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The ceremonies were held like they have been done since thousands of years, no fancy equiptment or tools. April 30, I went to ECA in January It was a very positive and profound experience. They were very generous of their resources. The food that was prepared throughout the week was absolutely delicious and healing in and of itself. The shamans are very experienced and they made me feel in security all along. April 29, My first experience with ECA was as part of a 10 day retreat in February of this year.

Since then I have been back two times to attend their community ceremonies. From the first instance I met everyone there, they immediately made me feel like part of the family. During my ceremonies as part of the retreat Hans, Bobby and Jessie were extremely supportive, understanding and encouraging the whole way. I am very grateful of having met them and having discovered ECA because it has really left a profound impact on my life.

April 27, I attended retreat at ECA in April of , and it was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who feels called to work with these sacred plant medicines. The detail and love that goes into these retreats, by so many people, blew me away. From the moment I was picked up from the airport, until I was dropped back off, I felt a part of a family, well cared for, and very safe.

The location was gorgeous, the medicine very effective, the healers are very loving and have plenty of experience, and the food was AMAZING! The knowledge I have learned from Bobby, Jesse, and Hans blew me away, and will stay with me forever. This community truly loves what they do and it shows in every aspect of this retreat and beyond. April 25, They really put their heart into their work and work tirelessly to give people the best possible experience.

There is a really good vibe around the place in general with plenty of space to hang out, inside and outside, and the setting is pretty epic! The food served by Elly, their resident chef, was really good and plenty of it.

The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor

Lots of fresh fruit and delicious meals every day. Greyson and Gonzalo have committed their lives to working with these medicines, helping people to heal and reestablish a connection to nature and themselves. My advice for people going would be: Listen to the facilitators and try to follow their advice, they have a lot of experience guiding people through this process. It was tough but profoundly beautiful and nourishing. Much love and thanks to the ECA family! April 22, A secluded cozy place in the mountains of Medellin. A truly beautiful team of committed and loving people to guide, explain and prepare for the retreats.

Authentic healers with decades of experience and an absolute fantastic cook. What struck me the most, was the reverence with which nature, medicines and water are treated. In this sense I was pleasantly surprised to have gotten much more out of the trip than previously expected. March 25, I felt the calling to attend an Aya retreat since two years now and no spot has had connected on a personal level before.

Not so with ECA! And so it was! The team responded within 24 hours to my initial request and within a couple of hours later we had a great Skype call. Weeks later the magic happened and I was in beautiful Colombia. All I can say is, it is a wonderful palce and experience! Over the 10 days there is enough time to speak to the healers about your experiences during the ceremonies.

The entire ECA team is non stop working to make sure you have everything you need. They pick you up from the airport and take you back there or down to the city. Different types of accommodations are available for different budgets. I have chosen to camp on site. Actually my first camping experience since childhood and I enjoyed it. The place is full of butterflies, colorful birds and fireflies. Just magic! I am very grateful for this experience. It is priceless. Our group was kept small and the people were just wonderful.

A life changing experience! Take some extra cash with you as they have beautiful indigenous hand-crafted jewelry pieces for women and men! March 9, My friends made the points I would have in an articulate heartfelt way that makes me appreciate them more. I came to the Eagle Condor Alliance with a deep grief from personal losses that bled much of the color and joy from my life. I left with a path towards honoring them, celebrating the time we had and a lighter spirit. It is a well structured organized retreat filled with warmth and community that gives you a chance to heal.

Did someone mention the food? February 21, I went in with low expectations as I try to do of almost any experience and was blown away. Had I gone in with high expectations, I still would have been blown away. The facilitators, Jesse, Hans and Bobby, all treated me as if I were family. They did a great job of supporting me and others where they support was needed during and outside of the ceremony.

They guided the group as a family. There was very little drama throughout the retreat and I think this is in large part due to their direction. I appreciated that I felt comfortable either keeping my experience internal as well as opening up to the group when I felt like doing so. I camped and this was a great way to save money. If you are comfortable camping, I highly recommend it.

While camping, I still felt that I had everything that I needed and the tent stayed dry throughout multiple rains. I also had the ability to nap in a beautiful sun room and even slept in there 1 evening. There were also hammocks that were great to nap in outside during the day in either the sun or the shade. It seemed many of the other participants some in their first experiences had a similar positive progression. The dedication that they have to their respective plant medicines is awe inspiring and easily visible to any participant at Eagle Condor Alliance.

