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I see it as a key factor in human sociality. Almost from the get-go, Oscar associates nausea with feelings of inadequacy, reinforced by his gendered and racialized physical unattractiveness. It is as if Oscar's physical state is an expression of and a response to his experience as an underserved Chicano male, Fetta argues. Acosta at a demonstration in Los Angeles. Courtesy of PBS. She points out that, in art and life, the body often imposes itself against our wishes. This is the case with Oscar, a boorish Bay Area public defender, who blames society for his personal and professional failings.

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Fetta's novel approach to the soma as an analytical tool, used across the disciplines, stems from papers she has given throughout the United States, Canada, Spain, Morocco and Japan. She also augments her book with up-to-the-minute research data from the social sciences, neuroscience, critical theory and critical race theory. Her aim is to get social and natural scientists, as well as humanists, thinking about the body and the value of literature in new ways.

Price incl. Local courier delivery with tracking number or collect from 90 lockers islandwide. Add to My List. Added to Cart. The Name Partner. The son of migrant workers, Guillermo "Billy" Bravo is one of South Texas' most successful attorneys, and he's determined to see his name on his firm's stationery.

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But suddenly, his life starts spinning out of control. He learns that fifteen years ago, a month after getting married, a one-night stand led to a son he didn't know he had. He's sure his wife Yamile will hand him his private parts on a platter, along with divorce papers, when she finds out.

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And he'll never make name partner if there's a contentious divorce. Then Billy gets a new case, to defend BostonMagnifica Pharmaceuticals aga.. Special Order.

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Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Cannot combine other item s in one order. Ricardo Romo never dreamed that running to catch the school bus would lead to a college education, and ultimately, to a long and respected career as a teacher, administrator, and university president. He grew up in San Antonio, Texas, the son of Mexican immigrants, and worked in his family's small grocery store, where he learned to work hard and respect his family and neighbors. In school he learned that, as a Latino, he was expected to go to the technical high school rather than the one that prepared students for college, yet his teachers and coaches encouraged him to pursue his studies.

They also fostered his natural athletic abilities as a runner. In high sch.. Diaspora: Selected and New Poems.

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Julia Vs Olympics: A Novellette. You have qualified for the Olympics. You are far from home, having early graduated from your school, with a national representation credit card. There is an interesting boy at the arena looking at you. If you won't be in five minutes on the deck, your team might lose everything you have been fighting for.

New book by Stephanie Fetta analyzes scenes of racialization in Latina/o literature

And now you do what? This fascinating look at the economic and political situation in the United States is also a call to action. On the Other Side of the Bridge. In Luisa Capetillo's three-act play written in , "Influences of Modern Ideas," Angelina, the daughter of a rich Puerto Rican businessman and landowner, educates herself by reading the works of European writers, philosophers, and anarchists.

After reading Tolstoy's The Slavery of Our Times, she is convinced that "the slavery of our times is the inflexible wage law. And so the stage is set for Capetillo, a militant feminist, anarchist, and labor leader, to inform the public about her passions: the fi.. Monsters, Zombies and Addicts: Poems.

Table of Contents: The Chicano/Latino literary prize :

In daytime I'm sure it never did. At night,don't trust daylit memories or instincts. In nightmares, like filmstrips, the feared thing occurs.

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Ghosts routinely visit in the early morning hours, but in spite of her fears, she dares to believe that she has escaped the devils that once followed her. This collection of 62 narrative poems contains witty observations about the rituals of contemporary life. In "Cocktail Hours," she wonders, "What if all my ni.. The Greatest Performance. This gripping novel about the psychological and emotional energy spent when one must confront taboos is the painful and poetic rendering of two lives-Rosita and Marito-that become lost to country, family, and lovers.

A Fighting Chance.