular novel. Thank You One person found this helpful. What can you say about Sue Grafton other than she is a great mystery writer. Kinsey Milhone is an ex-cop and has her own detective agency and never much of a sex life if that what your looking for, go elsewhere. This is a traditional gumshoe story with action and danger for our heroine. After some spotty success writing books, Grafton changed to writing screenplays for TV and movies.

With the success of her first Alphabet series book ' A is for Alibi' in it has continued to date.

G" Is For Gumshoe

I first discovered her books when I came across 'G is for Gumshoe' pub in a recycle center in , I proceeded to local bookstores and Amazon to acquire all of this series up until the current at the time 'O is For Outlaw'. It's always great when you come across a great series in progress as it's a joy just reading book after book from a great writer. Much like 'binge watching TV series on Netflix nowadays. Only problem with an ongoing series is waiting for the next book. Grafton has done only a couple of yearly books and mostly every other year since 'P is for Peril' in It is now up to just plain 'X' in and will end with 'Z is for Zero'.

One of the main reasons I really enjoyed this book is watching Kinsey sense something about a case and not give up until she figures it all out. I also liked the incorporation of two separate storylines with moments of merging. Sue Grafton did an excellent job of incorporating the hitman story into the Agnes Grey story without either of them overwhelming the whole book.

Both storylines are engaging and immediately grabbed my interest. I was anxiously waiting to see what came next and Grafton excels at building the suspense in this one. His devotion and caring for her is so genuine and heartfelt. I truly think he is someone she can completely be herself with and someone who loves her no matter what. Judy Kaye as usual is the only voice of series there needs to be. I have no words for how well she is as a narrator.

I started reading this series years ago, and somehow missed a number of the books. I decided to finish reading the series now. I always liked the lead character, Kinsey. She's tough, independent, clever with a touch of vulnerability thrown into the mix. The plots are interesting without being too predictable. In Death by JD Robb. Great voices, male, female and children. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Definitely - averaged a book in hours. Any additional comments? So which Kinsey is it, the sharp, witty detective, or the deer-in-the-headlights young lady? This story has both, which makes me wonder if Kinsey is a little neurotic. A good story, but sometimes she gets into situations where she should definitely know better, given her background. Oh well, guess we'll see how she does next time around, if she lives that long! Dietz storyline was not believable. Irene storyline was great; wished there was more to that.

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I love the book!! The narrator is very good, Sue writing was excellent for this book. If you enjoy detective writers you will enjoy Sue Grafton's books. They are 'light reading'. The detective stories are tight and not much blood is spilled. This has a bit more sex than most, but it is not graphic and certainly in no way kinky. The travails of a young female high school redel turned private investigator. Quite a light hearted murder tale, not too taxing but worth a listen. Sometimes it is nice just to have a story that doesn't get you keyed up and stressed.

This is one of those novels, I enjoyed it, the characters are likeable and the plot was quite clever. Yet another brilliant audiobook by Sue Grafton. Every book a refreashing new start, to a nail biteing end. By: Sue Grafton. Narrated by: Mary Pfeiffer. Series: Kinsey Millhone , Book 7. Length: 8 hrs and 23 mins. Publisher's Summary Good and bad things seem to be coming in threes for Kinsey Millhone: on her 33rd birthday she moves back into her renovated apartment, gets hired to find an elderly lady supposedly living in the Mojave Desert by herself, and makes the top of ex-con Tyrone Patty's hit list.

It's the last that convinces Kinsey even she can't handle whoever's been hired to whack her, and she gets herself a bodyguard: Robert Dietz, a Porsche-driving P.

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With Dietz watching her for the merest sign of her usual recklessness, Kinsey plunges into her case. And before it's over, she'll unearth the gruesome truth about a long-buried betrayal and, in the process, come face-to-face with her own mortality. Critic Reviews "Wit is the most versatile weapon in Sue Grafton's well-stocked arsenal, and she uses it with disarming precision What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews.

G is for Gumshoe

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