I felt blessed to be in their presence and to learn from them and still felt able to interact, question and share with them. The best food in Colombia! They have a chef named Eli. She is an amazing chef and works tirelessly to make sure everyone is fed very well. I always had enough to eat, regularly getting seconds and even at times third helpings of food. I never was bored of the food and no meal seemed the same over 10 days this was the icing on the cake to everything else at the retreat.

There was also hot tea available and ready almost always. Across the grounds are beautiful flowers, gardens, birds, butterflies. Maloca — they have a brand new one built in Dec. Weather — Beautiful during the days, sunny or cloudy. You may not find it cold at all. Helpful 10 Not Helpful 0. February 13, Connecting with the medicines is a very profound experience and every single one is extremely individual. I was planning my first encounter with the medicine and therefore it was very important for me to find a place where I would feel safe and in good hands. I could not imagine just to go to a place without knowing anyone, I needed to gain trust before I would go.

The ECA family is taking time to talk to each interested person on skype. This establishes a basis of trust and both, the ECA family and the interested person have the chance to find out if they belong together. This is just a short remark for people that might feel like me trying to find the right place for this profound journey. From the very first moment there, during and even after the retreat my first impression of this place and the people was exceeded by far. Healers, facilitators, cooks and friends are just words describing their dedication.

And they will treat you as a family member from the first moment on. Apart from that, it is noteworthy that during the whole retreat Jesse, Bobby and Hans would accompany the participants during the day, before and after the ceremony. They have introduced us into the world of the sacred medicines, they have explained us the traditions and they gave us good advices. They were there as well for private talks if needed. And during the ceremonies they offered us the best imaginable care. Not only their dedication is astonishing, but also Gonzalos and Greisons dedication.

They dedicate their entire lifes to the sacred medicines, they dedicate their lifes to heal people and to heal the world. A part of the revenues is used for land conversation in the Amazon rainforest and for the support of the indigenous community in the western Amazon.

The ECA family is not only helping us to understand how we can become a better person, they are the living example how to be a better person and feel gifted by giving. My love and gratitude are infinite. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! PS: The food is sooo good that this would be reason enough to go there!

Helpful 8 Not Helpful 0. January 4, Me and my friend travelled from Australia to take part in our first ayahuasca retreat. From the moment we arrived we felt very welcomed and safe. Hans and Bobby made sure we had everything we needed and took great care of us throughout the experience. The retreat is in a beautiful location in the mountains and the food was top notch. The ceremonies were very powerful and eye-opening experiences. We felt we were in good hands with both of the healers who facilitated the ceremonies.

December 21, My purpose in attending an Ayahuasca ceremony was to make my life purpose more clear. Which I will write more about down below. Like the magic is still with me. The purging was frightening. But it showed me courage, when I was helped it showed me brotherhood. It showed me the gratitude. It showed me the truth about life.

My purpose is to help others, but I need to help myself first. The retreat really helped in understanding myself and my upcoming challenges. December 7, Traveling in South America for a few months was some of the best times I had had but never really thought I would do something like this. Long story short I had a bunch of health problems that forced me to stop and think and take notice of my life.

Going by intuition after talking to Hans on skype and then meeting everyone at the retreat in Medellin in the mountains, its clear that the people of Eagle Condor Alliance that make this possible are genuinely good human beings that believe in what they are doing and take it very seriously with great respect. This is pretty humbling in its self for me as I had a selfish perspective of things. If I had the money I would of happily payed a lot more. I wont say anything about my own experience with plant medicine and ceremonies other than you may not get what you want but will definitely get what you need..

Helpful 5 Not Helpful 0. December 4, After the unexpected passing of my husband I was trying to heal as well as figure out the new direction of my life. My husband had been the one to suggest plant medicine before his passing. It was a synchronistic sequence of events that brought me to Eagle Condor Alliance. The kind that one best not to ignore. Before reserving a space, the facilitators at ECA schedule a Skype meeting to discuss the program and to learn about your goals.

This is a two way interview to make sure that this is a good fit. I felt very comfortable after this meeting which helped ease any apprehension before arrival. Upon arrival at ECA I felt incredibly welcome. The facilitators Hans and Jesse did a great job making sure we felt comfortable in our rooms or tents and were fed a nourishing meal.

As other participants arrived the cohesion of the group was really strong. I think this was partially created by the tone that was set all the way back in our Skype interviews. The program of medicine and ceremonies is intense and invites you to go deep into your healing. The environment and support created by the healers and staff fosters a relationship of trust and safety.

This is of the utmost importance when embarking on this journey into the infinite with plant medicines. The level of integrity that each person at ECA has is very high. They deeply respect the medicine, the process, the lineage, the land, each other, and every person who joins them. The healers are the real deal. They have devoted decades of their lives to this work and they do not compromise the integrity of medicine one bit.

