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Crazy Nights. Good Girl Gone Bad. Good Girl Gone Bad lyrics. The characters in the book, both main and supporting, were also well-created.


They were adequately developed throughout and they are pretty realistic. The personalities of the characters do not really fit into a stereotype read: redneck although the story is located in Southern USA.

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Instead, they are all created differently, with very distinct ways of thinking and acting in a given situation. There were several times that I actually found the thoughts of some of the characters quite amusing.

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However, there are plenty of supporting characters in this book, and I suggest you learn their names and what is it they do to avoid confusion in later chapters. I believe that corruption and cover-up are events that are real and relevant, and I am glad that A Kiss Gone Bad highlighted this. I think that until today, the general population may still be doubtful over such things — that their favorite politician or law enforcement officer may be crooked or dirty.

That is not a healthy mindset, because if we are not vigilant, worse things can happen and it will keep happening right under our noses and until it eventually affects us and our lives. This novel presents an example of how corruption and cover-ups happen, and the consequences of finding out the truth. It is frustrating, messy, and dangerous but the truth always prevails over lies and deceit.

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From this novel, I realized that we need to be brave to stand up for what is right, and stick by our principles regardless what happens. One month goes by and my phone got shut off. So, he called me at the music shop and I went down and I met Gene and Paul. They were singing backgrounds. Do you ever use the major scale?

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What is that? I know that! Yeah, I know that one.

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  6. It was a little embarrassing. But I did play it and I played well enough that he invited me to go to a rehearsal situation and play live. That was my first time playing through multiple Marshalls.

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    There were four Marshall stacks just for me. It was in a huge airport hangar. We played three or four songs and then they called me back a few weeks later.

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