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Otherwise, anything they suggest. Do go for elegant, unfussy food made from top-notch ingredients, served by genuinely welcoming staff. If you like Xu, you may like But Xu is an entirely different kettle of smoked eel. Best of all, you can actually book. Available Saturdays and Sundays!

Ellory is dead, long live Leroy. Ingredients are unfussy and the flavours shine — from nuggets of tender, piquant quail on a skewer to locally cured trout with a kaleidoscope of condiments, including a tiny Jenga stack of sweet pickled cucumber. Hugely welcoming staff know their food — and their wine too.

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The restaurant is decidedly of its time. Open kitchen? Communal tables? Of course. Almost illegible blackboard menu? Sure thing. Natural wines? Oh yes. But instead of feeling like a cynical restaurant by numbers, the concept fits this place as snugly as a just-washed pair of jeans. This long-awaited follow-up to the Marylebone original is Dinings 2. The setting is fancier, for a start, and more spacious, with high ceilings, arched windows and a marble counter for watching the chefs while you eat. Portions are predictably tiny despite their high prices, but at least that gives you an excuse to sample as much as your wallet will allow.

You only live once, peeps. Prices are high this is Mayfair, after all , but really luscious smaller dishes like smoked eel and parsely risotto make things easier on the wallet. The basement dining room is intimate and atmospheric; the street-level wine bar best on a sunny day as are the two alfresco tables overlooking so-picturesque-it-should-be-in-a-Richard-Curtis-movie Shepherd Market. Putting your meal together from small plates is the best way to leave without having spent a fortune. Prepare yourself for moist, smoky meat heaped into a bun and topped with barbecue sauce, bone-marrow butter and pickled chillies.

If you like Smokestak, you may like… Temper. That is a very good thing for us food lovers: expect some big, big flavours on your plate, from garlicky mushrooms cooked in bone marrow and served on beef dripping toast, through house-smoked pastrami with pickled cabbage, to sticky toffee pudding with smoke-tinged ice cream. What to have: Seven plates. No choice. Always interesting. Perhaps venison Wellington with a pear concealed inside it — or fermented cabbage and mint from the separate veggie menu. Three pals. One teeny Hackney restaurant.

Something special. Oh, and did we mention the cooking is terrific, too? They get plus points for the atmospheric Paris bistro via Hackney vibe and the enthusiasm of the small team. Nest is simply charming. This can make getting a table at short notice tricky for mere mortals, so book ahead. For the full experience, counter seats make for a lively meal with views of the chefs at work — but bear in mind it can get a bit hot there. Otherwise the smart dining room at the back is more discreet. Take a tour of the regions of Italy via small plates or large-portion dishes, with addictive deep-fried snacks — such as breaded olives stuffed with minced pork and veal — alongside salads, homemade pastas and grills.

Venue says Enjoy a tasting menu or set lunch showcasing the very best in seasonal produce, Ollie Dabbous' Michelin starred cooking at its most refined. First, the salt beef: this is one of the few places in London where it is made from scratch; dry-cured in a secret blend of spices, salts and sugars, then soaked and simmered until effortlessly yielding.

Scarf it piled into a bagel or heaped onto rye bread both also made in house, as is the mustard. If you like Lyle's, you may like… Clove Club. The palm sugar ice cream with unripe banana really is insanely good, too. And sample it you should. If your palate is naturally timid, go anyway, just ask the friendly staff to guide you. If you like Frenchie, you may like… Portland. Frenchie is a very special sort of restaurant; a central London dining room right in the heart of Theatreland , elegant enough to take a top client, yet relaxed enough to never make you feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

If you like 10 Greek Street, you may like… Bright. Even the okra is good. If you like Ikoyi, you may like Sometimes, a restaurant shakes you out of your small-plates stupor and makes you realise how samey your dining experiences have become. Aside from Morocco and its neighbours, African food is woefully underrepresented in the capital; Ikoyi addresses this gap in the market, but without getting all kitsch on our asses.

Prepare for slices of buttermilk-fried plantain that are sweet, smoky and swelteringly hot all at once, pink-hued mutton chops with tamarind-spiced relish, and unbelievably tender chicken in satay-style sesame-seed sauce. A thrilling one-off for now…. If you like Parsons, you may like You know the people behind 10 Cases?

That cute Covent Garden wine bar? This is from them. Great wine obvs but cracking seafood too. Go for fresh-off-the-day boat grills or a mix of small plates and snacks, like kick-ass cod roe and the fantastic sea trout tartare.