They are humble, well-experienced, and open to answering all your questions and meeting one on one to provide support. I had a deeply healing experience and I know I will be returning when the medicine and my spirit call me back. I definitely recommend ECA to anyone who is considering a path with plant medicine.

December 1, I returned a week ago from the retreat at Eagle Condor November and I have to say it was the most profound and healing experience of my life. On a leap of faith, from reviews on the internet and a skype conversation with co-owner Jesse, I went to Medellin. My experience there surpassed my greatest hopes in all regards. Jesse and Hans, who run the center, have the highest integrity imaginable, and offer a retreat experience that is impeccable. The shamans, Greison and Gonzalo, are the real thing, carrying forward traditional ceremonies that date back many millennia.

Every single individual involved with ECA is a top notch human being. Words can describe the experience. I have so much gratitude to ECA for their service in bringing these traditional plant medicines to a wider audience. If you are thinking about it, just go! These guys are the real thing, full stop. November 24, I found Eagle Condor Alliance after a thorough search on the internet. I researched every site I could find since I heard about the importance of traditions being honored and the importance of a shaman who had a lot of experience as well as reverence for the medicine.

When I found Eagle Condor Alliance I was impressed by their detailed lists of what would be a safe way to prepare for the experience.

Adam Dreamhealer – Naturopathic Doctor in Integrative Cancer Care

I also appreciated how they were conscientious of screening and skyping with me to know that I was ready to commit myself to this intense experience. The thing that made me know I was in safe hands was when I was skyping for intake and had an emotional moment and Jesse one of the boys as I call them heard my emotion and immediately sat up and came to close attention to take in my heart. Being there was intense. I was not able to partake of the first few ceremonies due to my moon cycle. I was very respectful of the reasons for that and was aware before travel that this was an issue to be discussed.

This establishment is very traditional and that is why I trusted them with my most vulnerable subconscious self. They showed themselves to be worthy of that trust. Over my week with three of my favourite people I had a vulnerable healing time where some things in my life changed forever. Greison was very in touch with the energy going on in the maloka and came to my aid before I sensed a need. I am a highly sensitive person. Also, each of the Three Amigos were very attentive and walked me through the process.

More than anyone, Bobby was such a kindred soul and shared stories and songs with me that gave me courage. Hugging them all goodbye was so sad since we shared such a deep experience. I hope to see this team again. All I can say to any females is that it is very important to plan your ayahuasca trip around your moon cycle. We are all energetic beings and our cycle is not the time to partake of deep spiritual cleansing… My first ayahuasca was at the end of my cycle and it was amazing but super intense.

If you could plan for being there at the end of your cycle you will not miss out on any sessions. Just make sure to not bother being dishonest. This is an very energetically sensitive medicine. Great people to share your soul with. November 17, October 24, After a couple of months of researching retreats, I found ECA. Whereas several others took days to respond, often with barely a 2-line email, ECA responded immediately. The next day one of the organizers Skyped with me for over an hour, answered every question and was very informative. That was the first sign of the level of intention and attentiveness Jesse, Bobby, and Hans put into their work.

That level of care carried through to the very end of the retreat. Also, you absolutely get what you pay for. Beyond that, I never once felt unsafe, even during the most intense ceremonies. When you leave the hut to purge, a facilitator is 2 steps behind. They are lucid, super-attentive, and really good at keeping everything smooth.

What else can you ask for? The ceremonies are serious and intense, but well curated. Downtime was also really nice here, with plenty of incredible food and great grounds for just hanging out—fire pits, hammocks, great view of Medellin. Aka- this is not a tourist trap in it for the money. Lastly, notice how many reviews single out the staff by name. ECA is totally that kind of place. October 17, What an incredible experience. Please do yourself the favor of going to participate in ceremony. Beyond the ceremonies, the guys running the retreat are amazing. If we look closely at life we will see circles represented in some of the most intricate parts.

Our joints, bones, organs, etc… are all cylindrical in nature. Our lives go through cycles, the sun is a circle, the moon is a circle, the earth is a circle, our neighboring planets are circles. With all the cylindrical symbols that encompass the root of human existence, why are constantly putting ourselves or allowing ourselves to be put in squares and rectangles??

We are born in a square hospital room, we sleep in rectangular beds, we get put into a square classroom, we are glued to a square television and we allow ourselves to be ruled by a rectangular piece of paper we call a dollar…….. October 5, Wow;is the 1st word who come to my mind when i think of my trip to ECA. I went to this retreat because of the easy access for someone who travel alone and dont speak much spanish. It look serious and they even request a skype interview,so i felt more safe to go by myself.

