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We've found that even though recipes are available for free on the blogs, fans are still willing to pay for a cookbook where everything is in one place and is easily searchable. Blogs are now serving as the proving ground for new voices the way magazines did in the past. Of course, the digital world offers other support in the form of online marketing and other electronic ventures. It has features for making shopping lists, planning menus for a meal or a week, and searching for recipes that use what's in your fridge," reports Mary-Clare Jerram, publisher, DK Lifestyle.

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Additionally, authors themselves often have active Web sites of their own. Debra Samuels hosts the charming Cooking at Debra's www. Nick Malgieri, author of 10 baking books, was surprised and delighted when a previously unknown-to-him blogger created the Modern Baker challenge modernbakerchallenge. The paperback will be out in the fall, and to show his appreciation, Malgieri will provide a signed copy to each of the group's members.

Malgieri is also the author of BAKE! Kyle Books, and is currently working on a bread book for Kyle Books, so he particularly appreciated the group's input about his baguette recipe from The Modern Baker as well as that members took pains not to reproduce the recipes in their entirety online. More generally, Malgieri notes that YouTube and other on-line sources are invaluable for researching recipes. He reports, "Online sources such as YouTube's amateur cooking videos give a perspective on foreign recipes that once would have involved travel and a fortunate introduction to a home cook to gain.

The best feature is seeing the actual local ingredients involved in a recipe, unaltered to accommodate a chef's, author's, or TV host's prejudices or requirements. Any excitement over books with Internet platforms, however, does not negate that authors with the platforms that have reigned supreme in this category for the past few years—television shows and restaurants—are still sought by publishers. Food Network chefs continue to turn out books. Andrews McMeel will publish Robin Takes 5! Ballantine editor-at-large Pamela Cannon says, "Publishers continue to seek out as close to a sure thing as possible—essentially the broadest media and retail platforms already in place for an author in advance of publication.

Stark is executive chef at the seven-restaurant Dos Caminos chain. Not everyone is a fan, however, of cookbooks showcasing restaurant stars. Perigee publisher John Duff says, "We have pretty well stepped aside from publishing the traditional full-color, restaurant or chef-inspired cookbooks. Rather we are finding a profitable niche in the health and specialty categories, in popular food reference, drinks, or contemporary takes on traditional food ways. Pirello may not be behind the burners of a fancy restaurant, but she is the host of public television's longest running show on vegetarian cooking.

And Heather Skelton, editor for the nonfiction trade group at Thomas Nelson, insists, "It doesn't seem to matter if the author has a big name or personality as long as the recipes are good and the stories are heartwarming.

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While it would be an exaggeration to term vegetarian cooking a new trend in any way, the category shows no signs of slowing. Among other upcoming offerings is Bean by Bean by veggie veteran Crescent Dragonwagon, to be published by Workman in December.

V-p and senior director of publicity Lissa Warren says, "With the state of the current economy, people don't have the money to eat out and are looking to cook more at home—but they also may not have the money for hardcover cookbooks. We're meeting this need by publishing all of these books as paperback originals. Consequently, people are learning how to be good home cooks all over again. For evidence of that, you need look no further than places where good cooks congregate, like Amanda Hesser's www. For my part, I'm concentrating on those books that people can use to make good, affordable food at home that has a little twist, is healthy, and is definitely kid-friendly.

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Your Time to Cook will be issued in paperback next year. Perhaps the most important lesson to be learned about the cookbook category is something any cook knows: cream rises to the top. Martin's Press executive editor Elizabeth Beier says, "What continues to work are books cooks want to linger over—and give as gifts or discuss with their friends.

A great cookbook can provide every bit as many talking points as book club fiction for truly enthusiastic home cooks. The title, which is to enjoy a 25,copy first printing, compiles recipes ranging from Lucille Ball's persimmon cake to Ricardo Montalban's carne asada. To promote the title, DeCaro will create a YouTube video along the lines of "Betty White Lines," a rap tribute to the Golden Girls star that garnered more than , hits in its first week online.

The video went on to be featured on The Today Show. It started she thinks with the Moosewood Cookbook , purchased in March of From one book, her collection grew, adding Jewish Cookery and Cookie Cookery related in name only. At some point along the way, one cookbook blossomed into a dozen, which grew to a shelf, which ballooned into two full bookshelves and counting. My kitchen in Kentucky holds an estimated cookbooks at minimum , sprawling across specialties and cuisines.

I may have learned to cook in the days before Google, but our house was its own encyclopedia of recipes , with my mom the helpful librarian. This is all to say that I come by my addiction to books — cook- and otherwise — honestly. Food, in its best form, is weighted with memory and steeped in sentiment.

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It nurtures our bodies and our souls, providing comfort or piquing curiosity as it tickles our taste buds. Who we are, as families or communities, so often comes down to the bread we break together. Take the South as just one example. The first thing most folks think of when they hear the word Southern is food. You know exactly which kind I mean: soul food, comfort food, food of the people that sticks to the bones and comes from the heart. As an adult, I started to explore Southern cooking as a way of understanding the South and my place in it.


I love them for the poetry of their descriptions, the beauty of their photographs, the wry wit and wisdom inked into the page by their authors. And I love them for their potential, all those untapped recipes just waiting to be brought to life. If you want to get to know the Southern people, you must get to know their eats. She left no stoneware unturned when compiling this book, which holds recipes, from duck to dessert. Edna Lewis, thankfully, is a great chef who did get the spotlight she deserved, and her tribute to the foods of her childhood home in Freetown, Virginia, is considered one of the great classic Southern cookbooks.

A Southern dish is not meant to be precious. It is not fussed over or plated with surgical precision. It is meant to be shared, served up in big sloppy spoonfuls or generous slices and always, always with love. In true Appalachian spirit, the recipes in this book are interspersed with a healthy dose of storytelling and advice. The recipes in this book are unpretentious and full of flavor, just like the folks that make them.