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The name-dropping is relentlessly distracting, like some kind of nervous tic; practically every sentence is accessorised with a deft reference to somewhere or something awfully fashionable and terribly New York. There are countless rose-bedecked charity functions, trips to Paris to stay in the Fritz that's the Fucking Ritz, apparently , interludes with princes, overdoses, psychiatrists, Hollywood directors, and, as is the custom, true love conquering all, in that charming way it does.

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Bergdorf Blondes obviously fancies itself as one Manoloed step above your common-or-garden chick lit by being ever-so-slightly arch, in the manner of say, Clueless or Legally Blonde. The problem is, one cares not a jot for Moi or her flutterbrained companions and whether or not they get the Harry Winston diamond or the teacup pomeranian.

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It is, in short, so vastly irritating to read that one feels positively itchy. Yes, Sykes has found a voice - her voice? It's just a shame its timbre is so shrill, like the screech of nails across a blackboard. Plum's tart, referred to only as 'Moi', is a glossy magazine writer by day and a pain in the butt by night. Let me count the ways in which she is annoying. Well, she has her nose waxed, for one thing.


For another, she refers to oral sex as going to Brazil or, by way of witty variation, to Rio, a yucky reference to her extremely high-maintenance pudendum. She likes labels most girls would die to own as much Marc Jacobs as she does , private jets and bellinis. She dislikes work you only do it to ensure a steady flow of freebies , getting up before Worst of all, despite her Ivy League education, she is dim. She doesn't even know how to go about killing herself: eight Advil should do the trick. In Moi's Manhattan, the thing that really counts is good skin, and the only way to get a proper glow, she decides, is to get engaged.

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Moi is good at this, bagging herself a Hot Young Photographer at her pal Muffy's charity ball. The trouble is, Zach soon tires of her; he doesn't take to her habit of sending text messages during oral sex. Next, she and Julie go to Paris. Bergdorf Blondes the title is a nod to gorgeous flaxen-haired New York rich girls with perfect lives uplifts with its comedic fiction. I worked really hard at the fluffiness.

Bergdorf Blondes

In Blondes , the reader follows the exploits of an unnamed narrator who refers to herself in the French Moi, has an affinity for peppering sentences with words like trs and uses acronyms to describe everything from a rich boyfriend ATM to a mogul in training MIT. Moi is a fashion writer and "champagne bubble about town" who bounces from charity luncheon to Chanel sample sale to high-profile baby shower and back again with her rich heiress friend Julie Bergdorf, who has an affinity for shoplifting from Bergdorf Goodman, her family's store.

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Devastated by a broken engagement, Moi vows to kill herself under "trs glamorous circumstances," wearing a Ritz-Paris bathrobe and rhinestone-trimmed Manolo Blahniks.