They pick me up at my hotel and from that moment they took care of everything. Their set up in Santa Elena is just perfect,i could not expect more than that,the view on Medellin,being on top of the mountains like this,its the best. The lodging was awesome; a nice place ,great view and and good place for your down time when you need to recover from the ceremonies. Its important to have a certain level of comfort to make your experience more enjoyable ,because you gonna have some intense experiences and you will feel tired after a night with the healers.

The people were just amazing,what a nice group of dedicated people,the level of work,knowledge and passion those guys pull out is just incredible. Hans,Jesse and Bobby are the perfect team to introduce you to the ancient medicines from the amazon. They have such a respect and knowledge of the plant medicine ,they are so calm, so serious and humble ; you will feel relax and in good hands,always there to help you in any times of the day or the trip. The food was incredible and prepared by a chef in the house several times a day,the best fresh fruit and soup i ever had.

The house is cozy with many spots to read or share our experience. Always a fire burning and something to be grateful for.. The healers were very experienced and you can feel an infinite wisdom coming from those guys,they can read you after 2 seconds of eye contact. The traditions they share with us is priceless,Greason and Gonzalo have dedicated their life to keep those traditions alive and we are so fortunate to be a witness of those sacred ceremonies.

When all those guys joined to give birth to the Eagle Condor Alliance they went trough the usual trial and error period,but with the experience of the healers they have figured out the best formula, take it down to a science. Tobacco ceremony,herbal bath,cleansing purge,San Pedro ceremony,sweat lodge and ayahuasca ceremonies are all balance and place in perfect order to get the best out it.

Just get on the plane and faith, i am telling you,those guys know what they are doing and trust the process and trust the wisdom of the healers,its a privilege to meet those mens and women. If you are serious about going to an ayahuasca retreat and you dont want to wait for your friends to go with you,well;just do it;by yourself like an adult,no more excuses,you will happy than you did. This is not my last experience with the medicine thats for sure and i am very happy than i went to the Eagle Condor Alliance for my first time,they took all the headaches away so i could enjoy my time in Colombia.

Helpful 4 Not Helpful 0. September 25, Where to start. I arrived at ECA hurting and desperate for something to kickstart my desire to stay alive and continue my own work with healing medicines that I used to e so passionate about. I arrived overwhelmed with trauma, terrified of other humans, and with a total lack of trust in my heart. Immediately, the presence and spirit of Jesse, Hans, and Bobby put me totally at ease and after just a short time spent with them, I felt fully able to let down my guard as a jaded single female traveler which allowed me to be fully present with myself to work with the medicines.

This goes for the two healers Greison and Gonzoles as well, who proved to be as genuine, trustworthy, powerful, and dedicated as healers can get. They both have truly spent a lifetime studying with humility under these plant medicines, and they provide a safe and powerful space to transform yourself. I experienced such vast transformation and self-improvement far beyond my expectations.

The unique combination of all the ceremonies, music, camping, time spent together as a community and apart for self-exploration, and the incredibly delicious nourishing food made it a very demanding trip but one that absolutely changed my life and brought so much positive healing- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My praises cannot be sung enough for the environment that Jesse, Bobby, and Hans have fostered of love and care for our earth and the land that supports them and the Cofan people.

They are remarkable souls and one would be hard pressed to find a retreat center that genuinely cares for, respects, and treasures their participants more than with these guys down at ECA. I had been thinking about meeting the medicine for quite some time. My first intention was to do it in Peru, but I somehow ended up in Colombia and found this wonderful retreat in these stunning mountains.

Going there was the best decision I could have ever taken. They say you should chose your Ayu facility wisely, well, I am glad I did. For me the most important thing was to be able to trust people there, to have the feeling that they will take care of me, they will pick me up and accompany me down the sometimes painfull path to personal healing. My admiration and loves goes out to the two healers, these people with their dedication and their love for all living things, amazing.

The ceremonies were powerfull, incredible moments and all because they are so conected… it is.. I cannot even describe how powerful the ceremonies thanks to these healers. For me, I enjoyed every single moment there, every delicious meal, every peaceful moment in the hammocks overlooking the mountains of St. If I could, I would go back in a heartbeat and I hope that I can make my way back to this wonderful place someday.

I am very grateful for the facilitators, who have done so much for me and really, really took care of me. Bobby, Jessy and Hans are incredible people, they truly care about their calling, about spreading the healing and making it possible for outsiders like me to participate in sacred ceremonies. September 15, I attended the Eagle Condor Alliance retreat two times with my gf over the course of 1 year.