If you like Roka, you may like… Chotto Matte , Zuma. Their lamb cutlets with Korean spices rank among the best grilled dishes in London. As well as all things charcoal-cooked, their raw dishes are also worth exploring, like ruby-red tuna sashimi. Because Cornerstone specialises in taking the fruits of the ocean — those in shells, those that go glub-glub — and elevating them to things of shining, shimmering beauty. The chef and owner is Tom Brown, who trained under award-winning Cornish seafood maestro Nathan Outlaw, who must be very proud. All in a slick, stylish Hackney space with concrete floors and classy cutlery.

The menu, too, is minimalist, with just four cold and three hot main dishes, plus a couple of starters and desserts. Thankfully, the lack of choice is a case of quality over quantity: each mouthful, from thickly sliced, melt-in-the-mouth tuna sashimi to piping-hot, chilli-licked karaage, and succulent charred pork skewers, is deliciously satisfying — and pretty presentation feeds the eyes as well as the stomach. When to go: For lunch Tuesday to Saturday or a weekday dinner Tuesday to Thursday , both of which offer less weepingly expensive ways to eat here.

On the whole, the food — from star chef Simon Rogan — is stunning. And we especially like the service: the GM is a delight. What to have: Small plates, snacks and sides. But save space for the lamb cutlets, too. Forget everything we ever said about the first Santo Remedio. Do not miss the quesadilla or the guacamole.

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Grasshoppers optional! Venue says A vibrant Mexican restaurant with an upstairs tequila and mezcal bar, serving authentic regional Mexican cuisine and cocktails. What to have: The potato and roe Smyth is from Northern Ireland: this is her homage. We love Clare Smyth. Not only was she the first female British chef to hold three Michelin stars at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where she used to run the show , but she has a sense of humour.

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Expect potatoes and posh, handmade, artisanal crisps on her menus, as a playful nod to her northern Irish roots. But also go in anticipation of stunning, super-technical plates of food — smoke from under dishes, at-the-table-spritzing — from a kitchen with not one but two well-deserved Michelin stars.

The room is swish and stylish rather than formal. Staff are polished but genial. One for the super-foodie in your life. If you like Sakagura, you may like… Chisou. The menu, like the decor, seamlessly blends the modern with the traditional to fresh effect: the sprout tempura, and the burdock and carrot sushi maki are delicious veggie options. If you like The Wolseley, you may like… Bellanger. Perhaps this is why not everyone can get a booking, because of the sheer demand.

So a date in the lofty, clattering dining room — with its black marble pillars, geometric tiled floor and imposing chandeliers — is a treat indeed. The eclectic all-day menu takes luxury as its unifying theme: breakfasts of pastries, French toast and eggs benedict segue into fruits de mer, caviar-laced omelettes and cream teas later on in the day — all brought to the table by an army of expertly trained staff.

Venue says Our celebrated breakfasts are served every day from 7am during the week and 8am on the weekend. Fondly remember sneaking a fag round the back of the school bike sheds? Never mind the cigarettes — time to break out the after-dinner cigars. Elsewhere, obvs. Go on…. Restaurateurs Will Lander and Daniel Morgenthau have cornered the market for chic, contemporary small-plates outfits in Fitzrovia via Clipstone and its sibling Portland. The setting oozes glamour, from the grand oyster bar a great place to perch and survey the room , to the impeccably groomed clientele and suave staff.

Caviar, lobster and Dover sole may be pitched at the money-to-burn crowd, but there are also humble sardines and deep-fried haddock complete with mushy peas , plus pretty much every variety of seafood in between. Though recognised internationally as serving some of the best food and wine in the world, The Ledbury retains the feeling of being a neighbourhood restaurant.

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Yes, it is luxuriously kitted out and very expensive. But it still has the laid-back atmosphere of the bistro round the corner where they greet you by name. A key word for people who might only eat here once is consistency. Plan several months in advance to bag a table in a prime dining slot, even for lunch. The wine list is world-class and not scarily expensive considering the greatness of the restaurant. What to have: The vegetarian dishes are show-stealers who gave broccoli a licence to taste so good? Also: do not leave without ordering the molten spice chocolate cake with masala chai custard.

Ex-Tamarind chef Nirmal Save has pulled off a real humdinger of a restaurant here: a hip, no reservations, East End Indian that puts the identikit curry canteens of nearby Brick Lane to complete shame by focusing on styled-up home cooking from all over the subcontinent. If you like Garage, you may like… Hedone. The food here literally speaks for itself: Garage was launched with precisely zero fanfare in an area of west London not known for its bucket-list restaurants by a first-time restaurateur and colourful ex-banker … but the chef he found via a Gumtree ad confidently came up with the goods.

