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The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes clear that carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for generations. Even if we were able to shade the planet, the technology would only mask the problem it was meant to solve. Withdrawal would require unimaginable societal willpower. If our future geoengineering machines, whatever form they might take, were turned off, the continued build-up of greenhouse gases would mean that the climate would switch to a new state within months, making adaptation all but impossible. I have been trying to help them make sense of the social and political issues that surround them.

They were taken by surprise when an experiment they wanted to conduct — using a benign contraption made from a helium balloon, a hose and a water pump — attracted criticism from scientists and environmental interest groups. While the scientists saw their work as informing the debate on geoengineering, critics thought that they were stepping onto a slippery slope towards a geoengineered future. The scientists called off their experiment and, as I describe in my recent book, their experience has become a useful test case in responsible research and innovation.

But others are following in their wake.

The Postmodern Prometheus

The number of scientists interested in geoengineering is growing. Most still find the idea distasteful, but there is a palpable and growing sense of excitement about running experiments on computer models as well as on the environment itself. The message of Frankenstein is more relevant than ever.

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Experiments with potentially monstrous ramifications should be handled with care. Dilling, L. Hauser Governing geoengineering research: why, when and how? Change 3 , December. Hale, B. Dilling Remediation vs. Basl and R. Sandler, , Lexington Books, July. Preston, Lexington Books. Pielke, Jr. Air capture update. An idealized assessment of the economics of air capture of carbon dioxide in mitigation policy.

Policy 12 3 , May. Possible depiction of the eruption of the Tambora. Artist unknown.

Experiment Earth : Responsible innovation in geoengineering

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Popular Features. New Releases. Description Experiments in geoengineering - intentionally manipulating the Earth's climate to reduce global warming - have become the focus of a vital debate about responsible science and innovation.

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Drawing on three years of sociological research working with scientists on one of the world's first major geoengineering projects, this book examines the politics of experimentation. Geoengineering provides a test case for rethinking the responsibilities of scientists and asking how science can take better care of the futures that it helps bring about.

This book gives students, researchers and the general reader interested in the place of science in contemporary society a compelling framework for future thinking and discussion. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series. Science and Public Reason Sheila Jasanoff.

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Aid, Technology and Development Dipak Gyawali. Table of contents 1.

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Balloon Debate 2. Taking Care of the Future 3. Rethinking the Unthinkable 4. Behind the Scenes at the Royal Society 5. Open-Air Experimentation 6.