The first retreat was in September , the second retreat was in March Going into the first retreat I had many afflictions, drug, alcohol and family related. This was a prime motivator for the medicine calling me. Also my relationship was near breaking point so something had to give. The first round got me physically clean and the second round got me emotionally clean, with my insecurities etc. The fact is you can never have enough medicine. It really has been the most positive experience.

About This Center

We plan on being heavily involved with them for the rest of our lives from donations, to recommendations so they can continue to heal people from around the world. August 21, I had my first Ayahusca experience in — a retreat just outside Iquitos, Peru. I had an amazing experience, but it did not really cross my mind to do it again until fairly recently when the opportunity arised work contract ended. I decided to take a few weeks off to go to South America. The location is beautiful- Santa Elena, a quiet rural setting in mountain region, aprox 1 hour from Medellin.

The views are honestly breath-taking, the air is clean, and the tap water is drinkable. The accommodation is very comfortable, private room, lovely bed, hot showers, wifi, a communal area to relax, and the food was the best I had during my whole trip in South America.

The facilitators — Hans-Peter, Jesse and Bobby were remarkable, I put my full trust in them, I really needed them with me as the ceremonies got very intense, and they were there by my side I could not have been through it without them. I am truly thankful to them, for their assistance in my every need, their wisdom, brotherhood, friendship and sense of humour. The Yage ceremonies were a lot stronger than I experienced in Peru.

I partook in 2 San Pedro Ceremonies, 3 Yage, and 3 sweat lodges — all were unique, and were conducted under the guidance of Gonzalo Red Road healer , Greison Yage healer , and our facilitators who are fluent in Spanish and were able to translate for the participants. I thank the healers for their love, guidance, protection, wisdom and knowledge. It was a beautiful experience to sit in the sweat-lodge and finca chanting together in sync, and the chants are one of the greatest souvenirs I have bought back with me.

The ceremonies left me with the most profound experience of my life. I did not know where to begin to ask what I wanted from the medicine ceremonies, but I realised in my heart I took away more than my mind could ask for or even comprehend. I am sure I will be back again…. August 3, All the other reviews are true, the food and accommodation provided is beyond expectation for Colombia. You are looked after and cared for much like as If you were family.

My single belief is that everyone owes it to themselves to try the spirit and magic of the vine, if you try it anywhere, look and think no further, ECA has you covered. Bobby, Hans and Jesse are incredible souls, who each radiate their own special energy which will come to spread joy throughout every single aspect of the retreat and your experience. Grieson and Gonzalo are very special people — the energy and feeling in their presence is incredibly grounding. Gonzalo is also very funny too! And the healing, wow! Also, daytime ceremony is pretty much as close to heaven as I think it gets.

July 27, I was staying at Dharma BnB as a guest. It was very comfortable each with their own bathroom. The food offered was amazing. We participated in a San Pedro ceremony. This was a great personal experience which led to me resolving some personal issues and awakening of myself. I have yet to experience a retreat, which I can only imagine as a wonderful enlightening experience.

July 16, The Eagle Condor Alliance changed my life for the better. I have absolute trust in the retreat facilitators and the shamans, and that trust was vital to getting the most out of the challenging journeys that I went through. The accommodation, food, environment, organisation, and medicines were excellent, as others have already mentioned. Everything about it sounded sincere, respectful and incredibly intriguing. And after spending 10 days at the retreat, I can happily say that it offers far more than I had ever expected.

The accommodation is incredible. I have to say, coming home to a cosy fire, warm herbal tea and a big comfy bed was an absolute godsend after the ceremonies. Taylor and the other chefs cooked the most delicious, nourishing and tasty food you can ever imagine. And what can I say about the facilitators — Bobby, Jesse and Hans. These are three of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met.

You can see just how hard they have worked to get this amazing place to where it is now, and I have no doubt that they will continue to do many more wonderful things in the future. They each bring their own unique energy to the centre, and I am eternally grateful for the support that each of them gave me during my stay. The healers are true miracle workers. I absolutely loved being immersed in his joyous energy, and I was deeply touched by just how much he loves the sacred land that we call planet earth.

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And as for Greison — wow. A powerful man with a giant heart. This man helped lead me through some of the most profound moments of my life during the Aya ceremonies. I cannot fathom doing the plant medicines anywhere else now, because at ECA every aspect is kept true to the ancient traditions, and you know that you are in safe hands the entire time. I am eternally grateful for what Greison, Gonzalo, Bobby, Jesse and Hans have brought to my life — setting me on the right path to discover inner peace.

