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Actors — on our speed reading courses and in the Spd Rdng book you learn how to remember what you read, word for word, if necessary. Get through the NLP books faster.

Learn how to get the message from all the personal development books — and how to put the skills into practice. No matter what you need to read, he can teach you to get it done in a third of the time. Companies, corporations and institutions — to keep up-to-date with the latest information is the key to success of any company or organisation. Read more about our in-house speed reading courses.

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You are unique — and so are our speed reading courses! In two days on our London speed reading classes, you learn both speedreading and photoreading techniques, tailored to your individual needs. They are enhanced with accelerated learning techniques so you get it quicker, and remember what you learn.

Just start reading more effectively straight away. Read more. One-day memory course Would you like to improve your memory?

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Then join us for this one-day special course on memory skills. Read more about the memory course. I am a cynic by nature but am totally won over and bowled over by the content and the tutors. Fabulous, mind blowing and so so very useful.

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I have learnt so much on the speed reading course and especially love the 20 minutes techniques — specific information gathered with a purpose set in mind. Brilliant speed reading course — will definitely recommend it! It really works, enrol today. Thank you both. This speed reading course needs to be included in schools and universities. I think we have proved them wrong. You will probably find that you retain very little information at first, but, as you train your brain and you become more comfortable with the technique, your comprehension should improve.

An advantage of the Pointer and Tracker-and-Pacer methods is that they should reduce your need to skip back and re-read sentences — a hindrance to speed reading that is known as "regression. These can be key sentences often the first sentence of each paragraph , names, numbers, or trigger words and ideas. Learning to expand your peripheral vision can help with this. You won't read every word, but your eye will land on what is important to allow you to grasp the basic idea. These techniques can all help you to read more quickly, but are they appropriate for what you're trying to achieve?

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Effective speed reading is a balance between pace and comprehension. Studies have found that the faster you read, the less information you take in, particularly when it comes to remembering detail. So, speed reading is clearly not the answer if you're reading a complex legal or technical document, even if you are pushed for time. Similarly, it would be sensible to slow down if the material you're reading is new or unfamiliar, or if you have to teach it to someone else. When you need to understand only the basic arguments or conclusions being presented, though, using a speed reading technique can work.

This may especially be the case if you intend to go back and re-read something more slowly when you're less busy. In fact, one study has suggested that skimming a text can improve your comprehension second time around. Generally speaking, if you want to memorize something, you'll need to read slowly, at less than wpm.

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A normal rate for learning is wpm, and for comprehension it is wpm. Speed reading is normally done at a rate of around wpm. Anything above wpm means sacrificing comprehension, although this varies from person to person. Knowing the "how" and "when" of speed reading is only the first step to success. Here are some more tips to help you:. Speed is not the only way to improve your reading. There are different techniques that you can use to improve your reading speed. All of them involve skimming a page rather than "sub-vocalizing" each word as you were likely taught at school. Excellent speed reading involves practice and retraining yourself, as well as learning to focus more on what is in front of you and avoiding distractions.

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But it is important to strike the right balance between speed and comprehension: sometimes speed reading is not appropriate or helpful. This site teaches you the skills you need for a happy and successful career; and this is just one of many tools and resources that you'll find here at Mind Tools. Subscribe to our free newsletter , or join the Mind Tools Club and really supercharge your career! Expert Interviews Audio Forums Infographics. Quizzes Templates and Worksheets Videos. For Your Organization. By the Mind Tools Content Team.

Note: An advantage of the Pointer and Tracker-and-Pacer methods is that they should reduce your need to skip back and re-read sentences — a hindrance to speed reading that is known as "regression. Tip: Speed is not the only way to improve your reading. Key Points There are different techniques that you can use to improve your reading speed.

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