So you want to have a good time? The music is upbeat, the chefs are not just filleting fish, but actually enjoying themselves and will chat to you as they hand over the dishes. Profile Join. Log in Join. See all restaurants in San Antonio. All photos Ratings and reviews 4. Certificate of Excellence , Winner. American, Bar. Lunch, Dinner. View all details features.

Location and contact. Bean and Cheese Nachos. Guacamole Nachos. Chili Cheese Nachos. Super Nachos.

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Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, beans, chili and guacamole. Charlie's Fried Cheese Poppers. Crispy, spicy red jalapenos with cream cheese. O'Charlie's Irish Fries. French fries, melted cheddar topped with bacon and green onions, with ranch dressing for dipping. Gravy Fries. Queso Fries. Chili Queso Fries. French fries, spicy cheese and chill. Tostado Basket. Charlie's Old-Fashioned Hamburger.

Mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion and sliced pickle. Bar-B-Q Cheeseburger. Bacon Cheeseburger. Chili Cheeseburger. Refried beans, crushed tortilla chips, onion, topped with picante and cheddar. Jalapeno Queso Burger. Charlie's Super Burger. Patty Melt.

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Ground chuck with cheddar on toasted rye with fries. Bacon, lettuce, tomato on white toast. Dinner Salad. Charlie's Special. Grilled chicken breast, m-jack on large tossed salad. Garlic-Cilantro Chicken Salad. Grilled chicken breast with fresh cilantro and garlic, with monterey jack. Bacon Cheddar Salad. Chef's Salad.

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Large Salad. Vegetable Plate. Crispy Chicken Salad. Ranch, Italian, vinegar and oil, honey mustard and low-fat balsamic vinaigrette. Basket Fries. Side Fries. Heapin' Platter Fried Onion Rings. Grilled Onions. Fresh Vegetable of the Day. Lightly Steamed — broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, spinach. Side of Gravy. Sliced Tomatoes. One Enchilada. Grilled Cheese. Bean Rolls. Kid's Pork Chop.

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Kid's Chicken Finger Plate. Kid's Shrimp. Kid's Fried Fish. Kid's Grilled Chicken. Kid's Hot Dog with Fries. Kid's Juice or Soft Drink. T-Bone Steak. Top Sirloin Steak. Hamburger Steak. Garlic-Cilantro Jack Steak. Jalapeno Steak. Steak Con Queso. Charlie's K-Bob. Charlie's Beef.

Charlie's Chicken. Simply place everything in the foil pack , heat to perfection, and enjoy. Top off your hot dogs with this bright slaw.

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Dijon mustard and white wine vinegar give the recipe a little zing. If you're not familiar with Peppadew peppers , once you try this salad, you'll love the flavor. They're pickled peppers that come in mild, hot, and sweet varieties. Feta cheese adds a cool, creamy bite to this bowl. You'll be savoring every bit of this refreshing mix. One bite of these tasty tacos and you'll be transported to paradise. Make sure to finish off each plate with fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

Get the recipe at Recipe Runner. This blogger calls her bowl the "ultimate summer meal. Get the recipe at Cooking Classy. Strawberries aren't just for treats, though we always love a dessert bursting with berries. Get the recipe at Jo Cooks. The key to serving an unbelievably juicy steak is letting it sit to let all the juices soak in.

After you take the meat off the grill, wait at least five minutes before serving. You won't believe how the simple step makes each bite incredibly tender. Get the recipe at Damn Delicious. This blogger recommends soaking your cedar plank for two-to-four hours before placing it on the grill. This will ensure your salmon gets all the delicious "sweet, tangy, and spicy" flavors. Get the recipe at Half Baked Harvest. It takes just 30 minutes—including marinating and grilling time—to whip up these kebabs.

Serve these skewers solo or combine with a Greek salad, pita bread, and hummus for a complete Mediterranean meal. Get the recipe at Saving Dessert. Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce give this Southwest salad a subtly smoky flavor. Combined with sweet corn, black beans, and avocado, this grilling idea will make you forget about your favorite Mexican joint. Get the recipe at The Recipe Critic. The combination of juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a balsamic glaze makes this simply grilled chicken a mouthwatering recipe. Finish off each breast with a sprinkle of basil for an extra hint of freshness.

Get the recipe at Dinner at the Zoo. A homemade teriyaki sauce truly takes these wraps to the next level. You won't be caught buying store-bought sauce ever again! Get the recipe at Creme de la Crumb. Finished off with a Dijon mustard-based dressing, this grilling idea is seriously addictive. It pairs will with chicken, steak, seafood—just about everything.

Get the recipe at Heavenly Oven. Kebabs are a grill season staple—and these colorful veggie skewers are the best of the best.