It may sound cliche, but I really do feel reborn in many ways after my visit to ECA. Each and every person that I shared those 10 days with have become my family, and I am so thankful for having been a part of such a beautiful experience. I cannot wait to return someday. June 27, The website, compared to others out there it was well designed, visually pleasing and packet with interesting information. Then came the call with Hans, other sites make you fill out a form. Call was great, Hans showed a genuine interest about my situation and what had prompted me to consider joining him and the ECA family for retreat.

The retreat! Grounds are luxurious, view over the city, trees, flowers everything is designed to make you relaxed and comfortable. The build up. The guys ease you into things, you progressively in a step by step fashion start to extricate yourself from the world you left behind. Ceremonies themselves. I wont go into detail about my own experience as yours will likely be different.

What I will say is that they were amazing and 6 months later I still think about some of the things i experienced. It was uncanny at times! Back to basics. I think this was one of the unexpected benefits of the retreat. Eating healthy, water, clean air, lots of sleep and my favorite Abuelo grandfather fire. To wrap up, I had an amazing time with the ECA guys and as long as you follow the pre retreat guidance they give you with regards to diet and come with an open mind and heart ready for what the medicine will give you, you will have quite literally the time of your life.

You are in good hands with these guys. I did a 10 day retreat back in March this year. The whole ECA team are incredible you feel the second you meet the guys that they have found their calling in life and genuinely enjoy facilitating these incredible medicines. In regards to the price, yes there are cheaper places available around south america, but i can honestly say that its money well spend. In this case you really get what you pay for. I have done a retreat in Peru previously to this one, and the food, accommodation, medicine was way superior with ECA compared to the other place i tried.

I promise you its the best investment of your life! June 23, I had such a great experience there in the jungle , that I was a bit scared of being potentially disappointed by Colombia.. So there it is.. For anyone in search of themselves, curious to know more about life, the Universe and our place in this gigantic whole, for anyone willing to get better, Eagle Condor Alliance is THE place! The program is intense, but you can count on Hans, Jesse and Bobby to help you in the process. June 22, To any and all considering the ECA, please know that my life is forever impacted by the care I received from this remarkable community.

I participated in their 10 day retreat in March , and I am already booked to return in September I was also deeply impressed with the Shamen and their medicines, which helped me to heal and celebrate myself. Please have a thorough look at their website as I found it was an excellent representation of the experience that awaits you. The ECA is worth every penny and moment of travel. June 19, Everything has been absolutely perfect.

I was a little anxious beforehand but as soon as we stepped foot inside the door I felt totally relaxed and safe. The facilitators Jesse, Bobby and Hans are fantastic people who really put their hart and soul into the healing of their guests. The healers Gonzalo and Greison are also fantastic. You can definitely tell that you are in safe hands and that they are truly dedicated to their work. On top of that the place itself is just the most beautiful and relaxing imaginable and the food is great.. We hope that we will be able to go back there sometime in the future.

June 15, The Eagle Condor Alliance welcomed me upon arrival with the utmost love and respect; right away I knew that I had made a decision to come to a place that would forever change my life in many diverse ways. The ECA healers and facilitators were uniquely capable of guiding my journey and supporting my process day after day.

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The land in Santa Elena is powerful, magical, and the ceremonial spaces are pristine. The housing situation surpassed any expectations, leaving me entirely blissful between ceremonies in complete comfort and well-nourished with healthy meals. The combination of the various sacred medicines they work with allows an intense cleansing and stabilizing of our energy systems. The spirit of Ayahuasca blessed me with entirely different lessons than those that I encountered through the spirit of San Pedro cactus; they complemented one another wonderfully.

Furthermore, the insight that I discovered through tobacco purging and the use of tobacco ceremonially was profound in and of itself. Sweat lodges after a long night of ceremony improved the quality of my experience dramatically- Another dimension of consciousness comes in. These guys are the most dedicated and sincere retreat group that I have ever encountered. Remember, too, that they are actively working to protect the Amazon rainforest and support indigenous elders.

Truly amazing. I am in awe. After attending sacred medicine ceremonies in six different locations so far, I would without a doubt recommend the ECA community above all others. If you are interested in restructuring your paradigm of life, and experiencing sudden, unforgettable revelations and visions of the world which allow you a glimpse of the truth, then I would highly encourage you to trust yourself to heal and transform your suffering at one of their day retreats.

I wish you a pleasant journey, and every happiness. June 9, The retreat took place high in the Colombian Andes, outside of Medellin, where the everyday temperature was perfect for an afternoon hammock nap and the view lent itself to post ceremony reflections overlooking the valley. Being based in such a natural and beautiful setting aided my journey personally and on several occasions we went on informal group walks down the nearby trail.

