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Seller Inventory Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen. Juliet Kinchin. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Over the course of the past century, the kitchen, more than any other room in the modern dwelling, has been the focus of intensive aesthetic and technological innovation.

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Low to the ground seating pairs well with functional food prep space. Dark wood cabinetry works nicely with lighter, polished counters. In addition to varying the height of counters you can also vary the colors. Create the feeling of completely different spaces by varying height and material. Allow one level of the island to be for seating and another for sink access and food prep.

Here's an awesome package design concept done by Spain-based design student José Luis García...

Create different spaces by varying height and material. Add function to your space by experimenting with island height.

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Display books and other items by installing open shelving. Display colorful cookbooks in an otherwise white and bright space. Store pots, pans, appliances and cutlery in a combination of deep cabinets and drawers.

Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen @ MoMA | Flickr

Use minimal real estate on the ends of the island for wine without having to give up much storage space for larger items. A big wood island makes a statement in an otherwise light and bright space. Add a few shelves for handy access to cookbooks.

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Combine different types of storage to get the look you want. You don't have to sacrifice storage for seating—here's a smart way to do both. Adjust your design to match your personal taste and display your cookbooks on your island's shelves. Keep glasses handy by installing a hanging shelf.

Range hoods don't have to be an eyesore as demonstrated by this out-of-the-way ventilation option. Install a shelf above the island to both house glassware and provide a lighting options. You wouldn't hang a shelf from the ceiling in the middle of the room unless it was over an island so take advantage of the option to do so. Use the space above the island for a sleek and unobstrusive range hood above the stove top. Tailor the range hood to match the style of the rest of the room.

Use the space above the island for a modern range hood. Putting the stove top across from bar seating creates an environment where guests can socialize with the chef. Use the space above the island for a stylish range hood above the stove top. An American poster from encourages Americans to eat less meat and fat, more grains and vegetables, not for their health, but to save food for Allied troops.

It was mass produced for housing blocks built in Frankfurt to meet housing shortages caused by the devastation of World War I, and remains a model of cockpitlike clarity and purpose. Including a grid of small metal bins for storing rice and the like that resembles a hardware store, it was one of several determinedly modern kitchens designed mostly in Germany in the late s.

But it is probably alone in being the subject of a recent music video tribute by the Austrian musician Robert Rotifer, which is also in the show. Form follows function here, as do metal and glass and a tensile sense of geometry. Also here are posters from wartime Britain: those by Frederick H. Henrion expound on the economies of raising rabbits for food; several more by Herbert Tomlinson single out the destructiveness of mice.

Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen

Clever forms and pretty colors often superseded function. View all New York Times newsletters.

House Tour: Luxe Dark & Modern Kitchen

In a way it is too bad not to devote all the gallery space to design itself, especially since some objects are displayed on high shelves and are difficult to see. But the tradeoff is a sharpened sense of the organic relationship between art and its social context. The connection is of course boilerplate art history, but to see it made with real-life art and artifacts against the rich backdrop of this exhibition is something else.

Art may not be the best revenge, but it certainly helps. Tell us what you think.