In addition to the breath-taking setting, it was obvious that the facilitators took care to provide us with the best possible experience during the ceremonies and throughout our stay. To do so meant providing us with delicious and nutrious food, ensuring our mental and physical comfort and being fully present and aware individuals. Who you choose to be surrounded by in these times of expanded consciousness and energetic sensitivity is important. I admire the facilitators not only for their awareness of this fact, but also for the obvious way in which they live with purpose and intention.

They are genuine people whose knowledgeable, loving and nonjudgmental spirits serve as guides, role models and confidantes throughout this life changing journey. The healers are equally as beautiful and knowledgeable souls. They have many years of experience with the medicines and have infectious passion for Mother Earth, the elements and their community. Comfort can be taken in the fact that ECA never mixes other substances or plants in their medicines. The ceremonies were structured in such a way that I believe I got a thorough, non-rushed introduction to the medicines. The ceremonies were authentic to the traditions in which they come from and the facilitators were there to translate when needed.

Any questions or hesitations were addressed prior to ceremonies, the figurative door was always open and we were always given liberty to participate in accordance to our comfort level. I felt extremely comfortable with Eagle Condor Alliance and was able to completely let go because of the trust they fostered.

Because of this, I believe I was able to take full advantage of the healing potential of the medicines and truly receive the teachings that were in such abundance that week. The retreat grounds truly felt like home for those 10 days and I left feeling as though I had not only been reunited with myself, but with family. The list of positive things to say about my experience are infinite because each moment spent with Eagle Condor Alliance was filled with light, love, awareness and wisdom.

Ultimately, we will undoubtedly have different, individual experiences but I can say with great certainty that if you trust in the Eagle Condor Alliance to guide your journey with the sacred medicines, it will be the curative and refreshing spiritual experience you need. June 8, The following is a review I wrote after the first retreat. By continuing the path set out for me from there my intentions have been realized and I continue with many of the practices and ideals I learned while I was with the ECA.

My experience over the past 10 days at the Eagle Condor Alliance retreat has been one of self-growth, clarity and the beginning of my path of transformation. I am incredibly grateful to have had the courage and opportunity to come here, and to become part of the Eagle Condor family. The mountain side setting is spectacular, refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating. It is a great place to reconnect to nature and appreciate the beauty of so much life existing in it. The accommodations are comfortable and assist in the healing process that occurs here.

The food prepared by Samuel and Alejandro was delicious, nutritive, and prepared with pride and good energy. There certainly was no lack of food and I was well taken care of. The small group size was intimate and allowed for more focused healing from the healers. I cannot say enough about or express the depth of my gratitude towards Hans-Peter, Jesse and Bobby.

Firstly that they have chosen to dedicate their lives to the medicines and facilitate in bringing them to western society to help heal. Secondly that they have genuine intentions with the medicines and have chosen to support a path of ancient tradition in an emerging industry where it can be diluted. Moreover, the amount of hard work and support they provide on all levels before, during, and after the retreat to ensure your comfort, healing, and progress on your path is exceptional.

Gonzalo, the healer who provides the San Pedro and Temazcal ceremonies, is a man of wisdom, gratitude, and gentleness. His reverence for Mother Nature and all her elements integrated with his ceremonies are impactful and refreshing. Greison, the healer who provides the Yaje ceremonies, is an extraordinary and powerful human being. He originates from an ancient line of elders in the Colombian jungle and embodies their history and tradition.

He is a master at what he does and it was an absolute honor to have met him and to have had his guidance in the ceremonies and in my healing. I was excited, nervous, and fearful about undergoing this experience, but I am so grateful I had the courage to take that step forward and that things aligned so that I could take my first steps with ECA. If you want to heal this is the place to come, the family to join. June 7, Such a non-transferable experience as my 10 Day ECA Retreat is difficult to describe, but I now believe that everyone can feel these sacred medicines that connect us to the earth, the universe, the heart, and our own spirits.

The family is dedicated to love and to the welfare of each person who comes in search of healing. My experience of living with these amazing people for days reminded me that the importance of life lies in simplicity, awareness and love. I feel like I should mention something about the retreat accommodations: 3 gorgeous country homes on two properties that vibrate with good energy and blend with the sounds of the wind and the birds of the forest.

All three have stunning views of the Andes and offer very well furnished spaces that are extremely comfortable. That comfort proved crucial to my ability to get the most out of the medicines. I loved knowing that I had a big comfy bed to rest and reflect in after a long night of study by the fire!

The meals were thoughtful, colorful and flavorful. Lots of local fruits, vegetables and herbs are mixed together to create dishes that are full of life. I am grateful for having given myself this opportunity to learn about myself and refocus my energy on the parts of life that make it worth living. Andrea GH. It was an incredible experience, probably one of the best in my life.

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June 3, I read great reviews of their day retreats online and was drawn to the idea of combining Amazonian traditions with those of the North. The lodging and food and logistics were all taken care of and top notch. The two shamans — Greison and Gonzalo — are equally approachable and caring, and clearly committed to these traditions.

I found Greison in particular to be a powerful and loving presence, and I very much look forward to sharing in a ceremony with him again. On top of all this, I would add that the environment felt very safe. September 8, Everyone there was great. Food was amazing. The program directors guidance with the medicines was useful. We will definitely be going back. A day retreat at the Eagle Condor Alliance made me feel so rejuvenated, happy and fulfilled as a woman coming back home feeling like a new person with fresh emotions and a clean heart.

Following the retreat I felt so good by receiving such great treatments and medicine in Colombia that I decided to share the new? Within a few seconds the picture went viral with nice comments saying how beautiful and energized I looked while showing so much? Joie de Vivre? Bravo ECA, this picture was worth a thousand words to show how successful my journey was, on the inside and out. As for the facilitators, they are formidable individuals with lots of experience with people, music, medicine, food, and comfort.

They are also very knowledgeable either on putting a successful ceremony in place, cooking a nice meal, a huge bond fire or simply by being around us having nice conversations. Bobby, Jesse, Hans-Peter, thank you for everything, I? Special thanks to my dear Gonzalo, a great man of the heart which inspires me. His happiness is contagious and he is making me happy just remembering his words of wisdom, his songs or his music as well as for the sacred medicine San Pedro and for the Temazcal ceremonies which were all so wonderful and well put together! Off ceremonies, he looks like a nice bright young man.

But when he starts dressing up for ceremonies, WOW! You can feel the power building up one piece at a time so when he? You sized me perfectly Greison and gave me back so much life again! Congratulations to all of you my friends on the excellence of Eagle Condor Alliance. It has been the most positive experience of my life. In the meantime; wait for me beside the fire until I return next year. What a wonderful life changing experience. Upon arriving at the breath-taking finca I was blown away by how beautiful and welcoming the environment is. Every detail of the retreats they hold is accounted for by them.

The food is delicious, pure, and healthy. The company is warm and appreciated.

The rooms are cozy and relaxing…. I had the opportunity to sit with San Pedro led by Gonzalo. His spirit is humble and gentle just like his medicine. Not here. When it was time to move to the temezcal, I immediately started to wonder when was going to be the soonest I could sit with this medicine again! I think about this experience often.

So much of my life path has changed in such a dramatic and progressive manner since. I do look forward to the day my path takes me there again. August 20, I just came back from a 10 day retreat at the Eagle Condor Alliance in Columbia and would like to share my experience with you. First, getting to the location of the retreat is a real?

They pick you up straight at the airport! After a 20 minute ride you get to these wonderful little houses up in the mountains 9, feet high. The view is breathtaking, the air is fresh and the beds are very comfortable. Food is a very important part of the healing process and these guys take it very seriously. The 3 facilitators Bobby, Jesse and Hans-Peter are 3 wonderful young men that do everything to make your stay an unforgettable experience. For them, money is just an energy to get this thing going. They are dedicated to promote the amazing power of the plants to heal your body, emotions and soul.

You will see them working like bees so you can have the best experience possible. Gonzalo is the Shaman conducting the San Pedro and Temazcal sweat lodge ceremonies. His philosophy of life will change the way you look at nature and life. His wonderful wife who sang for us and his beautiful daughter are a great addition to this retreat. Thank you so much Gonzalo for these unforgettable ceremonies. Greison Leonidas Lezama, the Shaman for the Ayahuasca ceremonies is probably one of the most amazing human being I ever met in my life.

Despite the fact that he is only 26 years old, I think he has a 2, years old soul. He started taking Ayahuasca at the age of seven and passionately kept learning his craft throughout his life. The healing he provides and the brew he prepares is out of this world. After all this, her guiding voice insisted that she write a book, and that she go back to Peru a second time—alone, for the solstice with the shaman.

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The initiations include:. The third level of value is why Jonette wrote the book—it is a vehicle for spiritual growth, designed to awaken your spirit and lift you to a higher state of personal consciousness just by reading it. So went the dialogue with my inner voice that insisted I write a book about my spiritual adventures in the Andes. I was back home from South America for just two days, and writing a book was nowhere on my to do list. Trust your truth. Your story, your.

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